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Lucian. How did he get so popular? How is he strong?

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Artyom Vexis:
Lucian was always pretty strong for his role. People misunderstood on how to build him, ergo the 'Lucian is a bad champion' posts during his release.

He's strong, because he's a ranged AD caster. He's pretty much a Riven on steroids but actually balanced unlike her. His passive allows autoattack weaving through spellcasts, and as a mobile champion, Riot wanted to give him a run'n'gun system much like many action gun films like Equilibrium, and The Matrix.

I know people get so mad when I do it, but for me, I build BT, Greaves, Triforce, followed by another BT, and two Zephyrs. If they start building properly with armour, I'll sub out a BloodThirster for a Phantom Dancer.

But that's because I play focused moreso on his ultimate. But it still allows for /very/ strong kiting, and the Tenacity boost is great coupled with a no-cost dash. Again, that's just me, and yeah, I'm bronze. But a build works for me, so I'm going to do it.

Anyways, Lucian's a very versatile champion who can synergize greatly with CC-Heavy or overly-aggressive supports, which is what makes him so strong.

TLDR; basically an AD Riven, pretty flexible, great overall synergy, and damned fine scaling.

no one has enough time to explain all the reasons why your build is terrible. here are a few reasons:

- ADCs scale multiplicatively with AS/AD/CritDamage/CritChance
- PhantomDancer doesn't help against armor. LastWhisper is the item you should be building.
- Tenacity from Zephyr doesn't stack
- ADCs tend to need survivability in teamfights. As a last item, they often build a GA or BV instead of stacking more tenacity...which doesn't stack.

"Again, that's just me, and yeah, I'm bronze."

Try building BT - Greaves - Triforce - Last Whisper - IE - Banshees. It's pretty much better in every conceivable way.