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The last (non League) Video Game character you played is now a champion.

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Sora, The Key of Light

Passive - Light of Worlds - Every time Sora slays a minion or neutral monster he gains a stack of Light. While he has at least one stack of Light, Sora's next ability will deal additional true damage. Damage increases by each stack. Maximum stacks 4.

Q - Firaga - Sora sends out a blast of fire in a line, striking the first target hit and exploding in a small radius around that target.

W - Thundaga - Sora calls down thunder in a target area, dealing damage every second and briefly slowing enemies by 20% on the first strike. Duration 2.3 seconds.

E - Blizzaga - Sora freezes targets in a cone in front of him, dealing damage and slowing their speed by 12/18/22/28/32% for 1.5 seconds.

R - Drive Form - Sora enters Drive Form, gaining additional stats based on his next ability used. Duration 4.2 seconds.
- Valor Form (Firaga) - Sora does additional attack damage and attacks twice every other auto attack.
- Master Form (Thundaga) - Sora gains additional movement speed and attacks 55% faster.
- Wisdom Form (Blizzaga) - Sora's auto attacks become ranged and his abilities do increased damage.

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Commander Shepard, The Galactic Savior
Marksman, Mage

Passive-Kinetic barrier- Every 10 seconds Shepard can take only 50% of the damage done to him (even if true damage)

Q ability-Renegade Interupt- Causes physical damage that interrupts channeling and silences for 3 seconds

W ability-Paragon Action- Passively gives Shepard bonus AD, and can activate to shield himself and surrounding allies for 3 seconds

E ability-Biotic blast- shepards next basic attack will deal bonus magic damage and stun for 1 second

R ability-Commander of the Normandy- Calls upon an air strike that does large magic damage in a long line.

Champion pick: "For the Citadel"
Moving: 1)"I should go" 2)"Lets move out" 3)"Theyre about to find out what happens when you piss me off." 4) "Another Suicide Mission."
Auto attacking: 1)"Youre workin too hard" 2)"Ill cut your balls off and sell them to a krogan." 3)"You will stand down" 4)"We can wipe out their entire fleet in a single suprise attack!"

Buying from shop: "Im Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite store on the Rift."
Using Q: 1) "Ive had enough of your disingenuous assertions" 2)"How bout 'goodbye'?" 3)"You dont get to walk away!"
Using W: 1)"No one dies on my watch, soldier!" 2) "Take Cover!"

using E: 1)"Yahhhh!" 2)"I can bludgeon pretty hard."

using R: 1) "Joker, cover fire, NOW!" 2)"Normandy, lay down the heat!"

Joke: 1) "So am I...indoctrinated?" 2)"As long as I dont have to pick a color at the end of this match."

Taunt: 1)"Im sorry Im having trouble hearing you, Im getting alot of Bull**** on this line." 2)"If I flee I might trip over the other champions I killed to get here."
Dance: The Commander Shepard Dance
Laugh: Well its a laugh, a small chuckle I guess
Special Taunts:
Vel'Koz-You big stupid Jellyfish!
Teemo- Youre a little furry scout Teemo, Im a spectre. Tell me: How good are those odds?
Heimerdinger- You gonna go do some CALIBRATION?
Graves- You really think you'll get a shot out before my team puts a whole in your skull?
Mordekaiser- Hostages only work if your enemy cares if they live
Caitlyn-turns out basic police work isnt so hard, you just have to leave the station.
Renekton: Youre just a waste of skin, scales, whatever
Jinx- Youre a criminal jinx, I can kill criminals
Lucian: Youre crew needs you to be better at doing your joob and keep your personal life personal
Vayne: Are you naturally this *****y or is it just me?

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I'm not really good at thinking how much damage an ability should do or how will it scale late-game, but I'll give it a try:

Last Games I played: Soul Calibur V - Devil May Cry 4 - Blazblue: Chronophantasma - Darkstalkers: Resurrection

Nightmare, The Azure Knight (SC V)

Primary: Fighter - Secondary: Tank

Passive: Soul Edge: For every minion or champion slain, Nightmare absorbs their souls, increasing his base armor and health by 5%

Q: Shadow Slicer: Swings his massive sword, Soul Edge, dealing damage in the direction he is facing

W: Soul Wave: Passive: Surrounds himself with a barrier that absorbs incoming damage. Additionally, gains 10% Magic resistance

Active: Detonates the barrier, dealing damage to enemies around him.

E: Death lord's Annihilation: Unleashes two slices, finishing with a punch that stuns the enemy for 1 second. This ability must be activated three times.

