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@Riot -Nunu's Future VU

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I see how in his new splash art Nunu himself looks more Inuit. Would it be possible to add some Inuktitut (or other) lines in the VO when casting something, like what you guys did with Yasuo?

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I am not sure what else needs to be said about this. Riot is definitely aware of the fact that all of the original 40 champs need to be unified with our current visual direction. Which ones are the highest priority is one of those things where this stuff gets murky. GrumpyMonkey is definitely a better resource to speak to this than me. Nunu may be a lower priority because compared to other champs he is still pretty charming.

Ok. Thanks for replaying here anyway! I was really glad to hear the opinion of a Rioter on Nunu as well!

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Double release a grown up Nunu as the new Yordle jungler that we have been promised forever ago and re-release Willump with the same basic kit as Nunu does currently but with a full VU/Lore/voiceover. Change the E to him throwing/spitting the iceball instead of Nunu throwing it and BAM you will have a lot of happy LOLers I think