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Won my last promo. Didn't get promoted

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The Epik One



Won my last promo didn't get promoted. It didn't even get placed into match history. After the game was over it would usually ask you for "Skip Scoreboard". I didn't want to skip it because if I do I don't think ill get promoted. After 3 minutes of waiting for that scoreboard to come up, it still didn't do I decided to click it. Sure enough, I did NOT get promoted. I used lolnexus.com and searched up myself. Sure enough, the game was still in progress. I tried to "reconnect" but it turns into a black screen. I used lolking and searched up my own match history, teammate's match history, and opponent's match history, it did NOT register as a game played. http://imageshack.com/a/img189/907/qx7c.png (http://imageshack.com/a/img189/907/qx7c.png) I was on my last game for my promotion to Gold 5. Supposedly if this game registered, it would have been Win Win Lose Win [the game that didn't register]. I just played the remaining 2 games hoping ill promote myself without going to forums or helpdesk but I lost both and I did NOT get promoted.

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Junior Member


This just happened to me. Not sure what to do.