R: Dark Reconquista: Awakens the true power of Soul Edge, doing a massive slice to all enemies around him

(I had imagined him to be a LOT tanky, but with no CC abilities. A mix of Sion, Riven and Garen)

Dante, The Devil's descendant/Devil Hunter (Whichever you prefer. From DMC4)

Primary: Fighter - Secondary: Marksman

Passive: Blood of Sparda: The power of his father gives Dante the ability to recover health after attacking an enemy champion with 6 normal attacks. Additionally, when in low health, increases Dante's attack apeed

Q: Stylish switch: Switches between Evony and Ivory, his hanheld guns and Rebellion, his huge sword. This gives him access to new abilities

W: Bullet time/Million stab:

Ebony and Ivory: Fires for 2 seconds in the direction he is currently facing.

Rebellion: Does a whirlwind of stabs, striking all enemies in front of him for 2 seconds, finishing with a huge stab that stuns the opponent for 1 second. Additionaly, each stab decreases the opponent's armor.

E: Jackpot!/Stinger:

Evory and Ivory: Charges his guns for 3 seconds and fires a devastating shot that slows down enemies

Rebellion: Dashes forward and lunges his sword at his opponent, dealing damage and decreasing his armor

R: Devil Trigger: Unleashes Dante's devil power, increasing his abilities and grants him access to the ability Roundtrip, which can be activated only once.

Dantes launches his sword in a circle, dealing physical damage to all enemies hit

(I had fun creating this once. A mix of Aatrox, Lucian and Riven. Vergil would've been completely melee based, with Helm Breaker included, which I feel, it's his most prominent ability, considering he does it quite a few times when you fight him in the last battle of DMC3)

Kagura Mutsuki, The Black Knight (BB:CP)

Primary: Fighter - Secondary: Mage

Passive: Black Gale: By matering the use of dark energy, Kagura gains a stack for each ability he uses. After reaching 4 stacks, Kagura's next ability will do 6% bonus magic damage

Q: Dragon's Spirit: Fires a dark ball that travels forward and explodes into enemy contact, dealing magic damage and slowing all enemies.

W: Supreme Dragon's Inferno: Swings his sword forward in reverse grip, summoning four dark pillars, which knock all enemies up

E: Dragon Lord's Striking Fang: Charges his sword for 3 seconds and slams it into the ground, creating a dark spillar, which deals magic damage to all opponets within the area.

R: Black Dragon's Sky-Rending Blade: Calls down a purple lightning, empowering his sword and turning it into a dark pillar. Then, brings it crashing down on all opponents caught within the area, dealing magic damage and slowing them down for 2 seconds.

(Definetly my favourite character created so far. He can be built like Kayle or Jax)

Jedah Dohma, The Dark Savior (DS:R)

Primary: Mage - Secondary: Tank

Passive: Save all souls: For every champion slain, Jedah absorbs their soul, increasing his base ability power by 6%

Q: Dio-Sega: Throws a scythe shaped ring blade, which deals magic damage

W: Nero-Fatica: Sends a sphere made out of blood which traps the opponent within, stunning it for 3 seconds

E: San-Passare: Extends his own arm, catching an opponent and starts draining his life. The opponent can break the spell by moving away from Jedah.

R: Finale-Rosso: Slams his hand into the ground and summons a huge pool of blood, filled with devil hands. These hands supress all enemies caught in it and deal magic damage, decreasing magic resistance by 10%

(I'm happy about how it came out, considering Jedah is my favourite video-game character. A mix of Vlad and Malzahar)

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Combot, The Humanoid Project from Tekken

Passive: Move Set Programming
Combot is able to buy a combination of other champions' abilities, including ultimate abilities and other passives from the shop. He is able to fill an empty ability for free but changing it would cost gold.

First Ability: All Available Champions' First Abilities
Buy one from the shop

Second Ability: All Available Champions' Second Abilities
Buy one from the shop

Third Ability: All Available Champions' Third Abilities
Buy one from the shop

Ultimate: All Available Champions' Ultimate
Buy one from the shop

Playing as Combot:
-Choose a move set that is best useful towards countering the other team.
-Combot is not as easy as it would seem. Mastering every other champion is the key to mastering Combot.
-You can only buy abilities of champions you own. If you want a bigger selection, buy more champions outside of matches.

Playing against Combot:
-Every Combot ability is unpredictable. Make sure you keep an eye on the items it builds before you attack it.
-Make sure you know the affects of each of the abilities used by Combot and that would mean all the abilities of every single champion on the list.
-It is better to try and destroy the Nexus quick if the enemy team has Combot. It is much more dangerous to fight Combot during Late Game.

Heimerdinger was working on a warp project outside of the League of Legends in order to develop devices that could teleport an individual in only a second. But before making the device, Heimerdinger would have to create a prototype where he could simply pass through a portal from one place to another. He set up two gates, one as the entrance, one as the exit. After gathering enough magic power to generate the two gates, Heimerdinger attempts to walk through it. . .

