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Getting Yi's rhythm down...

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Hi all, I'm just picking up Yi and trying to get his rhythm down. Currently I lane with a partner to level 6, then swap to jungling. My question is when should I pop out of the jungle? I have a few scenarios I'm seeing:

Ganks: I'll be jungling near another lane, and I see that the enemy has pushed too far. I think the correct play (in theory) is to ping to let my ally know I'm there, then perform the gank. This really shouldn't be happening.

Team fights (mid game, far away): As far as I can tell, if this happens across the map, then there's nothing i can do to help out? I can't run there in time. The only thing I can do is start heading over if I see teammates gathering up? I should prioritize farming?

Team fights (mid game, close by): Sometimes I've *almost* finished killing a buff monster. Should I drop everything for a nearby teamfight, or spend the extra 5 seconds to go into the fight buffed. Obviously if my life is low I'll get my health up on neutrals.

Team fights (late game): I should always try to be close to the team, I know, but how do I do that and manage to keep myself farmed?

Lane pushing: If a nearby lane has creeps near a tower, I can pop out and dominate the tower.

Can anyone try to help me with these scenarios, giving me tips for dealing with them, and where to prioritize?

Edit: My previous mains have been Twisted Fate and tanks. So as a DPS, being in the right place at the right time has never been a problem for me, until I tried another character. With tanks, it's a pretty different playstyle.

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I really wouldn't bother with the jungle specifically with Yi, i drop by to pick up a buff, or to solo the dragon but i never specifically go in there and certainly not at level 6.

As soon as i hit level 6 there is a pretty big chance i'm going to kill someone, i always make sure i have enough mana to use my ulti straight away if needed, i very rarely never get a kill and it's not uncommon to get 2 kills.

In regards to team fights that are far away, if i'm not doing anything at the time, i'll head on over, Yi is a great ganker of people <50% hp, even at level 6.

Finish killing your monsters, don't drop everything and head over, it's really not worth it.

You are by no means a front line fighter, i find in team fights, i hang around at the sides or the back, you wait for your team to engage, watch the stuns/ults go off, then run in and melt faces.

This is just how i play Yi and over all, im pretty good at him, good luck

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well, as you will see, there are many ways of playing yi. Unless I get redic fed early game, I will start with vamp, build madred's razor, and go jungle once I have both. Once I get my ult, I will try to start setting up ganks. I always use exhaust with yi and will use it once i see someone squishy that overextended and is at like half health or something and rush them with ult and q (if i have mana for q). I also keep q and e maxed, with e as my first priority as soon as i get lv3 q. I don't even bother with w until i have maxed q and e.

I jungle only to keep up golem/lizard and keep dragon down. Other than that, I am laning and setting up ganks.

in team fights, I usually hide in nearby bushes and kill the carry when they come out with exhaust/ult, and rush out. If I am still at over 75-80% health, I will proceed to dominate the next squishy, refreshing e and r, and using q if i have mana. never initiate with yi. you will die in 0.12 seconds. However, if you are really really fed, you can pretty much do whatever you want. I was just in a match where I went 22-5-1 with 10 buildings destroyed, and it was because I got fed so hard at the beginning that I was basically able to do whatever I wanted and initiate whatever I wanted.

If you have a friend, try to convince them to get good at blitzcrank. Yi + blitzcrank = lots of people dying early game, very fast. Blitz is amazing at setting up ganks for Yi.

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I'm extremely against jungle strategies that don't start at level 1. If you jungle to 6 then leave, your lane mate is now solo against two heros equal leveled unless you two were owning (and if yi was in the lane, you shouldnt be). It can be really hard to start soloing at level 6 when both enemies are level 6 too. If you wanna jungle do it from level 1, and gank a lane by level 6.

Laning to level 6 and then jungling just defeats the whole purpose of jungling in the first place, which is to get more overall exp for your team and have a constantly missing hero which puts constant gank pressure on the other team.

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if u r new with yi, u can go jungle after u have madred razor + life steal. Dont worry about wat lv u r and u can stay in jungle until u can buy boot and zeal. Now u can go hunting.I recommend this strategy for new ppl because u dont have skill to control yi on land. I saw many yi play like girl and it make ur partner and u DIE.In jungle, u can prevent losing hp unnecessarily but still have money and lv.
When u can play yi fluently, dont need go jungle. Just stay on land and support ur partner have 1st blood.If u go jungle, ur partner cant push tower and kill enemy so they dont have fast money and lv.So jungle strategy waste ur time and ur chance to finish the match fast