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2880x1800 Resolution Issues

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Although these are really more an annoyance than an issue:

In-game text and certain graphics are extremely small. This includes chat text, shop text and icons, summoner names and health bars, creep and neutral monster health bars, the champion info box, and the info box that appears in the left hand top corner when clicking on a champ, creep, or tower. If the text in the aforementioned entities were any smaller, it would be unreadable.
Health bars appear way over the top of a champions head and nexus apex. This might be part of the game but I've noticed that even if I center the screen on my champ while attacking the nexus, I can't actually see the health bar. I need to pan up to see it.
Spectator mode controls (The HUD, I suppose you could call it) are extremely small. I practically need to squint to see what I'm clicking. Also, unless I hide everything by pressing 'H', or enter team fight view by pressing 'A', my frame rate decreases considerably, to no more than 20 fps.
The mouse cursor is also very small. I lose track of it at least once a game because it's so tiny, which makes certain mechanics (marksman kiting, for example) much more difficult than it already is.
I know the quick fix here is simply to lower my resolution, but I'd like to be able to actually use the retina display. Plus, almost all of the other resolution options create black bars on the side of the screen.

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Yeah there's no fix as far as I know. The client simply thinks we're playing on a screen much bigger than we have. I've seen the problem raised a few times before, but it doesn't seem like it's an incredibly high priority for Riot to fix. It does make sense that they don't prioritize it considering we can play at a lower resolution just fine, but I agree with you it would be nice to actually be able to utilize our retina displays. Hopefully one day soon they'll get around to updating the client, but until then as far as I know there's no fix on our end.

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I''m having the same issue. I got a new 3200x1800 laptop (only a 13' screen though) recently and LoL is extreemely difficult to play on this.

If I drop the resolution the game screens becomes tiny, so I have to drop the resolution of my PC every time I wish to play, which screws with everything else I've got on.
The icons on the mini map and the cursor are the worst.
Riot, could you please create some kind of scale for this?