Rebirth of GLHFGG - Next Tournament Jan. 18. Lots of people to play with :)

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What is GLHFGG?

GLHFGG originally began as a chat for players particularly under level 30 to find teammates and experience troll-free games. The chat had overwhelming success after I hosted a double-elimination tournament, in which 33 teams (up to top diamond) signed up to compete for $50 RP (donated by me/member from chat). On that day, we had over 140+ in the chat room. Can check out some replays on as the matches were all cast by various individuals.

From that point on, we averaged 60+ in the chat simultaneously. Due to college and other priorities in life, I had to step away from the game for a time. However, I am now back, and the chat is hitting up to the 40s now . I will return GLHFGG beyond its former glory ,and once again, we will have tournaments and other fun events for all skill levels !

GLHFGG is a good place to make some LoL friends, get some games in, form a ranked team, find a duo partner, or just chill and talk to people. Our average skill level now is around gold.

Recently, we ran a 38 team single-elimination tournament in which quite a few diamond/challenger teams participated in. replays with casters are there

Raidcall Server Info:

We have decided as a community to use Raidcall due to the ability to have up to 10,000 users in an individual server and spectacular voice quality amongst many other reasons.

Here is a short guide on connecting to our server:

1. Go to
2. Download and install it.
3. When you open RaidCall for the first time, it asks you to sign in or create a free account which you will have to do.
4. Once logged in, enter 7401554 in the search bar above and press Enter.
5. You will enter the chat room, “GLHFGG LoL”.
6. Click the star button at the top to add it to Favorites.

If you want a channel for a ranked team, just hit me up. Otherwise, use one of the created channels.

Ongoing Events

Tournament signups are ongoing. Our second rebirth tournament is on Saturday, January 18. More information at the following link: Tournament Information

If you don't want to participate, you can simply watch or potentially ask to help me. Our casters are the following: 1NutW0nder, DreamlessX, and Gleos. Two of them are diamond while Nut is platinum. They all have extensive game knowledge, and they are very entertaining.

How do I join?

Joining is quite simple. There is no official signups so to speak, but there are better ways to get involved in the community.

Firstly, you should join our chat room:

1. Go to the Chat Room Control Panel which is between your friends list and notifications.
2. Click the icon on the bottom that says Create or Join when you hover over it.
3. Type in "glhfgg" without the quotations then hit enter.
4. On the top of the chat room by the minimize and x, you should see a cog. Click that and check auto-join on start up.

There will be a variety of events such as tournaments, random ARAMs, replay analysis, giveaways of RP, and more!


- Have fun as this is a game .
- Don't rage at players in the community.

Website: (newly registered/in progress)


If you have any further questions or wish to help the community grow, drop by our chat or add me ingame . If you support us, please up vote the thread by clicking the green thumb below!

Look forward to seeing you all,

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Continuing to get more people. Website is now largely useable, so register up and get involved in GLHFGG

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New event GLHFGG is going to start doing. More info @ You can sign up with Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ if you're lazy.