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season 4 changes and items that need changes

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I'm sure by now everyone has seen the shift in the league of legends meta regarding top lane with the season four changes. Champions with health regen buffs or steroids have become more popular with good reason. This is due to the season four mysteries, more specifically "second wind".

I'm going to take Dr.Mundo as an example, because he is most noticeably strongest in top lane right now and abuses season 4 changes. Mundo has become a very popular pick for top lane, and is very strong, while his jungle power is barely above average due to trinkets and vision changes. Simply nerfing champions like Mundo would not solve this problem, and in Mundo's case, nerfing him for top lane would also nerf his jungle power.

Right now, the most viable answer to compete with health regen, is to build items with grievous wounds, morellonomicon or executioners calling. But by the time a player is able to obtain these items, Mundo will already run wild. (a little math to show the inefficiency of these items)

-morellonomicon 2200 gold
-executioners calling 1900 gold

Time it Takes to Earn Gold
- minions start spawning at 1:30
- melee minions give 25 gold
- caster minions give 16 gold
- siege minions give 30 gold
- siege minions spawn every 3 wave

At about 9 minutes with perfect farm a player can earn 2197 gold. Enough to by one of the intended items. To put this into better perspective, in a solo lane a player can reach level 6 by 7 minutes.

We must also take into account that these items are not in the normal build path for any champion, and are built for specific situations. A player is sacrificing other potential big item builds that he could have instead, while their opponent is building a more efficient build that may have a bigger impact in the game, rather than an impact just to even out the lane.

The solution
Create a item that has a reduced version grievous wounds that builds into morellonomicon and executioners calling.
The best example of this is spirit visage and spectral cowl. introduce a new item that builds into and polishes end build items. Not only would it solve early and mid game high health regeneration problems, but would also polish up the build paths of morellonomicon and executioners calling.