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I suck at Jax - Help!

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Jax can be built as a carry, but the tank build really is the best one. Here's how I play him:

Ruby Crystal to start
Catalyst the Protector
Ninja Tabi
Emblem of Valor
Frozen Mallet
Stark's Fervor
Banshee's Veil
Guardian Angel if the game's still dragging on
You have 3k HP and about 100 armor and 100 MR. If you've got dodge runes, you also have 36% dodge.

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I play Jax and I do fairly well. I go for attack speed, dodge and as much damage as I can get from items that give dodge or attack speed. I always start with regrowth pendant (not bad health regen to start and gives option of getting warmogs if the game lasts long enough) and ninja tabi is ridiculously necessary, +11% dodge chance and not bad armour for it's price (cheapest boots I think) - Jax NEEDS dodge, not only because obviously if he's dodging an attack he's not taking damage, but also the more dodge he has the more chance he has of using his best skill, counter strike. Where I go from there varies but I generally get Phantom Dancer - quite expensive but the items to build it are good so it's not like you need to shell out all the cash at once, and the dodge, attack speed and crit strike is ridiculously helpful. Rageblade is also quite good, not too expensive and it gives attack and AP (Jax does well with AP because leap strike, counter strike and unrelenting assault all have great AP ratios), plus it's unique does the same thing as his ULT, so it means you increase your attack speed FAST if you start to hit anything. Malady is great, Jax doesnt have good health so lifesteal coupled with his decent attack and good attack speed is pretty deadly, plus it's pretty cheap. Last whisper is great too, 40% attack speed, small attack (Jaxs passive makes any damage item better, of course) and great armour penetration. I like to get Stinger too because of the AP, attack speed and mana regeneration.. and of course the cool down reduction is fantastic, because Jax's cooldowns are great anyway, so it makes counter strike 4.5 down to just over 3 seconds. I mixmatch those a bit, and I always try to get Phage and Frozen Mallet for the health bonus, and slowing an enemy down is good because enemies tend to run from Jax because of his stun and ult

If enemies are running from you, like they should be, remember you have your leap strike - I reccomend levelling this and counter strike up early, because they work fantastically together. Leap at someone and stun then, that's 300~ damage (more if you have AP) and you haven't even done anything! Then you have a second or so to hit them, if you have attack speed of about 1.5 then you can get 2 hits in before they realise what's going on

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Mr Zuko

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Lol if you listen to the guy above me you should do great...

Also just if anyone wants to know...

My build:

Boots of speed--> Ninja tabi
RubyCrystasl--> Phage (And if you wish frozen mallet later on, but thats not necessary)
Zeal-->Phantom Dancer
And then usually the rest I get is atk power.

I use jax as a pro ganker, partly because I give him movement speed and partly because jax is one of the best killing champs (and with the right items he isn't squishy). The only champions who can one on one jax (and only win if they have the right equips) are warwick, yi, and morgana. Ryze would actually stand a chance but his squshiness makes him dead meat once his stun wears out.

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Seriously, all you need to go godmode with jax, without too many casters is

Vampire Scepter
Ninja Tabii
Phantom Dancerx2
Starks Fervour

get emblem of valour early on for the extra lifesteal, but with this build any physical players won't be able to touch you, and in the range of enemy minions you have a pretty constant stun.