Only to come across a man walking out of the gate before he could approach it. The man appeared to have violet hair, had shaded glasses, wore a purple suit and a pair of black pants and shoes. Very unusual clothing but no matter, Heimerdinger thought that the man was interfering with his project only to be told that the man has just walked into the portal on accident. Of course, after the man was startled a little bit by the appearance of a yordle.

The man reveals his name as Violet, the Chief Executive Officer of a company known as Violet Systems, and spoke to Heimerdinger of where he was from and it is a location not within Valoran and possibly not within anywhere else further than that. Violet suggests that he might have walked into a portal, leading into a different world. But he can be relieved that the portal would stay open for him to bring Heimerdinger some souvenirs.

Heimerdinger then sees technology not made of Hextech machinery but instead, machinery that makes use of no magic. One machine caught his greatest attention. A humanoid project that the man says he was working on.

A prototype humanoid known as the Combot. Violet tells Heimerdinger that the Combot was a multi-role combat humanoid that is capable of mimicking the abilities of every foe it were to encounter, particularly the ones Violet has encountered throughout the years of his fighting career. Fascinated, Heimerdinger wanted to take part in the project, suggesting the perfect placee for Violet to test out the Prototype. The League of Legends.

Heimerdinger tells Violet that there are warriors in the Fields of Justice with different powers and capabilities that the Combot might be able to mimic. Violet agrees to this idea and brings the Prototype Combot to the Fields of Justice, ready to program the machine with abilities of its allies and enemies, expecting a lot of success from such a big step through the project.


I need a better Lore. Can somebody help wit this?

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Arcus Diabolus:
The last (non League) Video Game character you played is now a champion. What is they're stats and abilities. Is he or she viable? Would you main him or her? Try to be as accurate to the original source as possible.

Ragna The Bloodedge
Fighter/Assassin, Melee

Health: 350 (+70)
Health Regen: 5 (+0.5)
Range: 125
Attack Damage: 55 (+3.2)
Attack Speed: 0.63 (+3.25%)
Armor: 15 (+2.0)
Magic Res: 30 (+1.25)
Mov. Speed: 345

Resource: Heat
100 Heat Maximum
Heat is gained slowly by taking damage and dealing damage to opponents with basic attacks and abilities when Azure Grimoire is toggled off. (+1 heat per hit on minions. +5-10 heat per hit on champions) Start at zero Heat.

Passive-Soul Eater
Every 3 of Ragna's basic attacks, Ragna attacks twice and has 30% lifesteal. Soul Eater also applies to Ragna's abilities as well.

Q-Hell's Fang
Ragna dashes at hit opponent with is hand engulfed in darkness, briefly stunning the opponent, then extends his other arm and strikes the opponent with dark energy in the shape of one of the Black Beasts head, which knocks back the opponent and triggers Soul Eater. Second hit can be canceled with a basic attack or ability.
10 second cooldown
First hit attack damage: 25/40/55/70/85 (+0.35 per attack damage)
Second hit attack damage: 26/42/58/74/90 (+0.4 per attack damage)
Total attack damage: 51/82/113/144/175 (+0.75 per attack damage)
Range: 500
Knockback distance: 450

Q(2)-Carnage Scissors
Cost: 50 heat.
Ragna performs a very fast dashing sword strike, the releases two crossing spikes of dark energy, which trigger Soul Eater. The second hit knocks the enemy back. Very brief invincibility to enemy attacks on activation. Second hit can be canceled with a basic attack or ability.
No cooldown.
First hit attack damage: 55/85/115/145/175 (+0.6 per attack damage)
Second hit attack damage: 57/89/121/153/185 (+0.64 per attack damage)
Total attack damage: 112/174/236/298/360 (+1.24 per attack damage)
Range: 600
Knockback distance: 500

W-Inferno Divider
Ragna leaps upward in a spiraling motion while uppercutting with his sword, launching the opponent into the air. Ragna then turns in a fast wicked motion in the air and uppercuts the opponent, immediately followed with a heel smash to the ground which triggers Soul Eater.
15 second cooldown.
First hit attack damage: 16/26/36/46/56 (+0.3 per attack damage)
Second hit attack damage: 16/26/36/46/56 (+0.3 per attack damage)
Third hit attack damage: 18/28/38/48/58 (+0.4 per attack damage)
Total attack damage: 50/80/110/140/170 (+1.2 per attack damage)
Range: 125

W(2)-Devoured by Darkness
Cost:50 heat.
Ragna's hand turns into a claw of the Black Beast as he snatches his opponent, lifts them over his head and bombards them with dark tendrils for 3 seconds. Slow start up, but briefly invincible. Deals 50% less damage if Blood Kain is not active. Knocks the opponent back at end of attack. If blood Kain is active, it now immediately deactivates. 0.75 second channel time.
No Cooldown.
Total attack damage without Blood Kain active: 110/160/225/285/345 (+0.5 per attack damage)
Total attack damage with Blood Kain active: 220/320/450/575/690 (+1.0 per attack damge)
Range: 125

