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Feedback on Ashe build

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I have been playing LoL for probably a month or so, played dota a long time before that so it was pretty easy to pick up on it.

I am looking for some intelligent and responsive feedback onto a certain item build that I do for Ashe with the request that my line of reasoning is followed or maybe even attempted by others to see if their is any merit or chance for improvement.

Typically I buy the longsword first the +10 damage one and a health pot. I use clarity and teleport as my spells.

My reason for choosing clarity is that it allows me to not get a heavy mana regen item for Ashe, anytime during the game from 1-18 that i use clarity, it fills my manapool from empty to full.

With my trusty sword I try to get mid solo whenever possible, starting with icevolley, then getting a rank of frost arrow, then volley and bounty skill until ult. The reason I get the sword first is that I am making a madreds razor as soon as I get 585, if I manage to get firstblood I can go buy it immediately, the razor in my experience helps you get money faster by auto creep kills, allows you to push the land and my favorite reason, to kill the casters in the back row. Now why would I want to kill those? Because if I kill the middle caster it leaves a large hole in the defense most people use against volley. I spam volley nonstop, if it hits creeps so be it, if they dies thats bonus, my main intention is to harrass whomever I am laning against. Typically I will get them to either sit back and get no creep kills "which is very useful if they are a carry" or they have to bluepill back 1-2 times before lvl 6. If they hang around at low health majority of the time I end up killing them.

The razor also allows you to go and get the golem buff after I go back to town, second item I tend to get is beserker boots, the boots this also "effectively" increases the chance of madreds because the more times you shoot the more chances it has to go off.

Once I have those two items I try to get a feel for how the game is going, if I feel its going to be a long game I will get tiamats for the regens and the splash, it also has decent damage. The best thing though is that it allows you to farm your lane very well, has enough punch to do decent damage on a gank, the madred procs can splash hitting other minons.

If the game is looking slower I will go for bloodrazor since I already have madreds, I feel that bloodrazor is underrated, I really dont see many people get it and I feel its an amazing item for Ashe. My next items, depending on how the game is going will determine the order, Starks Fervor, Last Whisper, Infinity Edge, Nashors Tooth . The attack power seems a bit weak I only have maybe 240-250 with all those items, but your attack speed should be around 2.0-2.3 a second. With madreds alone thats 8% of an hp bar a second, add in damage itself and its even more depending on who it is. If I am getting attacked a lot I get a frozen mallet and a second Last Whisper instead of Infinity Edge.

In my experience geting very high IAS with lifesteal and bloodrazor I can easily mow down a feasted Chogath or any tank enough damage to wreck a tower. Some may be puzzled by the Nashors tooth but that is pretty much because it has attack speed and cooldown reduction. I realize this is also very glass cannonish but I try to be as careful as I can watching the map and flanking opponents to gank. Cooldown reduction is important to get crystal arrow going, as with this much IAS if you can lock anyone down long enough with it you can mow them down easily before they can start moving again.

How you end up being built in the end really doesnt matter too much between most builds imo, its the begining part thats important. I realize most people go with the whole get catalyst thing but I find boots provide you more surviveability and staying power than that does. If anyone would like to try out this build and maybe provide some feedback I think it has potential.

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You don't need clarity on Ashe because of Rune Book.
You should get 9 Glyph or Clarity for the mana regen.

Get a defensive summoner spell. For example Teleport/Ghost or Teleport/Flash
You need a defensive summoner spell to get away of ganks.

You should start with Sapphire Crystal and 2x Healt pot. It's all you need to harass with Volley.
The first item you should get is Catalyst the Protector. Giving you enough mana to start ganking side lanes. And giving you health/mana on level up to keep farming so you don't lose time going back to your fountain.

Also, you should NEVER get the golem buff. A lot of champions need this buff way more than Ashe. If you really want a buff then go for Lizard buff.

I think your first big item should be Inifinity Edge, the Unique passive is very good.
If the other team has 2 tanks, you should get a Last Whisper
If the other team has alot of caster, you should upgrade your Catalyst to Banshee Veil

I think Cooldown Reduction is very bad on Ashe. Building CDR for only 1 skill? The Ult cooldown is already short. You have enough time to go gank top. Then push your solo lane to the turret. Then your ult is ready to go gank bot.

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I understand what you are saying, that is the cookie cutter ashe build.

Please make the attempt to actually play the build before telling me the same **** everyone else says "omg catalyst the protector cream my pants"

I understand that it helps you stay away from the fountain longer, but I would rather accumulate damage. I feel getting defensive items first on a dps class is a waste of being a dps class/ carry like ashe is. If you dont have exceptional damage items late game what good are you? I mean really an ashe that isnt putting out damage is chump change. Now if you told me that I saw shaco and eve on the loading screen, then maybe I would get catalyst first, but only if their is a class that could and would exclusively gank me. Short of that your just hurting yourself.

I dont mean any offense to what you have said but its pretty much copy pasting the cookie cutter build without even playing the build I suggested...

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Mmmm, I don't play much of Ashe, I usually only use her when I'm bored. Usually I start with meki pendant just for the mana regen (coz I don't have much runes yet). I don't build philo's I go straight for the Boots of Swiftness, from here, I branch out to Last Whisper or Wit's End. More casters would mean Wit's End more of non-casters would mean Last Whisper. And the rest well, I just get random stuffs (as I said, I don't play much of Ashe)

I think your build is fine. Getting tiamat and madreds for the sake of a long game is quite fine. Though if you predict it would be a short game, don't you think getting bloodrazor would take some time, while you don't posses much fire power. The reason people don't take bloodrazor that often because it's usually a situational item to go up against hp stacking tanks. Maybe it would be a good idea to change your item to Last Whisper or any other high IAS item.

Haven't tried your build, maybe one day when I feel like playing Ashe.