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The last (non League) Video Game character you played is now a champion.

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Arcus Diabolus

Senior Member


The last (non League) Video Game character you played is now a champion. What is they're stats and abilities. Is he or she viable? Would you main him or her? Try to be as accurate to the original source as possible.

Ragna The Bloodedge
Fighter/Assassin, Melee

Health: 350 (+70)
Health Regen: 5 (+0.5)
Range: 125
Attack Damage: 55 (+3.2)
Attack Speed: 0.63 (+3.25%)
Armor: 15 (+2.0)
Magic Res: 30 (+1.25)
Mov. Speed: 345

Resource: Heat
100 Heat Maximum
Heat is gained slowly by taking damage and dealing damage to opponents with basic attacks and abilities when Azure Grimoire is toggled off. (+1 heat per hit on minions. +5-10 heat per hit on champions) Start at zero Heat.

Passive-Soul Eater
Every 3 of Ragna's basic attacks, Ragna attacks twice and has 30% lifesteal. Soul Eater also applies to Ragna's abilities as well.

Q-Hell's Fang
Ragna dashes at hit opponent with is hand engulfed in darkness, briefly stunning the opponent, then extends his other arm and strikes the opponent with dark energy in the shape of one of the Black Beasts head, which knocks back the opponent and triggers Soul Eater. Second hit can be canceled with a basic attack or ability.
10 second cooldown
First hit attack damage: 25/40/55/70/85 (+0.35 per attack damage)
Second hit attack damage: 26/42/58/74/90 (+0.4 per attack damage)
Total attack damage: 51/82/113/144/175 (+0.75 per attack damage)
Range: 500
Knockback distance: 450

Q(2)-Carnage Scissors
Cost: 50 heat.
Ragna performs a very fast dashing sword strike, the releases two crossing spikes of dark energy, which trigger Soul Eater. The second hit knocks the enemy back. Very brief invincibility to enemy attacks on activation. Second hit can be canceled with a basic attack or ability.
No cooldown.
First hit attack damage: 55/85/115/145/175 (+0.6 per attack damage)
Second hit attack damage: 57/89/121/153/185 (+0.64 per attack damage)
Total attack damage: 112/174/236/298/360 (+1.24 per attack damage)
Range: 600
Knockback distance: 500

W-Inferno Divider
Ragna leaps upward in a spiraling motion while uppercutting with his sword, launching the opponent into the air. Ragna then turns in a fast wicked motion in the air and uppercuts the opponent, immediately followed with a heel smash to the ground which triggers Soul Eater.
15 second cooldown.
First hit attack damage: 16/26/36/46/56 (+0.3 per attack damage)
Second hit attack damage: 16/26/36/46/56 (+0.3 per attack damage)
Third hit attack damage: 18/28/38/48/58 (+0.4 per attack damage)
Total attack damage: 50/80/110/140/170 (+1.2 per attack damage)
Range: 125

W(2)-Devoured by Darkness
Cost:50 heat.
Ragna's hand turns into a claw of the Black Beast as he snatches his opponent, lifts them over his head and bombards them with dark tendrils for 3 seconds. Slow start up, but briefly invincible. Deals 50% less damage if Blood Kain is not active. Knocks the opponent back at end of attack. If blood Kain is active, it now immediately deactivates. 0.75 second channel time.
No Cooldown.
Total attack damage without Blood Kain active: 110/160/225/285/345 (+0.5 per attack damage)
Total attack damage with Blood Kain active: 220/320/450/575/690 (+1.0 per attack damge)
Range: 125

E-Dead Spike
Ragna releases dark energy from his sword in the shape of one of the Black Beast's heads for a ranged attack that triggers Soul Eater.
10 second cooldown.
Total attack damage: 50/80/110/140/170 (+1.0 per attack damage)
Range: 450

E(2)-Blood Kain Idea
Cost: 50 heat.
Ragna activates the Azure, and emits a Black Aura. This Enhances all of Ragna's Soul Eater attacks, increasing their hitboxes, life steal and damage. Soul Eater's lifesteal is boosted to 80%, range by 25 and damage by 30% (Range and Damage boosts do not apply to Devoured by Darkness). Lasts for 10 seconds.
No Cooldown.

R-Azure Grimoire
Changes Ragna's abilities to his more powerful moves, which cost 50 heat each. Activating Move switch again swaps the moves again.
No Cooldown.

I would main the hell out of him.

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Senior Member


Hmm, well the basic stats wise I'm not so good at, but abilities, here it goes.

