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[Champion Concept] Ephrial, The Blazing Swordsman

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Heads up! The Boards are taking over. Ephrial can now be found here. (http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/dEnNWeRQ-champion-concept-ephrial-the-blazing-swordsman)

Not everything posted below will fit and/or look well on the Boards, but everything on this thread still applies to the post in the link above. Thank you to all supporters and reviews that helped Ephrial become successful here and become so fine-tuned. See you on the Boards!


Took me long enough, but here's a full picture of Ephrial that I did myself. I'm no artist, so that's the best I can do. His eyes are drawn closed because it's really hard to draw eyes that small. Plus it shows the calmer side of him that's preserved despite what he's been through.


Special thanks to Elphrihaim for doing this nice artwork before I even had any of my own posted, and for his continuous support!

TL;DR - This post is larger than most, as it's designed to be as complete of a concept as possible. But don't be intimidated! All one really needs to read in order to grasp enough of the concept are the lore and skillset. Think of everything else as icing. Lots of icing on top of a sweet cake in the shape of a slain Teemo worth 500g. I hope you enjoy!

Table of Contents

First Post

- Stats
- Lore
- Quotes
- Appearance
- Playing tips
- Item build suggestion
- Skin ideas
- Event (Ephrial vs Warwick)
- Gallery (updated 8/18/2014)

Second post

Ephrial’s judgement
(Extra bit of storytelling for those that like the lore and like to just plain read in general.)

Third post

Edit log

Ephrial, The Blazing Swordsman

Top lane
Fighter - Secondary: Assassin


Health -- 420 (+90)
Attack Damage -- 52 (+3.1)
Health Regen -- 7.5 (+0.7)
Attack Speed --0.65 (+3%)
Resource -- N/A
Armor -- 17 (+3.3)
Magic Res. -- 30 (+1.25)
Range -- 150 (Melee)
Mov. Speed -- 350

*Base stats are at “Level 0”
**Values in parenthesis are gains per level



980473Passive: Will of Fire
Ephrial's fighting spirit is reflected in the flames of his sword. The blistering fire from his abilities creates a heat shield around him that grows stronger for each ability activated. Stacks last 2 seconds before disappearing altogether if not refreshed by another ability or destroyed by then.

Damage absorb per stack: 30 at level 1 (+5 each champion level)

Maximum damage absorb (Levels 1-18): 30/70/120/135/150/220/240/260/280/300/320/340/360/380/400/420/440/460

***Maximum damage absorb numbers listed above are according to how many abilities Ephrial will have unlocked at those given levels. A max of 1 stack at level 1, 2 stacks at level 2, 3 stacks at level 3, and 4 stacks at levels 6 - 18.
980475Q: Sunder (Charge/Rectangular AOE Skillshot) --
(ACTIVE) - FIRST CAST: Ephrial begins charging his sword for a heavy attack, increasing damage and AOE range over .9 seconds. While in this state, Ephrial cannot attack and his movement speed is reduced by 10%. Ephrial can use Fervorous Strike to dash in this state.

After 4 seconds, Sunder is automatically cancelled, going on half its cooldown time.

SECOND CAST: Ephrial mightily slashes his fiery blade overhead, exploding in a blaze on ground/enemy impact, and dealing physical damage to all enemies in range and reducing their armor for 4 seconds. Enemies hit further from Ephrial‘s blade take less damage. Armor reduction effect is included in Sunder’s damage.

Minimum Charge Physical Damage: (20/80/140/200/260) (+60% Total AD)
Maximum Charge Physical Damage: (60/130/200/270/340) (+120% Total AD)
*Damage dealt at 376-450 range is reduced by 15% (before armor reduction). Can be activated early.

Range [Length] : Min. (200) - Max. (450)
Range [Width] : Min. (100) - Max. (175)
Armor reduction: 10% within (375) range, 5% (376-450) range
Cooldown: (14/13/12/11/10)

980476W: Flare (Target Cast/Circular AOE) --
(ACTIVE) - Ephrial slashes the air, sending out a blast of fire at a target, dealing physical damage and stunning the enemy for .5 seconds upon collision. All enemies within a 150 unit radius of the target are stunned for .25 seconds and take physical damage.

Physical damage: 60/90/120/150/180 (+100% bonus AD)
Cast Range: (250)
Circular AOE Radius: (150)
Projectile speed: (1500)
Cooldown: (16/14/12/10/8 sec)

980477E: Fervorous Strike (Skillshot/Circular AOE) --
(ACTIVE) - Ephrial dashes toward the cursor and swings his blade outward, striking all enemies within a 125 range of him at the end of his path, dealing physical damage. The length of the dash can be shortened relative to the cursor's position.


Swift Slice (Auto attack buff)--
(ACTIVE) If Ephrial dashes with Fervorous Strike during Sunder’s charge phase, this ability is changed to Swift Slice. The next basic attack Ephrial performs within 3 seconds causes him to flash to the opposite side of his target, instantly dealing physical damage (without the AOE) and applies on-hit effects.

Physical damage: (75/120/165/210/255) (+110% Bonus AD)
Range (Dash): 425
Range (AOE): 125 [Fervorous Strike only]
Cooldown: (10/9/8/7/6 sec)

***Able to cross small obstacles and map terrain

980478R: Blazing Justice (Single Target Cast)
(ACTIVE) - Ephrial becomes unaffected by crowd control as he dashes toward an enemy champion, stunning his target as he unleashes three swift blows that leave streaks of fire upon the enemy. A fourth strike detonates the streaks into a bursting swirl of flames, knocking the target back slightly, dealing physical damage (+150% Bonus AD) and inflicting Grievous Wounds.

