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RT Tripp

Junior Member


I know this is probably the wrong area in which to post this thread on, but I'm in need of some help.

I'm experiencing some technical difficulties with my L.O.L Client; in which it is saying; Connection Error, and refers me to a place in which to fix the problem with a firewall reactivation/deactivation ect ect ect... However, that help desk/link, is only for PC Users, and not Mac Client Users.

I've had this difficulty all day; and I've done several things to try and solve it.
1. Restart the Client.
2. Remove my Network settings (in preferences) then re-added them.
3. Restarted my iMac.

But nothing seems to work;
I was playing League last night just fine, nothing changed on my iMac in anyway shape or form while I was logged off.

Any Suggestions?...

- I I I