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Exqzr's Guide for Farmer/Hunter Poppy

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Farmer/Hunter Poppy (A Twisted TreeLine Guide)

The champion ability that gives me the most child like glee is Poppy's Devastating Blow. Especially when she is so darn cute in her Lollipoppy skin!

Poppy is tremendously fun to play, never boring and your decisions during the game have a real impact on the outcome. A bad Poppy is a for sure loss for your team and a good Poppy is still going to present a fun challenge for you (unlike some champs that can just "call in" their build and play on auto pilot). Poppy *is* hard to play. Yi, Xin, Pantheon, Tryn, Sion, Jax, Olaf, who have a similar feel in play style but they all go about their jobs without much of the grief that poor Poppy has to endure. I have played all of these (except yi) and I have tried every build you can think of for Poppy (somewhere around 250 games) and I don't let anyone tell you she's "easy".

If you play Poppy, I applaud you. Shes take real skill. At the start, she is very difficult to solo with. Expect to get harassed at every turn and expect gank attempts coming at you from all sides. Harder still is to figure out how to sync with your team mates. Most will probably expect you to carry the load and initiate. If you don't they will complain that you aren't doing anything and if you do, and die, the complaints will escalate to being labeled a feeder or worse. Mana? You'll always be wondering how you spend it so fast. Health? You'll find it hard to keep up with other melee types.

In short, Poppy has a lot of challenges but the biggest problem that Poppy faces is getting gold - Without it, you're just going to be a Noxian dessert. If you have played Poppy, you'll understand this immediately. If not, well imagine Olaf with no axe, Tryn with no spin or Sion with no shield. Poppy is almost always gold starved through the early levels, and if you don't address this quickly, it's going to be a painful game for you. If you are poor, you will die. If you die, you will be even poorer and this cycle is very difficult to break out of once it starts.

This is why I see a lot of Poppy players attempt to address their gold concerns by initiating highly risky and ill advised kill attempts. Sure, if it works, you're a hero, but if it fails (and against decent players it will fail more than it will succeed), poor Poppy winds up very dead, very fast. And, If this happens more than once, these Poppy players will find themselves under leveled, underfunded and essentially useless. I myself have had games where I was 0/12 with Poppy and I don't wish this on anyone. The mad comments thrown your way by your team mates are enough to make you want to hide under your bed and cry. A more prudent approach is needed.

Which of course is part of the reason behind this guide. With respect to the other fantastic guides out there for Poppy, I believe this one to be the most viable in 3 v 3 play.
{For example, AP Poppy can be offer some awesome burst kills but she is just way too squishy). Getting a score of 10/9/3 ( a likely score with AP poppy). is not going to help your team win the game. This guide is more likely to bring you a 5/2/8 score. If you are one of those players that feels that 10/9 is better than 5/2 (because you "got the most kills&quot, you have to rethink your understanding of the game. These humble scribblings will not show you how to get more kills with Poppy, rather they will show you how to best build Poppy with the intention of winning the game for your team. Think of Poppy as the Team's Quarterback, killing yes, but also bumping opponents off your wounded and fleeing teammates, strong arming a lane for push. clearing jungles, and generally controlling the map.

To do all or any of this, it all starts with Gold. Thus, Farmer Poppy is where you need to start and then switch to Hunter Poppy in mid to late game for the win. Overall, you will have fantastic damage output, high survivability and a superior flexibility.

Summoner Spells.

Exhaust and Flash

I tried every type of combination of summoner spells before settling on this one. I like these for their adaptive applications. Both of them can be used defensively (to save your life) or offensively (to get a kill). Surprising to me, I got as many kills flashing on top of a fleeing opponent as I did with ignite but ignite never got me out of a tight spot. Heal is a viable option, but it's not so helpful in late game. I like flash over Ghost as well for many reasons but in particular because Flash can instantaneously give you a tactical advantage in battle. and if you are slowed into a crawl, Ghost isn't going to help you get away, flash will.

I like Exhaust over ignite a it will allow you to finish your target better than ignite.

