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Patch not updating

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Hey guys,

I've been trying to update my Client, over and over again. The problem is that the update gets stuck on 99% in Step 1/2, its in 32% for the full update. It says 37:06:23 time remaining, sometimes it goes up to 23123:30:29 time remaining or so. Do you recommend anything? I already re-downloaded league about 3 times, I also closed and opened the Client a several times, However, it's still not working. I thought probably waiting several hours would fix the problem, but it hasn't; I've waited around 9 hours and it is not working. This happened to me in the update before this one, but i managed to fix it somehow. I tried the possible solution in the new update but it hasn't worked out. I've even waited a whole day for it to update and yet, it hasn't. Is there any possible way you may help me? Please if so, i will appreciate some help.

Thank you.