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@Riot The skill range in Bronze needs to be reconciled.

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Lesbian Vi



(Warning: not my dept, but I have some thoughts to share as a designer)

I tend to agree with the problem "Bronze is too big a bucket." Generally speaking, you want divisions and brackets to capture certain bands of players; when there's too many or they're too small, they become incomprehensible, but when there's too many people in one, it robs the division of meaning.

It's also why Bronze has such a wide discrepancy of skill between players in the division - some are legitimately struggling Ranked players that have a lack of certain core LoL proficiencies (last hitting, map awareness, etc), while others are simply less experienced or consistent players that have at least a general competence in most core skills.

I actually think I miss "Unranked" being a thing you could be, personally. Unranked is the nicest way of saying "yeah, you're not doing very well!" without extending that feeling to a majority of the League playerbase! Whatever the bottom League is feels bad, whether you're in Bronze V or Bronze I.

So, in short, I agree - I'd love to see greater granularity in the bottom of the ladder to give some additional skill division and more chances to achieve a goal for more players. I'll ask the team about this.

Having an Unranked is good, but there is this problem. Some players which are very toxic and bad, I knew some in real life, Season 3 played 20 or more ranked games. With 9 wins or something they got to silver, this season they were placed to Silver or some in bronze. They keep losing, or feeding hard but they are not dropping down hard enough. People should be dropped from Silver to Bronze, Bronze to unranked. This works better I guess. We can see some decent games in bronze and silver too. I have 187 wins, 186 losses, some people with this wins and lose rate are gold or high silver, We need help in bronze :S