(Example: In one game I slammed Twitch into his own turret with Diplomatic immunity up. His team mates (Anivia and Jax) were right beside him. Anivia throws up a Storm, Jax starts wailing away fruitlessly. The first hammer spank disentegrates the rats knees. I Exhaust him and all his attacks miss. The second spank before my exhaust even wears out, crushes his skull sending him back to the sewers where he belongs. I flash out past the storm Jax gives chase but a quick Paragon for speed and I'm away. I took no damage and The Rat was near full health. Kind of like a Tryn moment, except I'm still right there ready to support my team mates if they want to keep pressing. All the while, shouts rain down from the surprised Jax..."Poppy is so OP, you noob!" Coming from a Jax, I find that hilarious.)

Flash also works well as a counter to Nunu's and Fiddles ults (pesky problems for any melee champ). And so many other situations, there are too many to go over. By experience and lots of trial and error, these two are your best combo in most game situations.


Marks - Accelerating Attack Damage/Armour Penetration/Magic Penetration
Seals - Accelerating Attack Damage/Dodge
Glyphs - Straight Mana/Cool Down Reduction
Quints - Health Regen/Straight Health

I've listed the above in order of my preference.

For your Marks, more people seem to swear by Armour Penetration over damage but I feel the direct damage syncs better with your paragon skill. You can actually put on a real hurt with just basic attacks instead of waiting for your hammer to cool down (hoping it does before you're gutted). Magic penetration only helps your charge and Hammer Blow and this is a better option if you are going for an AP Poppy.

For the Seals, Dodge used to be a given for me, but im not nearly as big a fan of it as I used to. Dodge is "chancy", it doesn't work when you are stunned or against most spells. Since I find more and more champs are building with AP instead of basic attack, dodge is becoming less and less effective (and let's not forget the Phantom Dancer change). So stacking more damage is just because I can't see any better option.

Glyph placement for me became "obvious" over time. With consistent Mana issues, It dawned on me that cool down reduction was pointless if I didn't have the mana to use the ability in the first place. I have found that the extra mana goes a very long way.

Finally, selecting the Quints used to be always straight health. But I found that health regen allowed me to stay in the lane longer against harassment. As well, sometimes lower health is a good thing for Poppy because of her passive reducing damage by 50%. The problem with choosing lower health is that you are vulnerable to DoTs and abilities like Garen's spin and Pantheon's Heart Seeker. Your passive is useless here and the low health makes you very vulnerable. Experiment with both and see what works best for you.


There are two Mastery options to consider. First is 9 offense and 21 defense[. Tweak to suit but obviously you want to take the Offense to Magic Penetration and the Defense all the way to 4 Percent damage reduction. Obviously take one in exhaust. If you are deciding between critical chance and ap boost, I would side with the critical chance. Essentially, The 9/21 mix gives you maximum survivability, which helps you get in one or two more hammer spanks before (if) you have to retreat. It also has the added bonus of annoying your opponents as they shout from their graves "why won't you die!?". In general, I like a balanced build for Poppy and coupled with the equipment suggestions, these masteries give you excellent all around skills.

The Second option is 22, 5 and 3. Take offense to the 5 percent bonus, magic resist and armour on the defense and mana health regen on utility. I prefer option one but both will work.

Equipment and build priority.

Farmer Phase:,

The primary purpose is to earn as much gold as your can as quick as you can. To do this rush to MADREDS RAZORS. This minion chewing item is essential to the early part of the game. Because of this, your first item should be .... Cloth Armour... o.k., I probably made some of you make a face like someone just spit in your cornflakes. BUT, this is better than starting with a Long sword because you can buy alot of potions for the start. Here i recommend 5 Health Potions or two health potions and 1 sight ward.

Your next item is going to be a quick buy of MADREDS. In rare cases, you may need to pick up boots first (if the game has quickly turned into a gank fest with lots of lane crossing) Once you have Madreds start jungling right away. I have soloed the dragon at level 5 with just this item, but the minor neutrals will be simple for you.

After Madreds, upgrade it to Wriggles Lantern. Wriggles is a very undervalued item and can be a game changer for its relative cheapness. The free sight ward is a HUGE plus and can save you (or your team as a whole) over 1000 gold in sight wards over the course of the game. IF you are wondering "what's the big deal with sight wards?" all I can say to that is good luck in your game, because you are going to need it. Just remember, Intel is critical in any engagement. Wriggles is the ultimate jungle item and you can have free reign over all neutrals, even the dragon, with it.

