Session always closes after the new patch

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solid snake gg

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After i downloaded the new patch if I leave My league of legends open for a while and not click on anything it says session closed and it shuts my lol down.... and I know for sure its not my internet

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about 70% ot the time, starting recently, after a game is finished, win or lose, it gives give the skip stats option... and nothing happens.... for a long time... so I go ahead and hit skip stats and then it tells me sessions is closed. usually being informed by two of them "session closed". Then usually (again, 70% of time)have to log off pvp net, and restart. it's one thing that's been happening to me that i notice the most. i tested it on windows base computer on windows version of game in my house and do not have the problem. So i'm thinking it is a glitch.

I got a new mac and am running every thing in game at highest capability, way cool. :-)