Physical damage: 200/300/400 (+150% Bonus AD)
Cast Range: (600)
Knockback: (25)
Cooldown: (115/90/65)
Total CC duration: 1.25 seconds
CC immunity duration: (1 second + dash duration)

Grievous Wounds: 50% reduced healing from all sources for 4 seconds.

* Enemy champion target only
* Knockback is also a slight knock-up for a very brief CC effect

-Special thanks to Acherus for the icons


Ephrial had traveled to many struggling villages that suffered scars from the Demacia-Noxus war which rendered them vulnerable to brigands. Having taken only protection jobs or spontaneously saving towns from being pillaged, he earned himself companions and the reputation of a “mercenary knight.” A year after he set out, Ephrial turned homebound - to a hidden hamlet far in the Southern outskirts of Noxus, near the mountains that border Icathia. A place he and his sister, as well as others of Noxian-Ionian blood, were forced to flee to, away from their brutal city-state. Without the means to navigate to the island nation of their other half, it was there that they carved out a life away from the ever-growing Noxian aggression and prejudice toward their Ionian background.

The mercenary knights arrived to a grizzly scene - the hamlet ablaze as Noxian soldiers butchered the inhabitants. Not quite the pacifist like his sister, Ephrial led his men into the skirmish without hesitation. Amidst the sounds of the battle, he heard a familiar voice scream in terror. Running betwixt the flames that consumed the houses around him, he found the horrific sight of his motionless, blood-matted twin sister, Cerina, in the clutches of a wolf-like monstrosity. The fight was swift. Outmatched in speed and power, a savage blow to the head sent the swordsman to the ground. Before losing consciousness, he heard an unnatural voice mutter, only making out the words “specimens” and “Singed.”

Awoken to find himself alone in the razed village, Ephrial’s efforts to find his sister’s remains were futile. Among the wreckage, he found the enigmatic box his parents had charged them both with protecting, unlocked by the flames. Having pulled out a golden, arcane sword of steel and fire, the lone survivor aimlessly walked Valoran, in pursuit of his sister’s killer. His first of many unforgettable encounters began shortly into his journey with a skilled swordsman by the name of Zelos. After Ephrial aided the Ionian sergeant in a fight against Noxian soldiers, they traveled together toward Demacia, where Zelos aimed to acquire their assistance in the expected invasion of Ionia. For a considerable time, he helped Ephrial hone his skills with his blade along the way, until an encounter with a force led by Darius split them apart in the chaos. Ephrial wandered alone again, haunted by his losses.

Years later, he eventually found himself at the Institute of War, at last finding the demon-eyed beast that stole his sister. To his surprise, he saw a memorable white-haired girl he once met in his travels, fighting as one of the League’s champions. Having observed battles and dug for information of the League’s affiliations, he discovered the identity of the broken sword’s wielder along with her endeavor of restoring Noxus and ending the Ionian conflict. With hope inspired by the famous Exile’s turnaround, and a fiery longsword that responds to his unassailable willpower, Ephrial decided to aid her in the path that would end much meaningless bloodshed and find justice for his sister while purging the butchers responsible for so much ruin.

“Strength is like a flame. Properly guided and looked after, it‘s light in the darkness. Without that, it only consumes.” - Ephrial

Ephrial, codenamed "Roy", is designed to be Riven's counterpart, who was codenamed "Marth" (from Super Smash Bros. Melee) during production. Isn't it about time she meets someone out to help her rather than kill her?

Also, the Zelos in this lore is Irelia's brother as described in her own lore.
If you like Ephrial, please don't forget to upvote this (very long) post. Also, perhaps you might enjoy my other champion concepts:
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Character selection:

“The flames of justice will never perish.”


- “Let’s do this, Summoner!”
- “Be ready for anything.”
- “You light up the path, I‘ll light up the enemy.”
- “I’m ready, Summoner. Are you?”
- “To put an end to these tragedies…”
- “Another step forward to victory.”
- “My path is certain.”
- “The brightest of flames burn from within.”
- “Let’s go!”
- "For you, sister..."


- “Remember, only you can prevent wildfi--uh-oh!” *repeatedly stomps out small fire on ground started by his sword while he was talking*

(The animation for the jokes below are a mere break-combat-stance-and-talk sort of deal)

With opposing Braum:

- "Milk, the drink of champions!"
- "Goat's milk...? Well, it can't be that baaad. ...Sorry about that..."

With opposing Annie:

- [When Annie's ultimate is active] "That's Tibbers, huh? Maybe you should play with matches instead, Annie..."

With opposing Ahri:

- "Fiery. Foxy. You must be Ahri. Charmed, I'm sure."

With opposing Master Yi:

- "Wuju like some ice for that burn?"

Upon obtaining Sunfire Cape

- "Somehow, this just feels right."

Upon feeding a poro:

- "Cute and fluffy...it must be deadly."
- "If I was fed like you, this fight would already be over."


- “You’re in my way…but not for long.”
- “I hope you brought backup…and lots of ice.”
- “If you can’t take the heat…get out of the way.”

With Riven on opposing team:

- “Show me the resolve I’ve come to believe in, Riven.”
- “If you can’t believe in Noxus again just yet…believe in yourself, Riven.”
- "Even a broken blade can carve a future."

When Riven's Blade of the Exile is active:

- " 'A sword mirrors its owner', huh? So I see."
- "A blade is deadliest in its true form. So is its wielder."

Warwick on opposing team:

- “The last blood scent you‘ll pick up will be your own, Warwick!”
- “That’s not fear you smell, Warwick…it’s your own demise.”
- "You took my sister...now I'll take your head!"

Singed on opposing team:

- “Your name won‘t even begin to describe you after I‘m done with you, Singed!”