Now the gold will start flying in. Better still, the life steal component means you will be self sustaining and your health bar will remain constant. With wriggles, at level 6, you can easily (yes easily) solo the dragon with 1 health potion and be near full HP when you are done. The impact that soloing the dragon early on has on the game is huge... Its better than an opponent kill. If you stay on top of the Dragon throughout the game, your team should win most of the time.

It has happened where both opponents and team mates have taken turns laughing at me when they see Wriggles as my first item. "I play Poppy and you're building her all wrong... Noob!!!" Well, they stopped laughing when I obliterated their spines with a hammer blow from behind while they tried to tame an angry lizard and thus allowing me the privilege instead...and your team mates laughter quickly turns to worship as 280 gold drops into their laps at level 6. Trust me, you will absolutely love wriggles.

By now, less than 10 minutes into the game, Farmer Poppy is in her glory - You are easily last hitting minions and jungling is a breeze. The money train has arrived! Who knows you might have even gotten a few kills under your belt (hopefully no deaths) and its time to start building for the Hunter phase.

Hunter Phase:,

To begin the Hunter Phase, the first step is to make sure you have adequate mana. Bear in mind to deliver your full package its going to cost you 285 to 325 Mana. Throw in an extra Hammer Blow and it rises to 380. 2 charges? 460. This mana needs to be at the ready. I've been in lots of fights at mid level poppy where I engaged at full mana only to die with none and the knowledge that if I had more mana, I would have won. I realised that despite my temptation to get the hunter weapon first, Mana concerns needed to take priority.

Thus I recommend a Sapphire Pendant as your next item. Flat mana seems to work better than mana regen for Poppy because of the heavy use of mana in quick bursts during battle as opposed to mana for spell spamming. It is also true that a boot upgrade can often be a better choice before your pendant For example, if the opposing team is full of debilitators, you might wan to skip the sapphire for now and get Mercury treads. Unfortunately, if you go this route expect to make more trips to the base than a toddler does to the potty or be prepared to keep mana pots in your inventory at all times (I don't like mana pots because they are expensive for what they do).

Speaking of a boot upgade, eventually you will do this and what boot to get is mostly game dependent. If the opposing team is mage heavy, get merc treads. If melee heavy, get ninja tabi and if ranged, think about better movement speed boots (ever tried to chase down Miss Fortune? -- Annoying!). Sorcerer shoes also look tempting, but they are better with AP builds and I think you can pass on these without too much regret. Attack speed boots? Fun, but they dont do as much as the other boots and do you want one of your slots filled with just an attack speed boost?. If in doubt on your boot upgrade, choose Merc Treads.

Whether you upgrade your boots first or get a pendant. How and when to upgrading the pendant is your next task. Here there are several choices. Sheen. Glacial Shroud, Catalyst or Tear. At first glance, Sheen seems the obvious option and almost everyone will tell you it's a must for Poppy. I don't agree that Sheen is a "must" even if it is very good for Poppy. Glacial shroud can be just as effective and even better in certain mixes. Catalyst is sometimes viable but really this item is better for 5 v 5 games. Catalyst would only be an option if you feel you are going to need Banshees veil asap. Tear is not a good option and the upgrade to Manamune or Archangel is weak for Poppy.

Therefore, there are two main routes that you can choose for Poppy's Hunter mode. The first is Sheen, leading to Trinity Force and the Second is Glacial Shroud with Ghost Blade as a companion (for about the same cost)

Choose the first route (Sheen) if your team has the early advantage and laning is easy. Also Choose the first path if the opposite is true and your in trouble and you need to make an impact asap. Go for quick burst kills when the opportunity presents itself. Keep jungling at every opportunity.

Choose the second path, if the tide of battle is undecided and the teams are entrenched your goal is a Glacial Shroud/Ghost Blade combo. Take the Sapphire Pendant and then delay the building of Shroud in Favour of finishing Ghost First. Usually I find it best to get an Avarice Blade before Brutaliser. This combo will do less burst damage but will give you more sustained damage and overall survivability. Your team will need you to damage soak during intense drawn out team battles. The reduced cool downs is a huge advantage and will often let you get in at least one and sometimes two additional Hammer Blows before you have to bail. a fact that can make all the difference. Lastly, note that Glacial Shroud upgrades to Frost Shield, which, if needed and if time, is a fantastic armour selection for Poppy. (perhaps the all around best).

