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Best/Worst heroes

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Why should we care if this thread was created back in 2009?

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The top 3 most powerful heroes?
1. Twitch -- His DPS is good, the poison smarts, and his ability to appear anywhere at the most unexpected moment (or to force players to spend the 400/death on Oracle's) makes him my top pick.
2. Twisted Fate -- even after the nerf, TF still has great BD potential, and nothing helps you with map awareness like popping Destiny. He also still packs something of a punch when built right, just not as much as he used to. (You mean I actually have to buy AS items now? Awww...)
3. Tristana -- Her late-game range is brutal, she has a built-in escape, she can farm like mad and, just in general, she's a lot of fun to fight with and a pain to fight against.

The top 3 most USEFUL heroes on a team? (For any reason)
1. Kayle -- New Kayle has a heal and speed buff (built in to one), as well as the 'R' we all got to know and love her for. And then there's the ranged slow/damage spell, and the ability to turn from a melee to ranged DPS by activating one skill.
2. Soraka -- Her heals make her unanimously loved by teammates and unanimously loathed by enemies, provided the player is skilled and doesn't lead her headfirst in to ganks.
3. Cho'Gath -- A potent tank who gets bigger as he kills, with a silence and area damage as well as a considerable slow. In talented hands, he can even dominate solo mid.

The top 3 worst heroes?
1. Warwick -- After his initial burst, WW doesn't have a lot to offer. He's great at ambushing single targets and then gtfo of dodge, but in most team fights, he's simple fodder. And, as was mentioned early in this thread, he often spends most of his time killing creeps for buffs he doesn't use to max potential.
2. Anivia -- More often than not, this character is not played right by the people who use her. Don't get me wrong, I've seen some amazing bird players... but I've seen more terrible ones who end up feeding the enemies and costing their team the game.
3. Evelynn -- This could be more based on the players using her, than the actual abilities of the champion. Eve seems ridiculously underpowered to begin with, incredibly squishy, and also easily gimped by Oracle. However, she does have some outstanding ambush potential and can rack up kills on unsuspecting junglers or etcetera. More recent AD/Aspd builds seem to have more success.

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Powerful ->
1. Ashe, perma slow is just too good. 3 sec stun is nice, too.
2. Twisted Fate, as long as he has his global reveal + gate, he will always be good.
3. Jax, gets a lot of HP from stacking damage/AP, has an AoE stun aswell.

Useful ->
1. Janna
2. Soraka
3. Sivir (aura stacking)

Useless ->
1. Evelyn
2. Heim, if you just turtle..
3. Any jungler if they don't gank/push/defend

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Whoever said there is no imbalance is simply wrong.

So here, in my opinion.
Top 3 heroes:
Twisted fate (Best ganker in the game as well as having excellent lane control. His teleport can even be used as an escape).

You praise TF for lane control and put heimer as one of the worst heros? Heimer has the best lane control in the game, good utility, high damage output on multiple targets, and can hit towers without taking damage.

Twitch (As far as I understood, the rat is hardly used on the american server. On the EU he is pretty much the best late game carry there is, simply because there is no other hero that can out-dps him in a 5v5 fight.
Karthus?!? Katarina?!? FIddle?!?
Actually, there are heros do much better damage in 5v5 fights while not being shut down by oracle early game.

The bottomfeeders:
Udyr (Yes, the beastyboy. So, he is extremely hard to kill. He can also kill someone if he is allowed to chase him across the map. So what?)
Heimer (So he has 2 nukes. Why not just use veigar or annie instead?)
Katarina (Dont get me wrong, Ive player with some pretty awesome Katas. Its just that she is all about her ult and it can be interupted. She is also fragile.)

Heimer part was hillarious, totally wrong. Udyr is a pusher who can turn dpser through itemization. Not the best, but not a feeder.

Anyways, after addressing that, my picks based on overall damage/survivability in team fights as that is what decides games.

Top 3 Powerful:
1. Fiddlesticks: He silences and kills entire teams. Even if focused, the popular fiddletank still gives him loads of AP while getting over 3k health. He's also strong 1v1 if you don't have a silence.

2. Karthus: An AP carry. His ult can be used to kill stragglers or a final burst after death. He can charge into a fight ( due to his fiddle esq build) completely destroy with e and spam q. Even if he dies, he can still use them for 8 seconds, more than enough to finish off the enemy should they get stunned or snared.