Darius on opposing team:

- “I don‘t know Zelos’ fate…but I know yours, Darius!”

Irelia on opposing team:

- "So you're his sister..."
- "I'm sorry we meet on such circumstances..."

Raisiel (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4802115) on opposing team:

- "Let the future be the weight on our shoulders; not the past."
- "A thousand-year lesson can save thousands of lives. Yours was the first. Make it count."


- “Violence to put an end to violence.”
- “No holding back!”
- “I will not fail!”
- “Blades and spirits collide.”
- “Force of hand, force of will.”
- “A decisive strike.”
- “A bloody today for a peaceful tomorrow.”
- “So much injustice…”
- “Our will against theirs!”
- "For Cerina...for justice!"

When casting Blazing Justice:

- "Get ready!"
- "You're finished!"

Upon dying:

- “No…not here…”
- "Cerina...forgive me."

Upon getting last hit on Baron:

- "The bigger they are, the brighter they burn!"

Upon getting last hit on Dragon:

- "Your reign of terror is up in smoke!"

Upon getting last hit on Vilemaw:

- "Down came the fire and charred the spider up."

Upon getting a Quadrakill (and when the timer runs out to make it a Pentakill):

- "So close."

Upon getting a Pentakill/Hexakill:

- "That's how it's done, Summoner!"
- "Those who stand in the way of justice do not stand for long!"
- "We make a good team, Summoner!"

(How nice would it be to have champions to celebrate Pentakills along with you, huh?)


- Semi-long dark brown hair.
- Cerulean eyes
- Clean shaven (no facial hair)
- Light skin tone
- A bit older than Riven, maybe by under a year.
- About 6'1" tall
- Well-maintained chestplate and shoulder plates, but scratched from use.
--Armor color is red with gold trim.
- Short-sleeve shirt, mostly covered by his armor.
- Tattered light brown cape. Long, but not long enough to drag on the ground.
- A small, linear scar below his right eye. About 1 and a half to 2 inches long; not the most pronounced scar, but still visible.
- Two dark brown leather belts. One worn the traditional way and the other slanted with the buckle off to the side
- Brown leather boots. Maybe a few steel pieces on them for protection.
- Leather gloves -- The right hand's glove is fingerless and the left glove covers his whole hand


- A bit larger/longer than the average hand-and-a-half sword
- The body of the blade is red, the edges gold
- Fire loosely covers the blade, but intensifies during abilities and emotes
- The sheathe is metal and red, the locket and chape golden. Not necessary to put that in his model in the game, though (should he be put it at all).
- It’s symmetrical, making it versatile as a longsword should be


He can be zealous, as shown in his quotes, but not overbearing in his voice, nor in a rude manner. Although his taunts are what they are, genuine aggression would only show in his voice against Warwick, Singed, and Darius. His interactions with Riven are friendly, of course.


Playing as Ephrial

-Take advantage of his AOEs and dash to poke, but bear in mind his range and cooldowns.

- To land Sunder’s full capability, use Fervorous Strike’s dash while charging, or use his Flare for a stun and close the gap with that.

- Sunder is effective against armor. Try landing it before other attacks on a heavily defensive unit to deal more damage.

- Blazing justice ignores crowd control, making it great for both initiation and assassination. Bear in mind that Ephrial is not a tank, so this ability is best to engage small fights.

Playing Against Ephrial

- Ephrial is vulnerable to crowd control. CC him right after he dashes and move away, and he’ll lose much of his engage.

- If Ephrial is charging his Sunder, immediately move away and/or hit him with a crowd control ability. If he is silenced, stunned, feared, or knocked up while charging, Sunder will go on full cooldown.

- Ephrial does not rely on mana, but he does rely on cooldowns. Watch for them carefully to seize a window of opportunity to strike.

- His ultimate ability ignores CC for the duration, but he's vulnerable to it right after. Keep a CC ability ready if you expect him to ult you or an ally and remember that he still takes damage during the ability.

Item Suggestions

Note: Take advantage of cooldown reduction items as well as armor reduction to maximize his damage output. Depending on what your style is, you may choose otherwise, but here’s a suggested list to start with:

- Ionian Boots of Lucidity
- Youmuu's Ghostblade/Black Cleaver
- Ravenous Hydra
- Last Whisper
- Bloodthirster
- Guardian Angel

Even though he can stun you and probably get away with it, his true nature and damage are that of an “all-in” champion. Make sure to build plenty of attack damage, health, and cooldown reduction on him.

Skin ideas

- Frostblade -- Ephrial's sword is enveloped by a thick mist of ice shards rather than fire. Blue armor with silver trim.
- Justicar/Archlight (though that seems to be a skin for dark/evil champs so far) -- A paladin-like Ephrial with golden armor in white trim and a white cape. The fire on Ephrial's sword burns blue.
- Flame of Wuju (alternate reality skin if Ephrial was mentored by Yi rather than Zelos) -- Ephrial's chestplate turned into the style of armor similar to what Master Yi has.
- Voidslayer -- A rugged Ephrial with 3 large scratches across a battleworn chestplate and a necklace of large fangs of various shapes. The fire of Ephrial's sword burns purple. 3 or 4 runes glow red on the blade.
- Emblem of Fire (A direct reference to Ephrial’s inspiration) -- Ultimate Skin -- A special animation triggers when Ephrial reaches level 16. Instead of the normal level-up particles, a white circle underneath Ephrial appears and envelopes him in a white, cylindrical light for a brief moment. Lightning strikes, causing the light to burst into a small glittering explosion before disappearing, revealing a fully armored Ephrial (without helmet).

- Ephrial leaves a trail of fire when he dashes with Ferverous Strike and Blazing Justice (cosmetic only).