Thus an atypical typical core build for Farmer/Hunter Poppy might look like this.

Wriggles Lantern
Mercury Treads
Trinity Force or Glacial Shroud/Ghost Blade.

Alright, so now what? Finishing off your last two or three slots is going to be about your "target". As Hunter Poppy your end game role is to take on either the other teams biggest threat or their weakest link. To do this you have to scout him/her and build accordingly. Too often, players are stubborn. They get what they want or what the plan to get regardless if its the right item for the situation. An example of this would be Shaco getting Infinity Edge when the other side has Rammus. This alone is going to be a loss for your team. Scouting and in game planning is the only way to go.

So let's Consider various target champs and your finishing items...

Jax: He will have a dodge percentage of over 30% and is almost always carrying Rageblade and Hextech. His dodge to stun combo is mowing through your team. What do you do? The answer is get Sword of the Divine. In fact, this is so Critical, I would suggest, this might be your priority build over Sheen or Ghost Blade. Regardless, you have to get this item. Build this and then be sure to isolate him away from your minions and he will fall. I almost never seen an armoured Jax and thus he will be crushed by a Charge - use Item ability - Blow - Hit - Exhaust - Hit - Blow. The SoD will make sure he can not dodge and the extra 100 damage at the end of that combo will be enough. If not, the extra time with no dodge chance, pulverise him.

High health high regen Tanks (Mundo, Chogath). Executioners calling. Bloodrazor, Deathfire Grasp (note, EC is a MUST against Mundo).

Rammus or Thorns equipped Champs: Hextech Gunblade. You want as high a life steal ratio as you can get.

High DPs Champs (Teemo. Ashe). Thorns, Randuins Omen. Slow them down and make the hurt themselves.

Pesky Mages with Drain or Nukes (Morgana, Fiddle, Malthazar AP Nunu): Hexdrinker
Mages with snares, heavy disables or multi exhaust: (Ryze, Lux, Morgana) Banshees veil, Spirt Visage, Force of Nature or Quicksilver Sash.

Heavily Armoured Tanks (Malphite/Shen/Mordekaiser): Black Cleaver

Critical Strikers (Tryn, Pantheon). Thorns, Frost Sheild, Wardens Mail

Hit and Runners: (Miss Fortune, Twitch, Tristana): Shurelya's, Phantom Dancer or Frost Mallet.

If you team is minus both inhibitors: Tiamat.

And so on. There are many examples for getting the right tool for the job. In most cases it's just common sense. Of course, I have seen players with over 300 wins that don't understand the basic concept of customising your build depending on how the game is playing out and who is in it. There was even a level 30 player who when I suggested he get Executioners Calling (we were facting Mundo) and I was asked "what's that?" I realised we were going to be in trouble. Learn how to adapt as needed.
A few additional notes on potential weapons.

Atmas' Impaler is a fine weapon for Tankers but your HP total is nothing special and Atmas isn't a great going to cut it. The only time you might take Atmas is if you had already taken Rod of Ages and your HP total is starting to approach 2500.

Bloodthirster isn't that useful in 3 v 3 and you get it too late in the game to make a difference. I have to say its a little silly when I see a champ who is 4/9/2 putting Bloodthirster into his inventory.

Bloodrazor is tempting because the 4% life burn on your opponents maximum health which nicely stacks with your devastating blow, but this weapon is very dependent on attack speed and its inherent +40 percent is not enough to make Bloodrazor shine. That said if you are going against a champ who equips warmogs, or Mundo (warmogs or not). Bloodrazor becomes a priority consideration. If you are planning to get Bloodrazor, make sure you take Berserker Boots.

Phantom Dancer Is a great Finishing weapon that adds icing on the cake, but you need attack damage first. This might be a good round out to finish your build but dont go for it as your Primary.
Hextech Gunblade. Perhaps overkill on the lifesteal. But I can see where this item could be useful (rammus). I think Hextech would become the priority against Rammus. Or any champ who equips Thorns and you are killing yourself trying to get through.

