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The last (non League) Video Game character you played is now a champion.

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I last played my Paladin from World of Warcraft.

Talonsin, the Light of Retribution

You and me both.

Orissan, Blood Knight Champion.

AD Sustain Bruiser/Support.
Passive: Lay on Hands: If Orissan is brought below 10% HP, he will heal himself to full. Will not proc if instantly killed from above threshold, 2.5 minute CD.

Q: Judge: Orissan deems the target unworthy, either healing the target and giving a % of his AD to them, or reducing their armor and slowing. Damage / Heal based on AD.

W: Blood storm: Orissan spins briefly, dealing magic damage and healing allies. Deals double damage if only one target is hit.

E: Iron Fist: Orissan stuns the target for 2 seconds or clears the target of all CC for 4.

R: Marked by Blood: Orissan marks the target, dealing damage or healing them over time, ending in a massive damage / heal increasing in power the lower health the target is. He also has increased movement speed when going in the direction of the mark.

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Tactician from Fire Emblem Awakening (my playthrough)

passive:tacitcs- He can view the enemies cooldowns on abilities, exp, and gold

Q: ArchThunder- Shoots a lightning bolt for high single target damage

W: Assist- boosts all teammates stats by x for x seconds

E: Veteran- Gains bonus exp when an enemy dies within range while an ally is also in range

R: Grima's Host- Fires an AoE Nuke


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Cessair's Heart: The Gunslinger

Marksman, Assassin

Passive: Gunslinger Talent
Dual Gun Mastery: Heart's basic attacks strike twice, dealing 50% AD + 15% AP + 6...30 (scales with level) physical damage per strike. Critical chance and on-hit effects are calculated and applied separately for each hit. Heart receives 30% reduced effect from bonus attack speed, and caps at 2.0 instead of 2.5.

Flash Launcher: Once every 10...6 seconds, Heart's next basic attack from within melee range becomes a Flash Launcher, temporarily suspending the enemy in midair before knocking them back and dealing 1.0 AD + .4 AP + 10 x level physical damage. This hit can critically strike, and counts as a melee basic attack. Flash launcher cannot be used if Heart has been damaged by her target within the past 1 second, excluding DoT, reflective, and persistent damage abilities.

Q: Grapple Shot
Heart dashes to target enemy before dealing 40/60/80/100/120 + 0.5 bonus AD + 0.3 AP physical damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. Target must be at least 350 units away to target. 16/14.5/13/11.5/10 second cooldown.

W: Shooting Rush
Heart dashes in the target direction, dealing 80/110/140/170/200 + .8 bonus AD + .5 AP physical damage and knocking enemies hit in the opposite direction of the dash. 7.5/7/6.5/6/5.5 second cooldown.

E: Bullet Storm
Heart fires wildly in a cone in front of her, dealing 1.0 AD + 0.3 AP physical damage, plus 20/30/40/50/60 additional damage per target hit, up to a maximum of 100/150/200/250/300 bonus damage to all targets in range. 15 second cooldown.

R: Way of the Gun
Heart channels her energy into her guns, turning all ranged basic attacks into critical hits, and gaining 0/75/150% attack speed for 5/7/9 seconds. When the duration ends, she becomes unable to attack or use any abilities for 1.6/1.25/0.9 seconds while she reloads. 180 second cooldown.

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So… how would a spartan from Halo Reach work? Can I get a hand with this?

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Catellite Lives

Junior Member


Peacock (Skullgirls): The Murder-Go-Round

Roles: Support, Assassin, Marksman

Summary: Peacock's cartoony appearance may make her seem comical, but this champion is no joke. Her strong base AD scaling lets her play as a Marksman, while her powerful abilities and crowd control allow her to be a support to be reckoned with. Her passive allows her to control the enemy's vision, allowing for powerful roaming ganks and giving her team amazing ambush potential during mid and late game. She may be incredibly fragile, and the long cooldowns on her abilities make utilizing them effectively difficult without high Cooldown Reduction, but Peacock is still an incredible force to reckoned with.

Passive: Eyes of Argus
Peacock can see invisible units. Taking damage will disable this passive for 10 seconds.

Q: Bombs Away!
Peacock will send her trusty walking bomb, George, to walk slowly forward in a straight line. He will explode after 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds or upon hitting a unit, damaging all enemies around him. You can modify this ability by buying one of two exclusive items in the shop: George's Boxcar, which drastically increases the speed George moves forward at as well as his range, or George's Airplane, which allows you to throw George to a target area.

W: Shadow of Impending Doom
Peacock summons a comical object to strike the target location from above, which hits the ground after 5./1/2.25/3/4 seconds. Enemies hit will be damaged and slowed for .5/1/1.75/2.5/3.5 seconds by 20/30/40/50/60%. Reactivating this ability before the object hits the ground will cause it to strike early, but doing this will deal damage and slow equal to its earlier ranks.

Notes: Think of Veigar's Dark Matter, but with longer range, a massive slow, and a longer drop time. You can cause it to land early, but it will be less effective. Utilizing this ability can be tricky, but the threat of being hit with a falling anvil or grand piano can be enough to block off enemies from escaping from losing teamfights through the jungle. Plop it down, and zone them out; land it fast and you've got yet another tool to prevent their escape.