- The burst of fire at the end of Blazing Justice takes the form of a dragon's head.
- Debonair -- Ephrial dons a fancy white tuxedo and his sword is shaped like a rose; the crossguard as the red bulb of the flower with leaves and the blade extending as a long and sharp thorn. The recall animation is Ephrial spinning and tossing his sword into the air, where it lands right behind him, tilted. Ephrial immediately leans back onto the blade with one foot on it, arms crossed, and a rose in his mouth. As the teleport is about to complete, Ephrial takes the rose and charmingly tosses it away from himself. Ephrial arrives at base, leaving behind the rose that explodes into petals before disappearing itself.

- The color of fire on Ephrial's blade is changed to Hot Pink.



Fire and Fang

With Ephrial and Warwick on opposing teams in a match, an event will trigger when both champions are at least level 15.

The goal is for one to defeat the other with their respective ultimate abilities. The event can only be won if the final blow is dealt with their ultimate ability. Assists and kills with other skills or Summoner Spells do not count.

During this event, special quotes are triggered under certain conditions.

When casting their ultimate ability on their enemy for the first time during the event:

Ephrial: "WARWIIICK!"

Warwick: -Manic, feral laughter-

If Ephrial wins:

"It's finally done...Cerina..."

- Ephrial, with a great weight off his shoulders, and fired up with passion, gains a buff called "Justice Served Hot." The effect is an altered version of Blessing of the Lizard Elder (red buff) and activates once every 3rd basic attack or ability (without a timer). The damage effect is the same as the red buff's, but in place of the slow debuff on the target, Ephrial gains a movement speed buff of 10% that decays over 3 seconds every time 'Justice Served Hot' activates on an enemy unit. 'Justice Served Hot' does not stack on enemies, but refreshes existing procs on targets. This buff is seperate from Blessing of the Lizard Elder and can be used at the same time as each other, activating seperate debuffs on enemy units. Lasts the rest of the match.

- For clarity, Ephrial gains a stack (max 1 at a time) of Justice Served Hot for every 2nd basic attack/skill he performs. If the 3rd attack fails to hit a target, the stack remains and does not reset until Ephrial lands an attack.

- Fire of Justice proced by any of Ephrial's AOEs effects all targets within that skill.

If Warwick wins:

"My thirst cannot be sated! -deep wolf howl-"

- Warwick gains a buff called "Cold-blooded Killer." In the excitement of such rivalry and animalistic pride over his victory, Warwick becomes more feral, gaining 5% attack speed and 5% movement speed for every champion kill he gets up, to a maximum total of 3 stacks. The kill landed on Ephrial to gain this prize counts as 1. Stacks are not lost upon death and last the rest of the match.

This event is available on any map.


Concept Sketches by me

Perhaps not the final design on his chestplate and shoulderplates, but it's a start. Had to teach myself how to draw a lot as I pieced this together, especially the boots from a frontal angle, but hopefully I'll improve and make a nice drawing of Ephrial in action in the near future.


Lots of trial and error here, but I finally got his hairstyle in order. As someone who has never drawn faces or hair before, I'm happy with the way it turned out. So...there's Ephrial's determined visage.

(More to come in the future!)


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I'm aware that Judgements are in first-person, but there are a few reasons that I made Ephrial's the way it is. I did have plans to change it to a first-person format classic Judgement style, but that fizzled out to make room for sketches of Ephrial. If you actually read this, I hope you enjoy!

Ephrial’s Judgement


The moonlight bounces off the steel armor that wraps his shoulders and chest. On his left hip hangs the crimson sheath of his sword; the hilt attached to it glitters gold. His eyes are direct and sharp with experience, but not piercing with aggression. The scar under his right eye is barely noticeable at first glance, but seems to bear a much larger size inside of him.

His demeanor is calm, yet fervorous. Although he appears light-hearted at first glance, it’s clear that he takes his endeavors seriously.

While his armor shows its use, it is well-maintained, and his arcane sword remains unblemished from the many battles that have made him capable of facing outnumbering odds.

With one outstretched hand, he opens the large doors of the chamber without missing a stride.

The cape that waves behind him has seen better days, telling stories through its lacerations of the many evaded strikes intended to take his life.

Soon, it will have many more.


A few steps in the room, he felt a change. The air inside suddenly got heavy and the setting appeared to morph. Phantasmic images began to surround him, transparent enough to see through, but visible enough for every detail. With his right hand over the hilt of his blade, the swordsman treaded on with wary anxiousness as his environment began growing familiar. He saw an image of his younger self in Noxus, training with a longsword in order to survive with his twin sister after the murder of their parents. A murder done by Noxians that saw any Ionian relations to only be weakness.

The images flashed forward to an older Ephrial, returning to the settlement of Noxian-Ionian refugees with a group of allies, only to rush into battle against soldiers from his former city-state that razed his village.

It was clear to him. This was not a test of physical might, but of mind. He felt something tugging at his senses, yearning to drag him deeper into the spell of the illusion around him, but he resisted enough to see through the veil, just barely. That was the benefit of being half Noxian and half Ionian, raised in both ways. Strength of body, strength of mind - force of hand, force of will. Other than that, his blood has been nothing but a curse to him.

Ephrial’s eyes remained fixed forward as he walked on, his slow pace unchanged. The heat of the flames around him intensified, especially around his scar. He heard the scream of a girl in horror - the same girl’s agony that echoes in his mind every day.

He tightened his grip on the hilt of his sheathed blade as he once again saw his blood-covered sister, lifeless in the clutches of a demon-eyed werewolf.

