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Looking for advice on DPS Teemo item build

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Trux 42

Senior Member


1st buy
Vampiric Scepter

2nd buy
Easy Lane - Malady/Stark's
Rough Lane - boots of choice (leaning towards berserker in most games, Merc treads where necessary, mobility just for ****s and giggles)

3rd buy
Whichever isn't taken in 2nd

4th buy
Phage, finish Frozen Mallet if hurting for HP or last

5th Buy
Black Cleaver

6th buy
Last Whisper/Phantom Dancer

Last slot
Bloodthirster if Last Whisper is taken, Infinity Edge if Phantom Dancer is taken.

I'm very happy with my build upto and including my 4th buy, I'm not exactly sure what I should be doing beyond that point for maximising DPS. I also have a question about Black Cleaver, Last Whisper and Armor Penetration (runes): In what order are they applied?

Something I found out today while playing, at rank ~4 of poison shot (around level 9 or so), with the lizard buff (probably after phage is taken), you can hit each creep and run, the DoT's should do the work for you. Easy farming.

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Junior Member


I have tried out similar builds to yours in the past with good results, but recently I have been having success with the following:
Starting with a Doran’s Shield and a HP pot (provides survivability for early team fights)
Staying in lane (usually, solo mid) until I farm up Berserker’s Greaves
Then I go B. F. Sword (will be built into Infinity Edge later)
Followed by Recurve Bow into the Sword of the Divine
Finish Infinity Edge
Work towards Frozen Mallet
If the game does continue, perhaps Guardian Angel or whatever you think you need.

This will change based on the other team of course, but is a good standard. Also, I use Rally and Ghost, both are great.

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Trux 42

Senior Member


I just tried the build you suggested, but only got as far as the sword of the divine, was a quick game (read:we steamrolled), mainly picking up assists for myself which didn't let me ramp up too quick.

The significant part of the build I found was the early BF sword, I used it to pressure a lot (kite where applicable), leading me to be their primary target which made for some awesome baits for team kills.

Felt sorry for the singed I was laning against.

Not personally sold on the sword of the divine, I'll give it a few more tries though - seems like mostly a jax/sivir counter to me. Doran's shield opener for Tee gives a much needed early game boost, the early vamp suffers a lot in a hard lane, the shield not so much. It didn't hinder my lvl ~6 jungling (buff) capabilities much either, just a small hit to speed which levels out with letting me drop a shroom afterwards instead of waiting the few seconds.