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Bug: Mouse tracking set to slowest setting after some games

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I just played a Co-op vs. AI game. After the game ended, and upon returning to the post-game lobby, moving the mouse resulted in the on-screen pointer moving much slower than normal. My first attempt to fix was to simply unplug and replug the mouse from the USB port, but this did not fix the problem. Upon opening System Preferences and selecting Mouse, I noticed that the slider for Tracking had been set to the lowest setting, Slow. Moving the slider back to a faster speed fixed the problem, indicating that it was not previously at the Slow position before the game. This has happened before, but does not seem to occur after most games.

My OS is 10.8.5. I play using the standard Apple mouse with scroll ball. Tracking speed for the built-in trackpad was unaffected.

(This is my first bug post, so please let me know if I need to provide more information.)