Frost Mallet has limited potential, and should only be considered if your opponents are playing a hit and run game and you are having problems keeping them in your kill zone. If Crowd Control seems more important than damage, get this.

Trinity Force - whats not to like? Its an all around beast of a weapon and makes you better in every way. Each sub weapon is in itself useful and the final upgrade is cheap at 375 gold. Still the final cost is over 4000 gold and perhaps a cheaper Primary might be a better choice if gold remains tight. This is Core Item for Poppy.

Infinity Edge is my favourite. Simply put, it almost makes Hunter Poppy unstoppable. The only drawback is the expensive components to make it and you are going to need early kills to go for this or you might be lagging behind everyone else waiting to get the BF sword. With Frost Shield and Infinity, I have gone toe to toe with Jax, Yi, Olaf, and anyone else and almost always win a hard fought one on one. With your ult on a champ and say a base of 200 damage, you will crit for 700 damage before adjustments. I particularly like this because opposing champs just don't expect Poppy's basic swings to hurt that much. If they take the first hammer spank and still have more than half their hit points left, they are likely to hang around thinking you don't have much of a follow up. Much to their surprise your next swing does just as much damage as your spank did and by the time they realise they are going to lose, it's too late and you finish them off. With any other weapon, most other champs are happy to go one on one with you. BUT after the first encounter with you and infinity edge, they just run. If you've never seen a fed Yi run from a grinder Poppy, you are in for a treat.

Ghost Blade. may be your all around best choice to invest in. this may be the best primary to start going for and is an excellent companion to Glacial Shroud. This is a VALUE buy in 3 v 3 because of how quick you can get it. how much it does and how easy it is to build. As an added bonus Avarice should be taken first and for a while your going to get extra gold while building this. Comparing Ghost to Trinity Force, Just consider the cost of Sheen 1260) and Zeal(1195) for a total of 2455 vs. Ghost Blade at just a little more, you get a heck of a lot more bang for the buck" You'll me making a bigger impact quicker -an important thing in the fast paced 3 v 3 combat. Ghostblade is also easy to build with all parts being cheap. Still not convinced? This weapon syncs Frost shield to give you maximum cool down reduction (40%). Its move bonus makes you lightning quick (i mean too fast to see your slam coming) when coupled with Paragon. And finally its 8 second active duration and "burst" like application syncs perfect with your ultimate. Going this route also allows you to Customise Poppy with her final two items depending on how the battle is going. Another Core item for Poppy.

1. Devastating Blow
2. Paragon of Demacia
3. Heroic Charge
4. Diplomatic Immunity

In this order 1 - 2 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. From here take Devastating Blow first and max it out, if not available take Paragon, at level 11 take your second Diplomatic immunity, max out paragon and finally charge (of course take your third diplomatic immunity at 16).

Heroic charge is the most often chosen first skill and this is because it has more of an impact during the famous bottom bush gank party. But, Devastating blow will help you get a little more gold on your first level by ensuring a few first hits. Heroic charge is essentially useless if you cant follow it up with a DB, so it makes little sense to take it as a skill before DB. Similarly, your Heroic charge should only be unleashed when you have max Paragon stacks at its current skill level. So once again it makes little sense to take Heroic Charge before you take Paragon. In reality, Heroic charge only does 50 points of damage at level 1 (pathetic) unless you line it up right in which case you get 125 (along with .4 of your AP doubled if your opponent hits a wall). This is not so much and not worth the mana cost unless, again you follow it up with one or two Hammer Spanks and you are at max Paragon.

In conclusion, Comments and critiques welcome. Enjoy!

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Excellent guide, and well-written to boot. I play Poppy a lot, and REALLY like her high risk high reward playstyle. Though I haven't tried the build yet (and I'll post again when I do), I have to at least give it props for being fairly original amidst dozens of pure AD or AP Poppy guides.

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wow , excellent guide, would love to see this on leaguecraft or mobafire

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wow , excellent guide, would love to see this on leaguecraft or mobafire

Forgive my noobness question as I'm new to the forums but what is LeagueCraft? and... thank you for the compliment. Its my first attempt at a guide.

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LeagueCraft and Mobafire are both LoL sites with user-generated content--mostly champion guides.

