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[Urgot] Questions & Questions Galore

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If you're an expert on Urgot then you are the person I am looking for.
Good day, and welcome to another exciting edition of "Lets ask a lot of stupid questions."

Well..not a lot, but you know..
Some questions.
About some stuff.

First and foremost:
Urgot - What is his current role in the metagame, and how do most people feel about him overall in terms of usefulness and how he fills his role?

Urgot's Q - This is a single target kapow damage attack. It draws from your AD and does Physical Attack Damage.
Correct so far? I hope.
Now then..
Does this ability have the effect of on-hit effects, like lizard buff or Bloodrazor?
Does this ability allow you to Critical Hit like Gangplanks Q?
Does this ability allow you to LifeSteal or do you need to use SpellVamp, or do neither work?

Urgot's E...
LifeSteal? SpellVamp? What one works, if either?
Is it best to max this skill first and then Q for the AoE damage, or max out Q first for supreme single-target damage? Also is it true that it reduces everyones armor that is hit?

Urgot's Passive:
Is this lowering only auto-attack damage or ALL Damage, or what?

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No on-hit effects, no crits, no lifesteal with Urgot's q. Not sure if spellvamp. Spellvamp used to work on him, but since Urgot now scales well with AD, I didn't get any items with spellvamp, anymore.

I think neither one works.

I'd say max q first. You can harass and lasthit pretty well with it. Max q and e first. At lvl 5, get w for the slow.

Passive works on autoattacks. I think q applies the debuff, too.

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You max Q, then W, then E. This is because Urgot is pretty slow and kind of squishy with no escape mechanism. E has bad scaling so it's damage doesn't matter that much. With W you'll be alive longer so you can do more damage in the long run.

But you put 1 point in E before W.

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Urgot's role is whatever you want it to be. He can be a squishy carry, he can be a support dps, he can be a "one-man show" dps, he can be a tank. I find that the "one-man show" (mostly dps items with some movement and heath) is the most effective.

Q applies only spell vamp from items. It draws from armor changes the same way as an auto-attack. The only good item procs that it can take advantage of are sheen and trinity force.

E is the same as Q for on-hits. It's not even close to comparable to maxing Q for damage because of the cooldown.

The passive is ALL damage.