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The last (non League) Video Game character you played is now a champion.

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Game - Need for Speed: Rivals
Character - Zephyr, the Ultimate Street Racer

Passive - Need for Speed
As Zephyr gains movement speed, any enemy colliding from the front of Zephyr will take physical damage and will be knocked airborne. If Zephyr is killed while at high speed, his car will move out of control and will deal more damage to enemies caught in the crash.

First Ability - Nitrous (Mana Bar replacement)
Zephyr can boost his car forward to gain more movement speed. 10% of nitrous is consumed per second. 5% nitrous recharges per second if it is not active. Zephyr can perform drifts by taking sharp turns from his current direction and perform near misses by passing by enemies without slowing down or bumping into anything. Doing these tricks will recharge the nitrous by 25%.

Second Ability - Shock Wave
Once activated, enemies near Zephyr will be launched away from his position. This ability deals magic damage and has a limited amount of use which can be recharged after returning back to base.

Third Ability - Jammer
Once active, any enemy near Zephyr will be silenced. This spell lasts for 4 seconds. Jammer also has a limited amount of use and must be recharged at base once it runs out of use.

Ultimate - Turbo
When activated, Zephyr gains massive amount of movement speed and cannot be affected by movement reduction spells.

Hidden Passive #1- Racer Rival
If Zephyr encounters any ally or enemy champion with movement speed boosts, he and that champion will gain more movement speed if they are moving at the same direction.

Hidden Passive #2- COP Rival
When encountering any Law Enforcer champions such as Caitlyn, Vi, and Fate, he and that champion will gain additional movement speed. This cannot be active if there is a Law Enforcer champion on his team.

(If you want to avoid getting run over, I'd suggest getting out of the way. Otherwise, just have Vi break the car with her giant fist, or with right timing, have Jarvan trap Zephyr with his Cataclysm. You can also try blowing up the car with Zigg's Mega Inferno Bomb or Jinx's Super Mega Death Rocket)

"I am the reality show. The fifteen minutes you'll never have. They say speed kills, but if you aren't speeding, then you aren't living." - Zephyr

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I've been playing a bit too much TF2 lately, but wut-evah


Uses Ammo
Passive: Asbestos Lined Suit
Pyro takes 10%/15%/20% less damage from DoT effects.

Q: Flamethrower
Pyro depletes his Ammo by 3 per second to do damage to enemies in a medium-sized cone. Toggle. Applies a Burning! DoT that lasts for 6 seconds and deals a flat amount of physical damage.

W: Burning Rage
Pyro takes out his Flare Gun for his next basic attack. If target is Burning!, it automatically crits, doing 175% physical damage. If critical hit is successful, Pyro takes out his Axtiguisher for his next basic attack, doing a regular crit. Axtinguisher is affected by Infinity Edge, but Flare Gun is not.

E: Airblast
Pyro automatically consumes a large amount of his Ammo to release a large blast of air, knocking back enemies and deflecting projectiles. Deflected projectiles are counted as Pyro's, dealing damage to enemies instead of Pyro and his allies.

R: Do You Believe In Magic?
Pyro goes into a prancing unicorn badass state, slowing all enemies and turns them into creatures that cannot attack or use abilites. Pyro's attacks against these creatures are amplified to do 50%/75%/100% extra damage to them.

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Oh joy, Krieg from Borderlands 2!

Melee champ

passive: taking damage reduces cooldowns

Q - Light the Fuse: chucks bundle of dynamite, standard poke

W - Fuel the Fire: killing a unit gives you a Sunfire Cape like effect for 3 secs

E - Salt the Wound: everyone in AOE takes % missing health in damage

R - Unleash the Beast: turn into Mutant Badass Psycho, becomes "ranged" (attacks still count as melee, he just has 475ish range)

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Mick Mundy, the Professional Sniper (Team Fortress 2)

Passive: Sniper's Mann Co. shop
Sniper can buy additional items and weapons from Mann Co. to modify his attacks and skills.

