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my way to play udyr

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J S Mastropiero

Junior Member


in my opinion the best way to play him is by jungling him and getting trinity as ur first item. hes a fighter and he has like the best stun in the game, excelent ganker with liz and a dynamic spellcaster, so he gains a big advantage with trinity as he had with innervating, what i love of udyr is that he can be a tank, dps or a tank-dps and he will success.

i really recommend to jungle with a saphire crystal cuz with it ull get more benefits with the golem, after that i go with mercurys because you dont have a teleport and when people see you approaching they will try to stun you or slow you cuz udyr is really dangerous.

i really hate the players that rush madreds on udyr i dont get why u should rush madreds, at the beggining madreds is not as usefull as in late game, but sheen early game really fits well on udyr, so if u get sheen at first u will have more mana (an important fact on udyr cuz early game he drains a lot of mana) and every time u change of stance u will crit.

in conclusion my build would be:
saphire crystal, 2 hp pots - get blue at first and then get wolfs, ghosts, and golems in that order
boots of speed, 2 hp pots and 2 mana pots - get lizard. in this moment u should be lvl 4 so level up your bear (must have for ganks) and go gank mid or 2v2 lane if neither of those are gankables (your team is winning thos lanes) go try to gank the 2v1 lane but u must be careful cuz in this moment u have like half-3/4 hp
mercury treads - ur call, u can keep jungling, go to lane, get dragon or keep getting liz and keep ganking.
zeal - gives u speed that will be really helpfull
phage/trinity - u are a threat now, enemies will fear you
wriggle's lamp - lifesteal is good for u at this moment, ward baron or dragon with its active
madred's bloodrazor - at this moment the passive of trinity isnt enough so u need a new source of damage, so with madreds u will eat the squishy targets and u will destroy the tanks.
banshee/sunfire/force of nature/thornmail/frozen heart/guinsoo/stark's - these are optionals pick wich is better for you in the game.

summoners: smite and ghost - smite for jungling and ghost for ganking and reaching squishys

masteries: 9/21/0
getting ap, smite upgrade, cd reduction magic penetration on offense
all the defensive masteries on defense be sure to not raise ardor in defense.


armor penetration marks
dodge seals
magic ressist glyphs
2 health, 1 armor penetration quintessences

max phoenix
max turtle
max bear
max tiger

phoenix: really strong even with the nerf great low levels
turtle: awesome all the game
bear: great speed boost useful for ganks
tiger: great with trinity and madreds but not as good as phoenix early game

the secret of udyr is the stance control, if u learn to control his stances ull be able to own with him.

i posted this in a thread called "udyr help" but i though that nobody would read it.
i hope this build helps you