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Gangplank: Early to mid Itemization discussion.

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I've been reading up a lot on this champ, and currently, the main thing that every guide agrees on is Infinity edge. And of course, this makes sense.

Now most I've seen start out with mana regen, maybe building into a Phil. Stone. Also decent, me farming with parrrley will pay off.

After that, there are generally 2 different paths.



Avarice blade (maybe x2)

Sheen makes Parley hurt a lot more earlier on, which helps a lot, but Avarice means more crits and faster IE.

I've tested both, and while playing without sheen feels weaker to me, getting IE earlier is a lot more tempting.

basically, I'm looking for anyone's opinions on that phase of itemization for Gangplank. Is the 24 Crit chance and gold worth the double damage on each parrrrley?

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I dont know whats best, but if you have alot of critdamage runes i could guess that avarice blades are a little better early.

If you have crit chanse i would say sheen is better.

My itembuild is ususally something like this

1. Mekipendant
2. Philstone
3. Berzerker greaves
4. Sheen
5. Cloak of agility
6. Infinity edge
7. Trinity force
8. what ever you like

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It's been a long time since I played Gang, but I seem to recall doing something along the lines of

1. Regrowth Pendant
2. Philstone
3. Boots of Swiftness
4. Zeal
5. Phantom Dancer
6. Infinity Edge

Between PD, Boots of Swiftness and Raise Morale, you can move around at silly speed. Note that at the time, I was not aware of how Sheen synergised with Parley, thus the lack of it. I tended to have a pretty 'meh' early and mid game, but late game I was an unstoppable force.

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I've used to main Gangplank builds since I started playing him quite a while ago.

First Build:
1. Meki Pendant->Philosophers Stone
2. Avarice Blade
3. Avarice Blade
4. Mercury Treads
5. Infinity Edge
6. Executioners Calling
7. Sell Philo buy Frozen Mallet
8. Sell Avarice Blade buy Phantom Dancer

Second Build:
Start. Fearie Charm and Rejuvination bead
1. Into Haunting Guise
2. Boots-> Sorc Boots
3. Sheen
4. Cloak of Agility
5. Cloak of Agility
6. First cloak into Infinity Edge
7. Executioner's Calling
8. Second Cloak into Phantom Dancer.

It seems to me like both of these builds are about equal late game. The second build works better early to mid game, and it makes your ult much much better, if low-mid health champions ignore it and stand in it, it can easily do 70% of their total hp. I also started moving from Crit Damage runes to Crit chance runes, because it will help with a better early game.
If you use the first build, and it is a quick game (less then 30 minutes) then you will most likely get to the infinity edge, but still not be doing all that great compared to other heros. Its more of a late game build, and since lots of games don't make it that far i prefer the second build which works better early and mid game, makes your ult more useful, and with the additional kills early game you should be able to get infinity edge almost as soon.

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I hate giving away secrets. Gangplank is my best champ, and when I see an Avarice build on my team, I cringe. If I'm playing against Avarice Gangplank, I smile and enjoy out performing him from beginning to end.

The thing with Gangplank is, he is a gamble champ. Everything about him is gambling.
His Parrrley is scary if, AND ONLY IF, it crit hits.
His Remove Scurvy is sorta risky because you can use it to heal, but if you get stunned right after using it, you're in trouble.
His Cannon Barrage...do i have to explain the gambling here? You either use it to get an easy kill in your lane, or you help the other lanes that are struggling, or are in a stalemate with their opponents.

As for items, I get mana regen and Parrrley first, I then head for mid. I then last hit as many creeps as I can with Parrrley. If I'm playing against a ranged in mid, I let them push to my tower, and continue last hitting. I usually tease my enemies a lot, sometimes running around freely with 200 HP left. If they're heavy on harassment, I build Remove Scurvy to 3 by level 5. This keeps me alive, and still lets me last hit minions with 2 in Parrrley.

I then get Cannon Barrage. I wait til I have HP, and mana, let the enemy push a little. Once I get him to my tower, I wait until there are about 3-4 minions left of his, then I start scoping the other lanes. If nothing can be capitalized, I heal a little more, wait til I have at least 230 MP (Yes, this can be a little while, but you just play smart and your turret goes untouched.) I scope one last time, and if I still see nothing to Barrage, I let the enemy push while taking some damage on purpose. Once they get to my turret, I go for the mana minions. They usually try to gamble, and hit me from their range. I immediately Exhaust them, and Barrage the area behind them. I then chase and Parrrley. If they stay and fight, I Remove Scurvy, and kill them. If they manage to get away, I push to their turret, then recall.

This is where, depending on my money, I usually have about 2500 at this time, I'll get a set of boots(350), and a Cloak of Agility (880). If I have enough, I'll get another Cloak of Agility(880). I then go back to my lane, meet the newly healed opponent, and let him push again. Then I Parrrley him, and hope for crits. If I do get the crit, I usually have no trouble pushing from here, and back him up to his turret constantly. I use my ulti in the other lanes, because I have full control of mine, and I'd rather not lose those other lanes.

After that, I get:
Sorcerer's Boots

Then, since I have 2/3 items for both a Phantom Dancer and a Trinity Force, I go based off how much money I earn, and how quickly. If I'm killing fast, I usually buy the Trinity Force. If not, I get the Phantom Dancer, then build for another Zeal.

I don't know, maybe this way of playing Gangplank only works for me. Give it a try if you like, just make sure you know your abilities, and what to do in almost every situation.

"Can you survive that Ashe's ulti and still Scurvy out and Parrrley his 300 HP away?"

Another thing about Gangplank, is to know who to chase, and who not to. I've found you can chase most mages, as they die so fast from Parrrley, and their stuns are Scurvied away.

However, some people possess insane mounts of magic resist, or attack speed, and it's just enough to beat you. (This is assuming that Gangplank, and said opponent are at equal levels.)

An Ulti'd Sivir at full health can kill Gangplank in a 1v1 if he doesn't have his Ulti up, or Exhaust.

If you can't physically hit Fiddlesticks before he fears you, he can kill you, pretty easily too. (I mean with Grog Soaked Blade, so he can't drain you to death.)

Master Yi will kill you 1v1 if he has his Ulti up at full health. Even Exhaust's blind effect doesn't hit him.

Rammus, at full health, with his ulti, can really hurt you, and if he's built right, will kill you. Only take on a Rammus 1v1 if you can count the bars of health he has left. If there are too many, you need someone to help you.

Annie can do a lot of damage, and if you aren't ready to heal from her first stun and nuke, be sure you have another heal for when she throws Tibbers at you. If you don't have two heals for Annie, she will kill you in a 1v1.

Tryndamere, if built for critical chance, will kill you before his ulti ends. However, there have been many times where I'll stay and fight him only because I know my poison will kill him at the end of the fight, even though it meant me dying.

There's a huge predicament where any champ can kill you. However these are the most obvious not to get yourself into.

I didn't plan on writing a mini guide or anything. I just wanted to post a build. However, I love using Gangplank, and when I see a lot of people out there tell me "Pirate mid? WTF?".

I've had a Teemo tell me to leave mid or he'd start purposely feeding. I went top, and let him go mid. That Teemo died and gave their Teemo first blood.

Hope any of this is helpful.