First Ability: Kukri
Sniper can equip the melee weapon to save ammunition for his weapons. The started melee weapon can be replaced by other weapons from the Mann Co. shop.
+25% increase in damage when health is less than 50% of max.
–25% decrease in damage when health is more than 50% of max.

Second Ability: Submachine Gun
Sniper changes to his secondary weapon. This secondary weapon has an ammunition limit, replacing the mana bar. This is another weapon that can be replaced at the Mann Co. shop.
Doused enemies take mini-crits on hit.
Has a 20 second recharge.
-Cleaner's Carbine
On Kill: 3 seconds of 100% critical chance for all weapons.
-20% clip size.
35% slower firing speed.
No random critical hits.

Third Ability: Power Up Canteen
This has a total of three charges. All of them can use only one type of charge taken from the Mann Co. shop
-Critical Hit Boost
Full critical hits for 5 seconds

Ultimate: Sniper Rifle
Sniper takes a steady aim for a more accurate shot. This has no cool-down but it has only 22 rounds to shoot and can only be refilled back at the base. This ability also replaces the mana bar if being used. Once out of ammo, Sniper cannot use basic attacks with this weapon. This is another weapon that can be replaced with other primary weapons from the Mann Co. shop.
Critical hits are guaranteed for headshots.
No random critical hits.
Arrows lose their accuracy if the bow is drawn for more than 5 seconds.
Critical hits are guaranteed for headshots.
Fully charged shots deal +15% damage.
Fully charged shots penetrate players and damage enemies behind them.
Only fires when zoomed.
Shots leave a bright, easily traceable team-colored line behind them.
No random critical hits.

An experienced wildlife hunter capable of jungling. Just remember about patience and precision in the battlefield.

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How the **** do I make Uke from toribash a champion


Uke, the Tori Thing
Tank class

Passive: Spar: Uke's basic attacks against champions deal a percentage of the enemy's maximum health in physycal damage.

Q: Defensive Stance: Toggle: Uke switches to a blocking position, gaining additional armor and magic resist. Costs mana every time Uke gets hit and deals less basic attack damage in this stance.

W: Breakdance: Uke spins around, gaining a chance to dodge all basic attacks for 2 seconds. after, Uke stuns all nearby enemies for 1 second.

E: Spinning Backfist: Uke strikes the enemy with great force, dealing physical damage and marking them with fracture. Fracture: Uke's next basic attack silences the enemy for 1.5 seconds

R: Dismemberment: Uke obliterates his target with a flying kick, dealing physical damage and silencing the enemy for 4.5 seconds

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Hmm, well the basic stats wise I'm not so good at, but abilities, here it goes.

Giratina: The Distortion World's Dragon.
Mage, Fighter, Tank.

Giratina is a creature from Pokemon that's part of the Creation Trio along with Dialga and Palkia. Unlike the other two, Giratina can actually change forms.

It's basic attacks are melee in it's Altered form and/but are ranged in in it's Origin form as well so keep that in mind when playing as him.
Passive: Pressure (altered form) and Levitate (origin form).

In the games, pressure doubles the amount of pp that's used for enemies to cast moves (i.e. using a move now costs 2 instead of 1). In LoL, this would double the amount of mana (i.e. double the mana costs) that's used for nearby enemies to cast spells (i.e. a spell costing 300 mana would now cost 600 mana instead).

In the games, Levitate gives full immunity to ground-type moves, making them ineffective against them. In LoL, it would give immunity to knock-ups as well as immunity to ground-targeted moves, such as Zyra's Grasping Roots for example. Projectile-like moves such as Malphite's Unstoppable Force and Ezreal's Mystic Shot for example would still deal damage to Giratina and apply on-hit effects as well, but if they provide knock-ups like Malphite's Ult does, then that part of the move is negated.

Q: Dragon Claw: Giratina forms claws with the spikes on it's wings and then slashes at the foe, dealing physical damage. This move has a small cast time/charge up time as well so keep that in mind when using this move as him.