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Okay, as promised, I tried out this build, but in 5v5. I decided to go full jungle, so I took smite (and heal, because I've never jungled as Poppy before). I got the predictable comments of, "jungle poppy? WTF?"

Took cloth armor and x5 health potions to start, and decided to go Golem first, which was rough but very doable. First few levels were chancy, but she picks up serious steam once you get Madred's. Killed dragon by level 5. The enemy jungler (Udyr) got there just in time to kill me, but I got killing blow on dragon. Over all, I managed to keep up in levels fairly well, and then really took off after a few successful ganks. Poppy is an AMAZING ganker, especially when the other team can't call MIA on you.

Poppy is not a incredible jungler, but she's not a great lane champ, either, so you don't lose much. Not getting Sheen first hurts, and there's no way around it since you need Madred's Razor to have a prayer at being an effective jungler. However, the extra XP and gold that your teammates get from having a jungler is well worth it, and a few successful ganks will close the gold gap nicely. An added bonus is that people often panic when they get ganked by Poppy, especially when she's jungling, which I have never seen before.

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Thank for the reply and comments.

I didn't expect anyone to try a full jungle Poppy but you inspired me to also try a jungle Poppy right from the get go. I found, she is actually about just as good as Olaf.

As for the surprise ganks, I agree. Poppy needs to Flank, trying to line up a proper charge while in lane is almost impossible. This would be an added bonus of the jungle Poppy idea. In fact, if I think about it, she just might be the best candidate for a Jungler/Ganker Hybrid

I'm curious on your final score and did your team win the match?

Any suggestions for improvement?

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Can't remember my exact score. Something like 7-5-15, and yes, we won. Once early game ended, I switched to typical anti-carry Poppy. I helped our carry (Tryndamere, in that game) get kills whenever possible. Poppy is a risky jungler since she has no heal, but devastating blow is such a phenomenal jungling tool that you can get by.

Things I did a little differently: I stopped at Madred's Razors. I felt that the Lantern was too expensive, and I badly needed to start my sheen (which eventually got upgraded to a Triforce). This is by far the biggest downside of the build--Madred's Razors are great for jungling, but they help heroes with fast attack speed the most. Unfortunately, Poppy's abilities do not lend themselves to boosting attack speed. I may try an alternate build, going to razors, then buying berserker's greaves (instead of my usually boots of swiftness/merc's treads), Nashor's Tooth, maybe Rageblade, and finally upgrading the razors to Bloodrazors. Some survivability items might need to be thrown in (frozen mallet? banshee's veil?), because you'll need to stay in the fray longer to take advantage of high attack speed. I've never tried AS Poppy before, but I'm not optimistic. Maybe an AS/AD hybrid (razors, greaves, tooth, infinity edge?) would have better results.

As I mentioned, a big bonus of jungle poppy is that ganking from the jungle lets you line up very well placed charges, and helps to ameliorate her poor early game. You won't be as powerful midgame because you can't get an early sheen, so you have to make things happen and try to get some kills, or you could easily find yourself underpowered. If things go well, you'll be just as powerful late game, and you get all the benefits of having a jungler on your team.

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I have tried AS poppy and she is not as good as AD or AP but with an on hit item, this could change.

Some ideas... what about Starting the jungling with the 12% life steal? Upgrade the life steal to wriggles... (early warning while jungling) or upgrade to Blood Razor and definitely get Zerker boots.

Or Instead of sheen, go for Catalyst after taking the pendant? Upgrade Catalyst to Rod of Ages and use A that as your primary over Triniity or Bloodrazor.

Runes. MP, Armour, Mana Regen, Health

Masteries focusing on Utility. (get the summoner spells down 15%).

All the above is untested, just theory at this point.

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I just cant imagine the idea of not rushing Sheen on poppy. but I will try Wriggles after reading your guide from another 3 v 3's poppy fan. Saphire Crystal + Q always seemed like a under-rated farming method to me.

Sword of the divine seems like an overkill to counter a jax since they removed dodge % on phantom dancers and Q cant be dodged ( i think).

I really like last whisper for poppy for a Rammus/tank counter.

Glacial Shroud is amazing on Poppy!

With a tri-force rush I could solo dragon at lvl 7-9 depending on items/red buff. What lvl can you kill dragon with Wriggles rush?