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Trinket Wards Making People Not Ward

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So playing in season 4, I have noticed people ward a lot less. The only lane that wards is bot. Once laining is over the support is usually the only person that wards. For what ever reason people seem to think that a single 60 second ward once every 3 minutes is somehow enough to cover there lane. And with the support only able to have 3 wards down at a time, the map can often go dark. If anything the ward is good for quickly checking a bush that you won't need to be around for more than minute.

As someone who jungles often it makes ganking easier, because the enemy lainers(exception for bot) don't ward, but also our laners don't ward either making them easier to gank. And so in turn I am either praised or slandered depending on who pushed. I think the point I am trying to make is that the warding trinket gives people the feeling that they are warding, when in reality it makes them not ward at all.

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One, you can't ward less than zero times. Even once is more often than before.

Two, the trinket wards have a 120 second cooldown. That's two minutes. Not three.

Three, the people who used to ward well are still warding. The people who never warded are going to forget to even grab a trinket in the first place.

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I'm on two sides in this camp.

The trend I'm starting to notice is that support players actually ward MUCH MUCH less. Support players will pick up the trinket and NO wards all game thinking that the trinket will provide enough wards. It obviously doesn't and this is obviously silver-gold level players making these mistakes but even so it's frustrating that the changes Riot instituted to encourage more players to buy wards is just making less people purchase them.

In a perfect world we would all split the cost of the wards evenly across a team and everyone would place them in ideal locations. Unfortunately the bottom %95 of League players are not going to work on such a level of teamwork.

Riot, support players are the main warders in the team composition. But recently I've found that as the ADC I need to purchase more than 10 wards every single game. That's not fair either because that's nearly (or even over) 1000 gold that I have to spend on perishables as I watch my team avoid purchasing them.

There needs to be a better system that demonstrates the strength of ward play to show more inexperienced players the benefit of them so that they will actually purchase them.

On the other hand the trinket does sort of demonstrate exactly what I'm saying here. But the biggest issue is exactly as the OP states, the trinket gives people the illusion of warding when in reality they simply aren't.

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I do not see where you play,because I see the trinkets being used for critical vision points w/o having to buy a ward or sightstone.
The supports and junglers ward decently,and top and midlaners use the trinkets to cover gank points,or secure objectives.
Top: They can ward river or a bush inlane for advantageous map awareness.
Mid: River on both sides,and control over baron and dragon
Support: they ward anyway,this lets them save money
ADC: Hey look,an ADC can help with warding.
As well,if the people in your game don't ward,you should. You will have significantly more map control.