W: Ancient Power: Giratina summons magical rocks and hurtles them towards an area, damaging the foes caught in it, dealing magical damage to them as well. This can affect multiple targets at once so be careful. This move also has a small [10%] chance of permanently increasing the user's stats by 10 as well so be on the lookout for that.

E: Ominous Wind: Giratina sends out a wave of dark energy, dealing magical damage to all caught in the wave as well. This move also has a small [10%] chance of permanently increasing the user's stats by 10 as well so be on the lookout for that.

R: Shadow Force: Giratina's signature/exclusive move. Giratina opens up a portal to the Distortion World and disappears inside of it for a few seconds, then reappears from the Disortion World shortly after that, dealing physical damage to the closest enemy champion. While in the Distortion World, Giratina cannot be targeted by attacks such as Blade Waltz and Cutthroat for example (for the former, Blade Waltz CAN hurt Giratina while outside of the Distortion World, he just can't be directly targeted by it while in the Distortion World so keep that in mind when trying to use it against it/him).

Shadow Force CAN be used to cross over terrain as well similar to Lissandra's Glacial Path as well, though just without the re-activation part of it of course.

Giratina also comes with an exclusive item called the Griseous Orb, which when held, allows Giratina to switch between it's Origin form and it's Altered form as well upon activation of the item in the inventory slot that it's placed in.

In it's Altered form, Giratina has increased defenses but decreased/lowered attack power, while in it's Origin form, these stats are swapped out for each other (i.e. Giratina as increased attack power and decreased/lowered defenses in it's Origin form).

Giratina scales off of both AD and AP and has naturally high health as well so keep that in mind when trying to build/itemize for him.

I would play the **** out of it (legendaries have no gender, so it's an it)

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Mine would be Tidus, Auron, Wakka, Yuna and Seymour from FFX..... and there is no way im doing it for all f them LOL..

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I need help setting up ability sets for Lars and Dragonov from Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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Susan Ashworth - The Cat Lady
UNIQUE Resource: Cats.
Forages for a cat every 5 seconds, up to a max of 3.

Passive: Second Chance
When killed, comes back to life instantly, stunning all nearby enemies for 4 seconds.
300 second cooldown; reduces if an ally dies nearby her.

Q - Call Cat:
Calls a cat to fight for Mrs. Ashworth.
Cats get 35% of her AD, AP and Health.

W - Mitzi
When close to death (25% HP or less), Susan calls Mitzi to help her, healing her for 50% of her health over 1 minute.
180 second cooldown

E - Sleeping Pills
Overdoses on sleeping pills, thinning the veil between death and life.
Becomes untargetable for 3 seconds, whilst still being able to move.

R - Piano
Plays her piano for up to 5 seconds, summoning two cats per second that seek out enemies and attach to them. If she dies during this, she is raised up in her true form: The Cat Widow, instantly fearing all nearby enemies for 3 seconds, and dieing after the fear ends (with her passive applicable).

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I last played my Paladin from World of Warcraft.

Talonsin, the Light of Retribution

Passive: Seal of Justice
Attacks deal 20% of the total damage as bonus true damage, and slow enemies for 1 second.

Q: Crusader Strike / Templar's Verdict
Talonsin strikes an enemy for X amount of damage, granting a stack of Holy Power. Generating 3 Holy Power will instantly refresh the cooldown of this ability and transform it into Templar's Verdict: the damage is doubled and stuns the target for 1.5 seconds.

W: Judgement
Talonsin judges an enemy, damaging target enemy, and granting bonus movement speed. This also grants a stack of Holy Power.

E: Sacred Shield
Creates a shield around target ally that lasts for 5 seconds.

Ultimate: Avenging Wrath / Hammer of Wrath
Upon activation, increases Talonsin's damage by 20%, and allows the single casting of Hammer of Wrath, a long range skill shot that has a high chance to critically strike.