3. Jax: Not only can he halt AD carries in their tracks, his damage output is ridiculous on single targets. Jax has an aoe stun, an aoe splash attack, and enough health to certify him as a tank. His inability to deal with casters well stops him from being OP, but to characters like ashe, trist, and yi, he still is.

Top 3 Useful:

1. Soraka: She simply brings the most to the table. Heals, Mana battery, silence, and the ability to save a teammate across the map by pressing R. If you're good at positioning, you shouldn't see more than a few deaths whilst playing her.

2. Zildean: Having, by far, the most annoying ult in the game, Zildean gets #2. He can slow or speed up allies and he has the strongest mid game nukes available. Seriously, two level 5 nukes and an ult at lvl 7? He saves you, he kills opponents with his long range. If his bombs couldn't be cleansed, he would be an even bigger pain in the ass.

3. Kayle: Yeah, decent dps, an ult that saves teammates, a heal and speed booster in one combo...oh yeah a slow. Kayle has quickly become a mainstream hero and can be seen at least every other game. I almost want to play her now.

Top 3 Least Useful: This is based solely on selfish heros. Heroes who do nothing for the team and do whatever they want half the time.

1. Warwick: He is a weak carry that can only do so when fed ridiculous amounts early game. He jungles half the game and does bad in team fights, making me wonder where he is useful besides TT.

2. Ryze: Ryze has amazing damage output, and does good AOE damage in team fights. However, that is based on 3 moves, making you wait over 5 seconds before you can deal any real dps again. Also, he doesn't have the team stun ability of Annie or Veigar. When silenced, Ryze (without ring) doesn't have the survivability to last in a team fight should Eve or Twitch sneak up behind. I like him, and have carried numerous times with him, but I realize his massive faults.

3. Nunu: Strong early game presence that quickly leaves. Without a large AP end game, his ult and q and useless. Too bad, I find him pretty interesting, but simple.

Fell free to rip this apart if you find something you disagree with. These are observations
and not set in stone facts.

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TF- already pages on this.
Shen- I'm suprised he isn't on more peoples lists. Strong all around, great saves, has good team synergy.
Jax- Just like TF he broke the game. Scales wayyy to well, between stack the deck and jax's passive i wonder what riot was thinking.

Most useful:
Soraka, yuppppppppppp
Janna, people that dont think she is strong are playing against pubs 100% of the time. She is the corner stone for many teams. Kite kite kite. Dmg shield, dmg bonus, heal , three cc's. pretty bad champ.
Zil: the reason most people dont play 3v3 anymore. In 5v5 he is the bomb dropping cog throwing, speed/slowing sob that makes you want to quit at 25.

Eve: one of my favorite champs, To bad she is to easy to shut down. Even if she doesn't get shut down other gankers fill this role better.(TF, Shaco, Kat ect.)
Taric:Sadly again another champ i really like, again he falls short on his role. A tank support that can heal multiple people, and push well. I was talking about Alistar so don't get your hopes up.
Teemo: Yup, another low elo allstar makes the worst list. Again falls short of his role as a ranged dps. Even built ap why not take TF over him ? Ezreal? Ashe? Twitch? you get the point. He is fun and different but those qualities don't mean **** in ranked play.

People that still need mention
Ezreal: lost his useful spot due to his heal nerf, but he by no means is bad now. Just isn't as good.
Mundo: yuppppppcleaverpppppppppcleaverpppppp
Twitch: no words
Kayle: with her recent buffs she got a lot more push friendly. can push out lots of dmg and wreck towers. and you know the ult is nice i guess.
Nidalee: stupid
Nasus: need more team fight dmg but cant lose a tank slot? k. Also want the best slow in thegame? k.

done for now have to get back to work :O

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You praise TF for lane control and put heimer as one of the worst heros? Heimer has the best lane control in the game, good utility, high damage output on multiple targets, and can hit towers without taking damage.
Karthus?!? Katarina?!? FIddle?!?
Actually, there are heros do much better damage in 5v5 fights while not being shut down by oracle early game.

Heimer part was hillarious, totally wrong. Udyr is a pusher who can turn dpser through itemization. Not the best, but not a feeder.

His post is from last year... Anywho

1. Kayle
2. Ezreal
3. Shen

1. Janna
2. Soraka
3. Zilean

1. Eve
2. Teemo
3. Veigar

I think it is pretty self evident why everyone is in their respective places.