E-Dead Spike
Ragna releases dark energy from his sword in the shape of one of the Black Beast's heads for a ranged attack that triggers Soul Eater.
10 second cooldown.
Total attack damage: 50/80/110/140/170 (+1.0 per attack damage)
Range: 450

E(2)-Blood Kain Idea
Cost: 50 heat.
Ragna activates the Azure, and emits a Black Aura. This Enhances all of Ragna's Soul Eater attacks, increasing their hitboxes, life steal and damage. Soul Eater's lifesteal is boosted to 80%, range by 25 and damage by 30% (Range and Damage boosts do not apply to Devoured by Darkness). Lasts for 10 seconds.
No Cooldown.

R-Azure Grimoire
Changes Ragna's abilities to his more powerful moves, which cost 50 heat each. Activating Move switch again swaps the moves again.
No Cooldown.

I would main the hell out of him.

Wow, that's a nice moveset and he would be difficult to control.

Speaking of which, he kinda has that moveset in Chaos Heroes online, another MOBA which include characters from ArkSystemWorks and Sega, such as Rachel, Jin, Noel, Ragna, Selvaria, Bridget and Sol Badguy

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYHnTE4slv4 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYHnTE4slv4)

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Im sorry but DOTA 2

and i played The Undieing.

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Im sorry but DOTA 2

and i played The Undieing.

Then why are you even here?

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Gaige, The Mechromancer

Passive: Every time Gaige attacks an enemy unit she gains a stack of Anarchy. Each stack of Anarchy gives Gaige 2/3/4/5 AD permamently. But gives her a chance to miss.

Q: Gaige launches a cupcake at target enemy, blinding and dealing damage equal to 60/100/140/180/220 (+20% of Bonus AD)

W: Giage passively gains attack speed with anarchy stats. (.1% per stack)

E: Gaige Shoots a rocket in a target direction dealing AOE damage equal to (30/40/50/60/70) (+20% AP)

R: Gaige summons Deathtrap, a giant death robot that does her bidding. Deathtrap lasts 60 seconds and his cooldown is reduced depending on the amount of time he is on the field.

I'm not good with base stats and cooldowns so I left that for you guys.

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"I long for a worthy sandvitch"

Pootis man, the heavy weapons guy

passive: Pootis man's gains 30% more health when he is over half health. when under 50% health, he gains 15 movement speed

thats all i got

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Earthbound/Mother 2/Mother 1+2

Ness, Protector of Eagleland

Health:324(+80 Per level)
Mana:234(+39 Per level
Attack:65(+5 Per level)
Attack Speed:0.70(+1.54% Per level)
Movement Speed:350
Health Regen:5(+0.45 Per Level)
Mana Regen:6(+.6 Per level)
Armor:12(+4 Per level)
Magic Resistance:35

Passive: Concentration :Mana regen increase by 10% for every 50 mana missing

(Q)Pk Thunder:65/75/85/95/105 Sends a skill shot that goes though enemies, stunning them, causing 60/30/120/150/180(+65%AP) damage.Cooldown:10/8/6/5/5

(W)Pk Lifeup:30/40/50/60/70 Heals Ness and nearby allies(550) by 30/60/90/120/150(+50%AP).Cooldown:15/14/13/12/11

(E)Pk Fire:70/80/90/100/110 Sends a skillshot 40/45/50/55/60(+35%AP)that bursts into flames when it reaches the end of it route or hits a champ and causes remaining splash damage 50/60/70/80/90(+30%AP). Cooldown:15/13/11/9/7

(R)Pk Rocking: Causes 150/250/350(+90%AP) to all Enemie champions within 3000 range. Stuns and 1% to instakill. Cooldown: 150/130/110

Basic attack: Even with all these Spells, he hit's melee. Uses his signature baseball bat!

Skins (What ever i have in my head atm): Robot Ness!(form before he goes battle Giygas!)
Minor-League Ness. (he plays baseball. what did you expect?)
Guitarist Ness. (He also plays guitar. go figure)
Pajama/Magicant Ness (Nuff said)

Champion Selection: "I AM NESS!!!"

Movement: "Ok"
"I'm not mute.... SEE YOU HEARD ME!"
"Where's Jeff when you need him?"

Attack: "HAH"
"Pk X!"(X= Thunder, Fire, Lifeup, Rocking, which ever one he's using.)
"Aww. i just got this baseball bat"

Taunt: hits a grand-slam say "It's GOOD. IT'S GOOD!"

Joke:"Even Giygas was harder, and HE went down by Paula PRAYING"

Dance: Sits down and plays guitar (hey Yasuo's dance is he just leans on his sword and plays the flute)

Laugh: Silence... (I'm a boy of steel. i have no sense of humor!)

That's all i have in my head atm