Ephrial clenched his teeth. The Noxian inside of him said to cleave the phantom in two. The Ionian in him said not this way. It’s an internal struggle between the two conflicting principles of his upbringing. However, he made his mind up long ago. If he is to slay the feral monster, he would do it with a heart of justice, not selfish revenge. To kill him out of revenge, and nothing more, would take the meaning out of his long journey; both the past and what is yet to come.

His hand released the sword and his jaw relaxed. He wouldn’t lose himself to a mere phantom. If he did, how could he handle the real thing? If he loses to revenge, he loses himself.

The only solid footsteps in the room remained unwavered as he walked through the ghost of his enemy, eye-to-eye, dissipating the image into mist and then nothingness. A grizzly voice echoed, barely understandable as it was back then, only hearing “Singed” and “specimens.”

The next vision was of Ephrial awakening to unnerving silence. In his futile search to find his sister’s remains, he instead uncovered a long box covered in runes, unscorched by the flames. A container he and his sister were made sworn by their parents to keep safe, though were never told what rested inside.

They were unable to open it before due to the absence of a visible lock, however, it seemed to have responded to direct exposure of the fire it was found in. From a different perspective, Ephrial witnessed himself pull out a weapon; the blade a cherry red and the edges trimmed in gold. A hand-and-a-half sword that’s a bit larger than normal; perfect versatility for his style.

Seeing this, he again pondered the question of how they found the small hidden village.

Forward in time, he saw his friend and mentor disappear into the company of Noxian soldiers lead by the infamous Darius. Having used his much improved skill and strength to free himself from the onslaught, Ephrial was forced to hastily retreat. Uncertain of his fate, yet counted as another loss, he would never forget the name Zelos.

Ephrial’s surroundings changed yet again, this time, no transparency was left. Ephrial found himself in a large field, watching his ghost fight alongside a white-haired girl against an abnormally huge pack of dire wolves.

Soon, the sources of fierce snarling and barking all laid silent in each other’s blood. Both warriors, covered in scratches, hunched over their swords as they panted.

While catching their breath, Ephrial observed his acquaintance. He was impressed with her prowess. She couldn’t have been much younger than him. She held in her hand a broken sword, still large enough that he would never have suspected such a slender girl could lift such a thing if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes.

Something was off, though. She had a great technique, but her strikes lacked spirit. It was a feeling oddly familiar to Ephrial. Something not exactly the same, but similar.

“You okay?” Ephrial’s phantom asked.

She looked at him, almost as if it were the first time, or at least the first time in a long time, anybody had bothered to ask her such a question.

“I am a soldier of Noxus. Of course I‘m okay,” surprise turned to bitterness as she rose upright. The slightest tell-tale sign showed that she was stung by her own words.

“I can certainly see that. However, I didn’t mean physically.

She didn’t respond. Instead, she turned her head to the sea of dead wolves. As if having seen an image far more unpleasant than that around them, she recoiled, shutting her eyes and turning her head away. The gauntlet that wrapped around her sword tightened its grip.

“Only the strong survive,” she audibly muttered through gritted teeth.

“I never did see that as a reason to let someone die or fight alone. Nor as a reason to butcher people just because they see them as weak. I get how strength or lack thereof can determine if someone dies…but I don’t believe it should determine if someone has to die. Strength has to have a purpose other than death, wouldn‘t you agree?”

She opened eyes of determination and began stepping away to resume her travels.

“I can’t stop you from fighting for Noxus…but I sure hope I don’t have to fight you for raising your sword against innocent people,” Ephrial sheathed his sword and began walking his own direction.

“I believe Noxus has enough bloodthirsty wolves within its gate,” he finished.

Before stepping out of earshot, he heard her response. “That makes two of us.”

Both wanderers kept walking, in directions that were only physically opposite.

The real Ephrial stepped through the last memory, half-smiling. He didn’t know the girl he had helped was Riven, poster child of Noxus and terror of the Ionian invasion that happened just after the destruction of his village. It wasn’t until he had found his way to the Institute that he saw her again, fighting alone against an ever-growing crowd of champions after her head.

After much patient research and keen perception on the sidelines, he figured out her quest to restore Noxus to the code it once held. Because of this, he saw through her dark past and aims to help for a bright future.

Although he would be among the first to admit there are better ways to manage society, Ephrial can agree that determining one’s place through strength, regardless of many other factors, to be fair and not inherently evil. It just has to be without arrogance. Without prejudice.

Punish those responsible and save a nation from itself. That’s justice he can believe in.

“Had your fill of entertainment?” his footsteps came to a stop.

“Intriguing,” a female voice behind a mask of judgment greets him. “You must realize that helping someone with such a history would severely perturb any possible relations with your Ionian half?”

“I’m used to a nation wanting me dead. A few more foes won’t hurt.”

“The pursuit of your sister’s murderer is what brought you here in the first place. That may make the summoners question your true intent,” the masked figure pointed out.

“You need not worry. My goal is clear. However…if I should find the one known as Warwick along the way…then I hope you have a good spot for a throw rug.”

“How does it feel, exposing your mind?”

“Indifferent. Nothing’s changed.”

With that, the summoner disappeared, leaving Ephrial alone in the Chamber of Reflection.

“Fighting against two nations at once while fighting for them,” he spoke to himself, drawing his sword from its sheath.

“I guess that’s how it has to be. If you’re going to reforge something…” he raised the blade to his face. Flames began to dance lively along the blade in response to his rising spirit.

“Things have got to heat up.”

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In general: Ephrial’s sword is loosely wrapped in flames. As he uses abilities, the fire noticeably intensifies for the duration of the attack before returning to normal.

Critical strikes: Ephrial thrusts his sword into his target very swiftly as the flames briefly flare up, causing a small, almost-conic streak over Ephrial’s arm from the speed of the attack.

