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[Udyr] Udyr make complex temporal analysis

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Udyr is saddened by fighting among Udyrs about Phoenix or Turtle or Bear or Tiger.

He can get sheen earlier and max tiger earlier. Or he can go for late game peak, taking phoenix to 3 then maxing tiger at 18. Both of these assume Udyr is also a BEARTURTLE!

Phoenix jungles faster and creeps better than tiger. 3 levels and good attackspeed, and Udyr can melt creeps. But what does he do when he gets to turret. Tiger!

Build for earlier tiger (for the ganks): madreds, boots (Udyr is highly sensitive to the complexities of context), Sheen, DPS STUFF! (Like BRUTALIZER!), Little hammer, big hammer? Triforce? Stuff???. Win.

Build for earlier phoenix (for pushing): Madreds, boots, hmmm, little hammer? Then sheen, etc. Both of these assume late game tiger max. But Udyr could also max Phoenix for more pushing power than he needs, and would consequently wish to pursue more attack speed items in order to maximize the quantity of Phoenix procs. He hasn't tried that, but it sounds fun. But really, 3 levels in Phoenix midgame gives you all the push power you(dyr) need. Then he needs to maul turrets and squishies with tiger!

Then he gets excited and does Tiger-Bear-Tiger! With the tigers timed to come one right after the other (he likes to sit in the brush and think about tigers, then use bear, then rush out, then tiger tiger smash smash!). Udyr has to be very good at cooldown rhythm. He practices drums in jungle.