E: The Hole Idea
Peacock jumps into a hole in the ground and pops up at the target location shortly after, knocking any units hit airborne and dealing light damage. Hitting an enemy with this attack will allow it to be used again for 6 seconds afterwards. Reactivating this ability before she appears at the target location will fake this ability, popping her out where she already is and putting this ability on a 5 second cooldown.

R: Argus Agony
Peacock fires a laser beam in a straight line, damaging all enemies hit. She then follows up with 50 quick bolts spread in a wide fan, which each deal damage to the first enemy it hits and knocks them back slightly for .1/.2/.3 seconds. Peacock cannot take any other action while channeling this spell, and taking damage will interrupt it.

Notes: The first laser beam has the about the width of Lulu's Glitterlance, while the fan of bolts is a bit wider than Cho'Gath's max-rank Vorpal Spikes.

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Uzumaki Nagato



Lucifer, the Seraph of Dawn (Puzzle and Dragons)

AP Bruiser, Tank

Passive: Flight of the Archangels
After 9/8/7 seconds out of combat, Lucifer's movement speed increases by 25/45/65.

Q: Dark Enchancement
Cost: 50/60/70/80/90 mana
Lucifer empowers his next 2 auto attacks to deal 30+(0.8AP)(0.01% Max Health) to target enemy. Cannot be used on structures.
Cooldown: 7/6.5/6/5.5/5

W: Gravity
Cost: 100/100/150/150/200 mana
Lucifer deals 30% of targets current health, ignoring target defenses.
Cooldown: 30/30/25/25/20
Range: 500

E: Change the World
Cost: 30/40/50/60/70 health
Lucifer slows enemies within a 600 range radius around him, draining 10%+(0.01AP) of their AD and converting it to 5+(25/40/55/70/85%)AD.
Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6

R: The Morning Star
Cost: 15/25/45% of Lucifer's current health
Lucifer channels for 2 seconds, dealing 750/1000/1250 true damage to enemies caught within 1000 range. Enemies within range during channel time are slowed by 50/75/95% and enemies closer to Lucifer after the 2 seconds are dealt more damage, with less damage the further away the enemy is.
Cooldown: 150/120/90 seconds.

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Solid Snake

Role: Jungler/Assassin

Passive: Checking Radar
If not moving for 2 sec, Snake gains increased vision and able to see stealth units

Q - Stealth
Snake puts himself in a cardboard box, gaining stealth while immobilizing himself. When he moves the stealth turns off, but granting him + 50% atk dmg for his next attack in 3 seconds

W - Distraction
Snake throws a magazine onto the ground. Champions approaching to it will be lured towards the magazine, immobilizing them for 3 seconds when stepping on it.

E - Luring
Snake knocks on walls to attract nearby champions.

R - Stinger
For the next 10 seconds, he will fire stinger missiles as his basic attacks; giving AOE damage and true damage.

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Assassins Creed IV: Edward Kenway


Passive:Every 10 seconds Edward fires a round from his gun doing the damage of his auto-attacks and an extra 25% of his AD

Q:Edward throws a knife at his target, dealing 50/75/100/125/150 (+75% of current AD) and slowing his target by 20/30/40/50/60% 12/11/10/9/8 second cooldown

W:Edward fires a berserk dart at himself or an ally, increasing his/ally's AD by 25/40/55/70/85 (+30% of current AD) 8 Second Cooldown

E:Edward Climbs up a wall taking 0.75 seconds to get up. He can stay up there for a maximum of 2 seconds and can leap off in any direction, gaining a 15/25/35/45/55% speed boost upon landing. 20/17.5/15/12.5/10 Second Cooldown Note he must be near a wall to do so,(Fountain wall, jungle walls) and he can still be hit by skill shots while up a wall

R:Edward leaps off a wall and on to a target, performing an air assassination on a target, stunning his target for 3 seconds but taking a second for himself to get up, dealing 250/400/550 (+100% of current AD) Must have E active to perform. 150/135/115 Second Cooldown

I can't believe i actually took the over a half hour to write this

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link, the hero of time.

passive: HEY, LISTEN- if an enemy that has not been seen(in person or on map) in the last minute gets close to link navi will alert link.( 90 second cd.)

q: ocarina- link can choose and play a song on his ocarina. the songs take 5 seconds to channel. (link tf's pick a card)
song of storms- a storm brews in the area and it randomly strikes around link damaging any enemy for magic damage.(last 10 seconds.)
song of healing- link heals himself and near by allies.
elegy of emptiness- creates a replica of link that taunts any enemy that gets close to it. (last 5 seconds)

w: spin attack- link, in both forms, channels his spin. the longer he channels it the more range and damage it has, but it cost more mana.

e: slingshot/fairy bow: while in child form link uses a sling shot that can be shot rapidly but has a short range. while in adult form link uses the fairy bow that has more damage, and range, but has a longer cooldown.

r: song of time- link plays the song of time transforming himself from a kid into an adult or from an adult to a kid. while a kid he gains movement speed and tenacity. while he is an adult he gains armor, magic resistance, and damage.

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Chaos yda



Dragonborn Dovahkiin

Passive- Absorb dragons souls (shyvana) and make is ultimate deal more damage.

Q=(Sneak) Crouch and goes into stealth and deal double damage on next hit

W=(Basket) put a basket on enemy champion and blind them for 3 seconds

E=(health pot) Drink a healing potions restoring a amount of health instantly

R=(Unrelenting force (FUS ROH DAH)) Push back every enemy at the target location and stun them for 2 seconds and deal damage. Target is stun for 4 seconds if he hit a wall.