Idle 1: Ephrial lightly swings his blade around him, loosening up his wrist.

Idle 2: Ephrial stands up straight, putting both feet closely together as he raises his sword to his face with both hands. In a knightly pose, he takes a meditative deep breath before returning to his normal stance.

Idle 3: Ephrial stands up straight and adjusts his gloves.

Will of Fire: A red-orange transparent sphere encases Ephrial, growing more profound the stronger the shield gets via stacks. As it gets weaker by absorbing damage, it fades away until disappearing altogether. If the shield disappears by the timer running out, the shield does not fade and disappears all at once.

As a reference, imagine Janna’s barrier as a red-orange color.

Sunder: Ephrial steadies his stance and grips his sword with both hands, almost like a baseball bat. The flames on his sword intensify as it charges, tightly engulfing the entire blade in a frenzy of fire. Upon release, Ephrial swings his sword overhead for a very fast, heavy, vertical cut. An explosion of flames bursts from his blade, briefly covering the effected area. The fire covering the AOE fizzles out and the flames on Ephrial’s sword return to a normal burn.

Flare: A swift, diagonal slash sends out a fireball with a small tail trailing behind it like a miniature comet toward a target. Upon collision, the fireball explodes, creating a very brief spinning disk of fire around the target, affecting enemy units caught within it.

Fervorous Strike: Ephrial dashes in the desired direction with his sword wound up behind him, horizontally from his left. His upper body is twisted a bit as well, maximizing the wind-up, and his left arm is raised parallel to his sword arm, as not to get in the way. At the end of his dash, he swings his blade all the way around himself, unwinding his arm and torso to his right side with great speed, instantly damaging enemies in a full 360 degree circle around him. Also, as he is striking, he is stopped from moving, but only for about .1 seconds.

Swift Slice: When this ability is triggered via dashing during Sunder’s charge phase, it is signified by the gem on his blade glowing a noticeably bright ruby red. The next auto attack Ephrial performs teleports him to the opposite side of his target. In a flash, a thin, bright orange streak of light appears on the target and fades away, signifying the attack itself. When Ephrial reappears, he is facing his target with his sword outstretched behind him, showing that he sliced his target.

Blazing Justice: With his blade fully ablaze, Ephrial dashes toward his target, but unlike Fervorous Strike’s dash, both of his hands are on the hilt and his sword is wound up behind him from his right side as Ephrial leads the charge with his left shoulder. Upon reaching his target, he lets out a quick 4-slash combo starting with a powerful two-handed swing from his dash, stunning the enemy champion. Each slash leaves a streak of fire in the air and over the enemy, exploding in an outward burst of fire upon the last strike, knocking the target back slightly before they recover.

As for the combo of slashes, I was thinking a mix of one-handed and two-handed attacks in a fierce, but elegant succession. Perhaps even 5 slashes if needed, but not changing the total cast time. If it’s not too over-the-top, I was also thinking this animation could have different variants that appear randomly when this ability is used, by which I mean different slash combinations. So one time you might see Ephrial fit in an uppercut slash in his combo, and finish off with a fancy spinning downward slash in the next. This would be just to mix things up and add a small bit of visual variety to the game rather than see same exact thing over and over each time. It would not effect the way the skill functions at all, of course.

Taunts: Ephrial stands up straight and takes a step so that his right side faces what’s in front of him and slowly raises his outstretched sword. As the blade rises to point toward his enemy, the flames grow. Then, with a quick, light-but-deliberate motion, he sweeps the tip of the blade above the ground in front of his feet, dismissing all of the fire in a small, brief, outward streak of flame. Afterwards, he returns to his normal stance and the fire reappears across his blade.

*(Most of his taunts are parted with a “…” pause, so the first half of those taunts are as Ephrial raises his blade, and the second halves finish with him sweeping his blade)


- Default: (Wildfire prevention reference) Ephrial stands up straight, without taking a step forward like in his taunt, and he lets his sword get too low to the ground, causing a small fire as he speaks. Then he notices the flames and stomps them out before returning to his normal stance.

- Interactive: Ephrial stands up straight and talks as he rests his blade over his shoulder plate for a moment. (It’s only for a short moment, so he can take the heat lol)

Death: Ephrial gets knocked backwards and he catches himself with his left hand, resulting in a backflip that he lands with one knee down. With his sword planted in the ground, he uses it as a support as he struggles to stand back up. Before almost all the way back up, he let's go of his sword and falls to the ground, at which point the flames on his blade go out.

*The fire can be seen fading through the animation before going out completely, as if mirroring his very life force, which pretty much coincides with his will to fight.

Recall: Ephrial plants his sword into the ground in front of himself as he stands up straight and then crosses his arms, waiting for the spell's completion. Upon arriving at base, Ephrial effortlessly kicks his blade up from where it meets the ground, sending it upwards and spinning very fast. Ephrial swiftly catches it without looking and swipes his blade in front of him as he resumes his normal stance.

Update notes

Dec. 6, 2013
- Updated Tips section to include usage on Blazing Justice.

Dec. 7, 2013
- Sunder and Fervorous Strike switched to Q and E, respectively.

- Sunder's cooldown changed from (13) to (14/13/12/11/10)

- Blazing Justice's range increased to 600 (from 375).

- Ephrial's passive damage changed from critical strike to 3% of target's max health in bonus damage.

Dec. 8th, 2013
- Ring of Fire changed to Flare
---From instant circular AOE to conic skillshot AOE.
---Damage and cooldown remain the same.

Dec. 12, 2013
- Slight lore wording changes (nothing that changes the story at all).

- Added more details to Ephrial's Q and E to better explain functionality.