Giratina: The Distortion World's Dragon.
Mage, Fighter, Tank.

Giratina is a creature from Pokemon that's part of the Creation Trio along with Dialga and Palkia. Unlike the other two, Giratina can actually change forms.

It's basic attacks are melee in it's Altered form and/but are ranged in in it's Origin form as well so keep that in mind when playing as him.
Passive: Pressure (altered form) and Levitate (origin form).

In the games, pressure doubles the amount of pp that's used for enemies to cast moves (i.e. using a move now costs 2 instead of 1). In LoL, this would double the amount of mana (i.e. double the mana costs) that's used for nearby enemies to cast spells (i.e. a spell costing 300 mana would now cost 600 mana instead).

In the games, Levitate gives full immunity to ground-type moves, making them ineffective against him. In LoL, it would give immunity to knock-ups as well as immunity to ground-targeted moves, such as Zyra's Grasping Roots for example. Projectile-like moves such as Malphite's Unstoppable Force and Ezreal's Mystic Shot for example would still deal damage to Giratina and apply on-hit effects as well, but if they provide knock-ups like Malphite's Ult does, then that part of the move is negated.

Q: Dragon Claw: Giratina forms claws with the spikes on it's wings and then slashes at the foe, dealing physical damage. This move has a small cast time/charge up time as well so keep that in mind when using this move as him.

W: Ancient Power: Giratina summons magical rocks and hurtles them towards an area, damaging the foes caught in it, dealing magical damage to them as well. This can affect multiple targets at once so be careful. This move also has a small [10%] chance of permanently increasing the user's stats by 10 as well so be on the lookout for that.

E: Ominous Wind: Giratina sends out a wave of dark energy, dealing magical damage to all caught in the wave as well. This move also has a small [10%] chance of permanently increasing the user's stats by 10 as well so be on the lookout for that.

R: Shadow Force: Giratina's signature/exclusive move. Giratina opens up a portal to the Distortion World and disappears inside of it for a few seconds, then reappears from the Disortion World shortly after that, dealing physical damage to the closest enemy champion. While in the Distortion World, Giratina cannot be targeted by attacks such as Blade Waltz and Cutthroat for example (for the former, Blade Waltz CAN hurt Giratina while outside of the Distortion World, he just can't be directly targeted by it while in the Distortion World so keep that in mind when trying to use it against it/him).

Shadow Force CAN be used to cross over terrain as well similar to Lissandra's Glacial Path as well, though just without the re-activation part of it of course.

Giratina also comes with an exclusive item called the Griseous Orb, which when held, allows Giratina to switch between it's Origin form and it's Altered form as well upon activation of the item in the inventory slot that it's placed in.

In it's Altered form, Giratina has increased defenses but decreased/lowered attack power, while in it's Origin form, these stats are swapped out for each other (i.e. Giratina has increased attack power and decreased/lowered defenses in it's Origin form).

Giratina scales off of both AD and AP and has naturally high health as well so keep that in mind when trying to build/itemize for him.

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The 876th Noob

Senior Member


Sims 3

Miles Denton

Passive - Good Cook, Friendly, Genius, Good Sense of Humor, Good-hearted

Q - Eat leftover waffles

W - Watch TV

E - Flirt with Blair Artwright

R - Form group/Have a great group outing

Idk if this counts

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Furyful Fawful

Senior Member


Erm... Mario... Ok...

Passive: Triple jump

Upon the third basic attack in a short timeframe, Mario leaps high into the air and deals (lvl*2+3) extra damage on his enemy.

Q: Jump/Hammer (Toggle)

Mario's basic attacks deal (10/20/30/40/50) more damage and give (3/6/9/12/15) extra gold upon last-hitting an enemy. Gold bonus doubled against other champions.

Upon switching to a hammer, Mario gains 50 attack range and (20/40/60/80/100) (+0.7 AP) attack damage but loses 50% attack speed and movement speed.
CD: none

W: Mushroom!

Mario eats a mushroom and gets bigger, gaining a (50/75/100/125/150) (+0.3 AP) shield and (50/100/150/200/250) (+0.4 AP) health. He also gains attack damage until the shield is destroyed.
CD: 15 seconds

E: Ground Pound

Mario's next basic attack stuns enemies in a 50(+0.1 AP)-unit radius for (.5/.75/1/1.25/1.5) seconds and deals 25 static bonus damage.
CD: 15 seconds, is reduced by attackspeed

R: Invinci-star!

