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The abuse of spirit stone in lane

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Some players are buying spirit stone in lane for its health/mana regen stats. Especially squishy mids. This is absurd.

Spirit stone should have a passive preventing that abuse. The item could become as follow:

Spirit stone
7 mana regen per 5 seconds

Passive - Spirit Guard
Taking damage from monsters grants 14 health regen per 5 seconds for one minute, refreshed with every monster attack.
(+ Maim and butcher)
That new passive would disappear in the final spirit items and replaced by a 14 health regen stat.

If people are buying spirit stone early in lane, that goes to show there is a need to be filled, at least for mid, that we should not ignore. It's time to create an offensive AP health/mana regen item.
After all, melee carries got tiamat.
We should consider giving health regen stats to Will of The Ancients and the problem would be solved. At least that's my take on this. What you guys think

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Riot has a more efficient solution already on the PBE (thats still undergoing testing).
It will not grant any regeneration, but instead converts a % of your total damage dealt to monsters into health and mana (currently 8% into health, 4% into mana with half effects for AoE/DoT spells).