[Mac Solution] Connection Failure: Unable to connect to the PVP.net server

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Hey guys. I just went through a few hours of troubleshooting my client's inability to connect to the login server. This thread is to save you the hours of trouble if you have my same problem.

If you try to login and get an error message like "Connection Failure: Unable to connect to the PVP.net server", you get linked to this support page.

This page is not helpful at all because

  • the link to the server status is broken
  • troubleshooting tips are for Windows
  • that i am aware of, we don't have a firewall to configure on Mac
So, after rebooting my mac, rebooting my networking equipment, repairing my client, and patching my old windows client to test if it was only a mac problem (it appears to be), I finally got lucky; I logged into my smurf account and viola, suddenly closing the client and trying my main account worked.

TL;DR if you are on Mac and have this error message, I would suggest a reboot and a login with a different account. Then try your account with the problem.

GLHF and may the Client ever be in your favor,


EDIT- i had the same problem again 12-14-13, rebooting made it work first time.