Mario gains invulnerability for (5/7.5/10) seconds, during the duration of which he moves at 200% movement speed, gains 50% attack damage, and cannot be movement-impaired.

CD: 200/190/180 seconds

I feel like he would be a hybrid build... which I can't really manage that well. I'll stick to my old main, thank you very much!

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Senior Member



Soldier (With my latest played loadout)

Unique "Mana": Ammo
Will deplete, and can only be reset after the "clip" is used up.

Passive: The lower Soldier's HP is, the faster his movement speed, however heal amounts are diminished on him, and the chance of getting crit'd on is higher.

Q: Soldier rocket jumps, taking damage, and lands on a target area, but depletes one ammo.
(Liberty Launcher)

W: Passive: If Soldier lands on an enemy player, it will deal damage to them.
Active: That damage is tripled for a duration.

E: Toggle: Soldier switches between his pickaxe (Equalizer) and his rocket launcher (Libery Launcher), changing him to melee or ranged, however his rocket launcher consumes ammo per shot.
(Equalizer/Liberty Launcher)

R: Soldier taunts enemies around him, and explodes after a duration, dealing damage to him and his surrounding enemies, and is launched up into the air.

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Clad in Plaid

Senior Member


Russian General

New resource: Order 227 meter
Resource is filled when a minion under your control dies. It has a maximum of 100, decays at a rate of 2/second out of combat, and is increased by 7 per conscripted minion death. Controlled minions gain increased damage and health every increment of 20 points in the meter.

Passive: Fight to the last breath!
Nearby conscripted minions will gain 2 attack damage per % of health missing.

Q: Conscription
Up to 10(+2 per level) nearby allied minions gain 30(+.2 AP) health and follow you. They can be ordered around by pressing alt + right click.

W: Oorah!
All nearby conscripts are inspired to charge, gaining 50% movement speed. Enemies hit by inspired conscripts are suppressed, slowing their movement speed by 5% (stacks up to 10 times) and having their attack speed reduced by 35%.

E: Not one step back!
Executes the selected conscript, giving all nearby conscripts 10(+.2 AD) attack damage and reducing the effectiveness and duration of slows and disables by 25%.

R: For the motherland!
All conscripts in the targeted area become super minions and heal 200 health.

... I suck at character designs.

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Senior Member



Uses dragon language to kill you and turns into a fast werewolf.

Q Shout: Call Dragon. Summons Shyvana.
W Shout: Clear Skies. Removes the fog of war for 20 seconds.
E Shout: Unrelenting Force: Push enemies away and stun them.

R Werewolf: Turn into a cool werewolf that runs as fast as a horse.

Sorry I don't want to try very hard this takes for ever and requires to much thinking.

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Senior Member


Bear with me...I'm lazy and I wont do this right and detailed.

Animal Crossing Human


Passive: Villager's support!
(A random AC character will attack with you causing extra damage to the enemy once in a while)

Q Golden Item
(change your weapon with either a golden net, shovel, axe, or fishing rod causing more damage)
W Install pitfalls
(Trap enemies for 8 seconds if they step on it)
E Fruit
(Share a random type of fruit to your allies or eat it for health)
R Shake
(Become untargetable for a few seconds and shake a nearby enemy for some item or gold steals and cause damage)

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69 Q Stacks

Senior Member


Clawed Girl from They Bleed Pixels
Pssive- Blood Orbs Upon dealing a certain amount of damage, Clawed Girl can teleport a short distance away.

Q- Claw Strike Self-explanatory.
W- Air Juggle Clawed Girl bounces an enemy in the air, knocking them up.
E- Exploding Fist Clawed Girl pulls out a Bomb Imp and throws it at a nearby enemy.
R- Aerial attack Lunges at an enemy, knocking them up and dealing damage.

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Senior Member


Castlevania Symphony Of The Night

Ritcher Belmont mode-

Passive:Bloody Tears-Every time a nearby minion dies, you get temporary 2% lifesteal and +10% AD +5% MS. This effect stacks up to 3 times and lasts for 5 seconds without attacking. When an ally champion dies, he gets all 3 stacks.

Q-Whip crack- empowers the next basic attack dealing additional physical damage to the units behind the one hit.

W-Tool Select-You will shuffle weapons in a limited time. You have to lock on your weapon and press it again to use it. In the selection there is holy water, throwing knives, a clock and a temporary whip upgraded.

E-I have no idea

R- Grand Cross you block the next ability and summon crosses around you that deal magic damage, also your basic attacks will send some crosses to the enemies and will deal physical damage. The crosses can land critical hits.