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[Guide] Kassidan - Cthulu Darth Vader - with AP!

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Vanille Beer:
Exactly, someone finally gets it! By keeping your Sphere at level 1 opposing champions will think that you aren't much of a threat when they get hit. But you are secretly becoming a huge threat by leveling Pulse. And as soon as you get Rift they can kiss their asses goodbye. Blink into them, use Pulse and they'll start.. well what seems like crawling and finally finish them off with a few sword swings and a Sphere. This brings me to a very wise lesson: never underestimate the power of Kassadin (Vader).

And thanks, Engarde. I'll be sure to kill the Ancient Golem in the future. I think I actually got the buff once or twice already. But I just never realised where it came from. =P

Honestly, I just max them both evenly, see nothing wrong with it, and in the 6 games that I've played as Kass, I've never not gotten first blood. And, never lost, which is sweet. Nerf Kass
No, don't please XD

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i just wonder wich items do you buys first beacause tear of godnes is already 900 os i don't think you can start with that al those items if you want to buy htem are alot of money

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I havent really played kass much, but what I do is I get the mana steal ability, riftwalk and the silence rather equally. That way I can blink in, silence, pulse with lowest level, steal about 300 mana and blink out.

I try to get attack speed for him so I can get mana easily and spam his abilities.

With this build I lost 1/6 kass games. (Loss was my first game with him and I didn't know what to do)

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Kassadin is my main, and due to his recent buff, i think its now completely legit to grab a nashors and a lich bane. Now that he has such armor pen, the attack speed and and conversion of AP to attack dmg with lich, i find that building him that way makes him awesome in melee and AP casting.