- Added cooldown to Ephrial's passive. This will take away the viability of stacking pure attack speed on him.
---Added extra details to explain functionality.

December 14, 2013
- Slight changes to Ephrial's ultimate

Dec. 21, 2013
-Polished lore to better depict the timeline and details.

Dec. 24, 2013
- Blazing Justice 2.0

December 25, 2013
-Ephrial is now on Reddit. http://redd.it/1treci

December 29, 2013
- Blazing Justice 3.0
--Range, damage, utility remain the same

December 30, 2013
-Added further details to Ephrial's passive. Effects remain the same, but are currently under consideration for possible minor changes.
--Fire of Justice's cooldown has been reduced to 7 seconds (from 10 seconds).

December 31, 2013
-Fire of Justice's damage ratio has been changed to 4% of the target's max HP (from 3%).

January 7, 2014
-A fair amount of kit rework:
--Increased Sunder's damage. Added damage is now from Total AD for appropriate damage scaling.
--Added secondary function to Fervorous Strike, allowing for more synergy and dynamic gameplay. Trades off AOE damage for a combo boost.
--Changed Ephrial's passive to scale by level as well as stack with abilities. Still has to trigger on a basic attack (including Swift Slice, if Fire of Justice is already at 2 stacks before he dashes).
--Blazing justice's bonus AD increased from 110% to 150%. Cooldown reduced from (125/100/75) to (115/90/65).

January 8, 2014
-Updated Tips section

January 24, 2014
-Changed Ephrial's base range from 125 to 150
-Increased Sunder's max charge damage and range
--Decreased reduced damage in Sunder's outer range from 50% to 20% (before armor reduction)
-Increased Fervorous Strike/Swift Slice's damage at levels 2-5

February 05, 2014
-Cleaned up Swift Slice's description a bit

March 11, 2014
-Changes to Flare's mechanics from skillshot to target cast
--Increased range to (180) from (160)

April 24, 2014
-Sword concept design (page 18)
-Added quotes

April 26, 2014
-Passive rework: Will of Fire
-Sunder's charge phase now reduces Ephrial's movement speed by 5% (from 10%)
-Flare's cast range changed to 200 units (from 180)

April 30, 2014
-Added interactive quotes with Irelia

May 1, 2014
-Added pronunciation option to differ from Ezreal's name. (Either pronunciation sounds cool to me.)
-Added special event

May 6, 2014
-Added more details to the Appearance section.

May 7, 2014
- Added 'Voidslayer' to skin ideas.
- Introducing Cover artwork by Elphrihaim

May 8, 2014
- Added in-depth detail to Skin Ideas section

May 9, 2014
- Added joke with Annie and Ahri

May 11, 2014
- Added TL;DR note. (Probably long overdue)

May 15, 2014
- Balanced out buffs gained in Fire and Fang

May 19, 2014
- Removed initial pronunciation of Ephrial's name. Why? Eh, it was a matter of time. Not to mention I found myself pronouncing it both ways since production. Least no one can say it sounds like Ezreal anymore lol

May 21, 2014
- Added Quadrakill, Pentakill/Hexakill quotes
- Changed ending line in Judgement

May 22, 2014
- Changed Will of Fire's effect from fixed to scaling with level
- Flare's AOE range changed to (200) from (100)
- Added duration details to Blazing Justice
- Minor lore addition

May 23, 2014
- Flare's cast range changed to (250) from (200)

May 26, 2014
- Updated cover pic
- Added Gallery section

May 28, 2014
- Flare's AOE radius changed to (150) from (200)
- Fervorous Strike/Swift Slice's dash range control mechanics altered

May 29, 2014
- Added joke with Master Yi
- Lowered Sunder's reduced damage on its extended range to 15% reduction from 20%.
- Extended Sunder's range
-- Minimum length to (200) from (170)
-- Maximum length to (450) from (300)
-- Maximum width to (175) from (150)

May 31, 2014
- Replaced Swift Slice's slash-through with flash-behind for faster fluidity and to better work with champions' varying sizes.
- Will of Fire changed from armor and magic resist to shield
- Added Sunfire Cape quote

June 6, 2014
- Will of Fire's shield scaling increased

June 9, 2014
- Increased Fervorous Strike's dash length to 375 (from 325)

June 22, 2014
- Added Animations section
- Changed back Sunder's movement slow to 10%. (Meant to do that a while back)

June 25, 2014
- Added death animation

July 9, 2014
- Fervorous Strike's dash range increased to 425 (from 375).

July 17, 2014
- 2 sketches added to Gallery

July 22, 2014
- Added Debonair Ephrial skin idea

August 12, 2014
-Added Recall animation

August 15, 2014
-Added a few more interactive quotes with Riven

August 23, 2014
-Added quotes with Raisiel (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4802115)

August 28, 2014
-Added quote on last-hitting Baron

August 31, 2014

-Added quote on last-hitting Dragon
-Added quote on last-hitting Vilemaw

September 20, 2014

-Added full sketch of Ephrial cover art

Updates currently in progress:

Updates to come:

Sketch of Debonair Ephrial

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Wow this is one of the more fleshed out champion ideas I've seen. good job.

What can I add though?

I can't say I like how you created Ephrial's sister just to kill her off for the sake of Ephrial's character development.

I also don't get how Ephrial's Ultimate is supposed to play into the rest of his kit. Does he use it to initiate or finish? Does he use it in a team fight or to pick off a solitary target? I'm not sure how useful it is.

Any way this is one of the better put-togther champs I've seen. I can't find too much to criticise. I hope you've found this helpful. If you want to take a look at my champion she's right here http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com....php?t=4094946 (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4094946)

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Wow this is one of the more fleshed out champion ideas I've seen. good job.

