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Am i the only one that thinks yasuo needs a major rework.

only played him 3 times and did decent but nearly every yasuo I see on my accounts is well....... yeah
not to mention that 40% win rate world which is the lowest release win rate ever someone correct me if I'm wrong about that I'm curious (I believe this is partly due to his extremely high skill cap tho)
Dude. Syndra had a release win rate of 29% and Zed had a initial win rate in the 30s, so please stop exaggerating. Most champions are either released at a very high win (ex: Jayce, Zyra, etc) or relatively low (ex: Syndra, Zed). That doesn't necessarily mean that the champion is particularly good or bad and to be honest, I'd be shocked if Yasuo didn't have a low win rate on release. A high skill cap champion SHOULD have a low win rate on release, or they're not actually a high skill cap champion.

Also, Yasuo's official win rate is currently 44% on LoLKing and it's steadily rising in every elo. Yasuo might take some time, but he's certainly viable.