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A Graceful Seal

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Shen- my god, that guy was supposed to die! ffff uuu shen!
Ezreal - Where is he? FLASH! there he is! Mystic Shot, Essence Flux, Ulti, you're dead.
Ashe- Slow, Slow Cone AoE, Stun/Slow that only hits champs... need i say more?

Janna - that shield and ult ... saves lives
Zilean - that ult ... saves lives
Kassadin - TELEPORT IN FRONT OF YOU, null sphere, void pulse, boom you're dead.

Eve - Hello Oracle, Goodbye Eve
Udyr - His only good spell is his stun, but even with that, there are better people who can disable and fight.
Veigar - Gets targeted in partner lanes, and constantly mana deficient due to him trying to last hit mobs. If he doesn't take mid and do well, then he's gona be a gimp.

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When I started playing LoL, I would literally laugh out loud at some heroes.
I have learn to fear each and everyone of them through the skills of their summoner and the OPness of their abilities.
Some are irritatingly powerful and some are just flat out irritating, but the true power of each champion lies in the mind and body of it's controller.
You have to become the champion, both in manners and strategy, and I'm not talking about schizophrenic persona disorders.


My Favorites (To play with and to fight): The Lonely Killers (Most Powerful)

-Poppy: I started playing her only days ago and I'm amazed by the amount of dps she throws. I can literally kill someone in 2 seconds or kill a whole team in 6 with her magnificient Diplomatic Immunity.
-Shaco: That guy is truly evil, it's obvious, he's obvious. Mad clown, flashing eyes, devilish grin, that guy is scary as hell. My spine shivers when he kills me and he's very, very hard to kill. Truly my favorite opponent, as in I don't mind this dude slashing my throat.
Third spot is exequo
-Twitch/FiddleSticks: The two of'em are also scary, can carry and made me cried in the past(in a figurative way). Twitch is mysteriously OP. I haven't played him but have been killed many times by him and it's not a joke, that guy is everywhere, but nowhere to be seen. Fiddlesticks... I just hate to play normal games and have my allies die like 20 times in a row to his ult and just go: ''wtf? what's he doin' man? why am i dead again?'' A pain, Fiddlesticks

The Cool Teammate (Most Useful)

-Twisted Fate: Extra gold, periodic Oracle, built-in Teleport. That guy is awesome, and his voice is ''cool''. When you get Twisted on your team, you're always happy.
-Malphite: My best friend plays as Malphite most of the time and I have to admit he's pretty good with him. He just stacks armor and movement speed so he can always slow or rush enemies, even in team battle. As I play Poppy, this is a big advantage, having someone else around to tank and slow, even stun, so you can unleash you maximum dps and leave without harm, thanks to Granite Trail or whatever thats called. A hero I respect also because he runs in such a cool manner. (We want a Crystal/Diamond Malphite skin or a Jelly/Goo Malphite skin, that would be awesome)
Third is again exequo
-Sivir/Tristana: These those girls are massive gankers. Period. Massive, massive damage and item possibilities, great abilities and versatility. Either of these two is often a good partner, as they can fulfill any spot for as far as I'm concerned.

The Eye-Catchers (Most awfully played and randomly picked heroes)

-Udyr: OH YEAH! Udyr looks badass. He is truly awesome-looking. But in LoL, even though some heroes are silly, looks don't mean squat. In fact, younger, much younger players will sometimes, it happens, be attracted to champions that might, in a sense, to them, look BADASS! But my point is, nobody knows how to play Udyr, me included (maybe some people are killer with him but I haven't seen ANY.).
Udyr wins the style contest though.
-Da ''Cool Lookin''' Heroes: I don't know, Cho'Gath, Warwick, Mordekaiser, Karthus, Mundo?
All those very powerful heroes that I would've taken too if I was 8.
-Katarina: Don't like her at all, not at all. I don't know why, Maybe it's the dying-chicken sound she makes when she gets ganked that repulses me.

Nevertheless, all champions have a use and can be mixed somehow to create excellent teams. There is no doubt though that it's the player's ability that matters. Maybe, MAYBE, some champions are more powerful, we can't say for we all die once.

Peace out

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Blitzcrank will ALWAYS contribute to a team. Hes the jack of all trades and great in solo queue when you dont know what to pick, or team composition is bad, or you dont know who is going AP/AD. terrible in premades though.

Most fun heroes (which is what matters)
1. Ryze
2. Kassadin
3. Twitch
Not the strongest though, especially after twitch got nerfed.

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Why do people rag on Warwick so much?