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Jax : Builds , Runes & Masteries

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Jax the most OP melee:
to start .. this guide is for players after they reach lvl 30 ..
i will talk about final Builds , Runes & Masteries
first lets start with ..

its called 21/9/0

*Offense 21:
(Deadliness 3/3 , Cripple 1/1 , Archmage's Savvy 3/3)
(Alacrity 4/4)
(Sunder 3/3)
(Brute Force 3/3)
(Lethality 3/3)
(Havoc 1/1)

*Defense 9:
(Mender's Faith 1/1 , Hardiness 3/3)
(Evasion 4/4)
(Nimbleness 1/1)


8 Greater Mark of Desolation ==> +1.66 armor penetration
1 Greater Mark of Malice ==> +0.93% critical chance

9 Greater Seal of Evasion ==> +0.75% dodge

8 Greater Glyph of Alacrity ==> +0.64% attack speed
1 Greater Glyph of Malice ==> +0.28% critical chance

2 Greater Quintessence of Evasion ==> +1.5% dodge
1 Greater Quintessence of Malice ==> +1.86% critical chance

with this u will have
+13.28 armor penetration
+3.07% critical chance
+9.8% dodge
+5.16% attack speed
always start with (Doran's Shield)
then (Ninja Tabi)
then (Bilgewater Cutlass)
then make the (Bilgewater Cutlass ==> -Hextech Gunblade)

now from this step there is a lot of builds
lets start with my favorite its strange coz normally no one use it but its so powerful

now buy (Trinity Force)
then (Phantom Dancer)
then (Infinity Edge)
then sell the (Doran's Shield) and buy other (PhantomDancer)

if u have the runes as i said .. and this build u will have 100% critical chance in game
and about 30% dodge or more and very good movement speed and for sure awesome
lifesteal and spell vamp ..

but also there is other build makes u also very good
after getting the (Hextech Gunblade)
buy (Guinsoo Rageblade)
then (Trinity Force)
then (Phantom Dancer)
then sell the (Doran's Shield) and buy (Infinity Edge)

this build u have about 70% critical chance but u have 8 stacks makes ur hit so powerful coz of the (Guinsoo Rageblade) and u still have very good movement speed and also same dodge
and some people change the (Infinity Edge) with (Bloodthrister) to get very high lifesteal so u now gain pretty high life steal at attacking
I wish this tips helped u guys .. and if there is any opinions i wish u all send me
and if there is any questions .. i'd like to help and answer all of them