I can't say I like how you created Ephrial's sister just to kill her off for the sake of Ephrial's character development.

I also don't get how Ephrial's Ultimate is supposed to play into the rest of his kit. Does he use it to initiate or finish? Does he use it in a team fight or to pick off a solitary target? I'm not sure how useful it is.

Thanks, I sure spent quite a bit on it.

Well, yeah, that pretty much was the goal with his sister. Without her, he wouldn't have had a personal tie with the destruction of his village and more of a conflict within himself dealing with Noxian and Ionian principles he tries to keep a middle ground on. Without her, his purpose wouldn't be strong enough to lead him to the League. I could probably write a pretty lengthy story from Ephrial with his sister in Noxus all the way to the League which would give her more of an appearance, but let's see how far this thread goes first lol

That's actually a good question. I guess I somehow forgot to mention his ultimate in the tips section, so I'll do that now. To save you the scrolling, I'll answer here, too:

Blazing Justice deals heavy damage and ignores crowd control, making it perfect for both initiation or finishing off a target. It can keep you in range of a fleeing target, used to jump past enemies to your main focus, or make for a devastating combo if you land all your skills just right. It's quite a multi-purpose skill, but it can land Ephrial in a dangerous spot in group fights if not careful.

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Okay so that explains my question about his ult.

About what I was saying about his sister, I feel I should clarify. Are you familiar with the term "Stuffed into the Refrigerator?" It refers to a tendency in comic book story-telling (but happens in other media too) to kill off side characters purely to raise the stakes in the main character's conflict. The problem is that the killed character is defined by their powerlessness. They are given no redeeming traits, no volition and, tbh, can be replaced by any object and you get the same exact story. The problem is that the side character is reduced to an object.
It's not that your story is bad, but I and many others may take exception to that one element.

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Stats: These seem like fair numbers to be honest, the no resource idea might come back and bite you eventually. *

Passive: This seems a little broken to me, giving him BOTRK will make him nearly unstoppable in lane with the constant crits. *

(Idea): Switch the Q and the E, because it seems Sunder is Eph's main damage output from all of his abilities and usually the primary output is the Q. *

Q: As stated above, this is more of a utility and less of primary damage, other than that it looks well done. *

W: This seems a little too close to Riven's W (I read the lore, but please dont make a copy champ), maybe rethink. *

E: As a utility this is useless however as a damage output this is near perfect, maybe have the cooldoen degrade to 10 second cooldown at 5th level. *

R: The only issue I had with this is that it only has a 375 cast range and it is a leap. That means the range is far less than Vayne's condemn. *Up the range and you'll be good.

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About what I was saying about his sister, I feel I should clarify. Are you familiar with the term "Stuffed into the Refrigerator?" It refers to a tendency in comic book story-telling (but happens in other media too) to kill off side characters purely to raise the stakes in the main character's conflict. The problem is that the killed character is defined by their powerlessness. They are given no redeeming traits, no volition and, tbh, can be replaced by any object and you get the same exact story. The problem is that the side character is reduced to an object.
It's not that your story is bad, but I and many others may take exception to that one element.

Hm. I see your point. Sadly, there was not enough room for me to go into more detail about her. I had to revise both the lore and the judgement stories over and over again until they were a reasonable size. Hopefully what she lacks in what is told, Zelos would make up for a bit. Imagine the drama that would occur if he lived and made it into the league and found Ephrial using his training to help someone that killed many of his people?

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Stats: These seem like fair numbers to be honest, the no resource idea might come back and bite you eventually. *

Passive: This seems a little broken to me, giving him BOTRK will make him nearly unstoppable in lane with the constant crits. *

(Idea): Switch the Q and the E, because it seems Sunder is Eph's main damage output from all of his abilities and usually the primary output is the Q. *

Q: As stated above, this is more of a utility and less of primary damage, other than that it looks well done. *

W: This seems a little too close to Riven's W (I read the lore, but please dont make a copy champ), maybe rethink. *

E: As a utility this is useless however as a damage output this is near perfect, maybe have the cooldoen degrade to 10 second cooldown at 5th level. *

R: The only issue I had with this is that it only has a 375 cast range and it is a leap. That means the range is far less than Vayne's condemn. *Up the range and you'll be good.

Well, no resources mean higher cooldowns. That means spending gold towards CDR items instead of giving him mana and having items like Trinity Force break him. His skills would then be able to have a lower CD (as a mana user) with much higher burst potential while MP wouldn't be too much of a problem mid to late game.

Maybe I can change his passive to deal bonus damage instead of a full-fledged crit. My goal was to give him something to weave in between skills and/or to use after he did a full burst and has nothing off CD. After all, he might not hit with Fervorous Strike and his Sunder has to be in range, has to charge, and can be stopped fairly easily.

Yeah, I suppose I should switch their placement. It wasn't meant to be like that, but after many, many revisions, it just happened.

It is pretty similar, but so is Jax's, only his is more powerful. Originally, the concept was to make it a conic skillshot, however his other basic abilities can be hard enough to land themselves. I was thinking of a target stun, but that won't seize a good enough opportunity for his abilities and it wouldn't be instant enough for a spur of the moment thing. In the end, I saw it fit since he doesn't have any real defensive capabilities. He really would need an easy stun after a hard initiation.

I guess 10 sec CD at max rank would be fair since it's a pretty conditional skill.

For his ult, I was waiting for opinions about his numbers and scaling before thinking about making his range a bit longer. You definitely bring a good point about that annoying Condemn skill, though. I guess I'll see where it goes at 600. That's right in between Vayne's Condemn and Jarvan's ultimate.

Thanks for your review.