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Champion and item synergy

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So i was watching my cousin play a match while i waited for my own pc to be cleared to play, and i saw a Miss Fortune getting a madreds bloodrazor, my cousin thinks that item is godlike and buys it for pretty much any dps champ he plays (he mains warwick and g himgot this idea from playing, he also think warwick is the unbeatable 1vs1 with proper items :S), i tried explaining him that particular item wasnt as good as other damage items on Miss Fortune.

Granted, the enemy team had some tanky chars so the item wasnt such a bad choice, but im not here to discuss the item viability cuz i know its a must sometimes and pretty good anytime.

Anyway back to topic, i was wondering what does the community think about items that have great synergy with some champs and how they work with others.

For example, rushing a tear on any ap (or dps for manamune) champ (its a great item, but some champs benefit more from other items, or getting a sunfire for champs that benefit more with other items.

TLR : what items do you think synergy well or perfectly with some champs but dont do the job for similar champs.