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Sivir vs other champs?

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Sivir IS a killing machine. Just not a 1 on 1 killing machine. Most of your Kills and Assists come from team fights where you need to position properly. You want to be protected from disables and AoEs while being able to get bounces going. Once the AoEs and stuns have flown then you can move into a more aggressive position and start picking up the kills.

It's not at all uncommon for a good Sivir to walk away from a teamfight with a double, triple, or quad kill and the rest in assists.

Sivir with ult will put out a lot of damage. Her short range does demand a more conservative build though. For example a typical mid/end-ish build with her might be: Stark's, Beserker Greeves, Infinity Edge, BF Sword, Banshee's, Guardian Angel.

Sivir's strength also comes in her farm. What other carries have at the 40:00 mark you should have at the 25 or 30. If you aren't getting 200+ creep kills per game you're doing it wrong (or winning very very fast).

For 1:1 Sivir can still be decent though. You just need patience and timing.

Chase/Kite with attack -> move -> attack. Don't just auto-attack. You want that dodge to be working for you. Use Boomerang when you have them stationary or in a forced path. Don't blow it too early and have them dodge it. Also spell shield is really important. You need to be able to activate it after they cast their projectile. If you can't time it that accurately you're going to fail a lot as Sivir.

Avoid some champions. There are some champions Sivir just has no business fighting 1v1. Champs like Yi, Shaco and most other melee phyiscal DPS will eat you up. Likewise burst champs like Veiger can ruin your day. Just avoid these guys 1v1 and use your team to take them down.

Solo can help Sivir a lot too. She doesn't need protecting early on and her solo gets her farm in full swing faster + gives you better ult and bounces for team fights early on.

For my build (well got it from someone else) I typically do:

Teleport + Rally/heal
Meki Pendant -> Philospher's (if I can get <6min) OR Chalice if >6min
Boots -> Besekers (hold on besekers if you can afford BF first or need other things)

then it's a bit game dependant on the ordering but the next 'set' of items are:
Beseker's Greeves (if not already present)
BF sword x 2
Emblem of Valour
Health Crystal -> Catalyst

Basically if you need the health and regen get Health Crystal + Valour first. Otherwise nab the BF sword(s) then get the health crystal/Valour.

After 25min sell Philospher's when needed. If you have chalice sell it after you have Banshee's or Catalyst (hold on to it if they're strong Magic damage)
Then we start completing items:
Banshee's Veil
Infinity Edge

Then comes the late game item completions:
Guardian Angel
Black Cleaver

The 'final' set is:
Starks, Infinity Edge, Beseker Greeves, Banshee's Veil, Black Cleaver, Guardian Angel

GA is really important on Sivir late game. With the short range you can't fully avoid being targeted. Having GA gives you a ton of survivability and the ability to pop up after everything has been blown.

Likewise Banshee's gives you incredibly survivability mid game and lets you withstand a lot of punishment before you even start taking damage.

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A good Sivir uses her team support function to rally the team to go after objectives.

-Most people realise Sivir is about auras buffing the team. If you make a point to let your team know you have starks/aegies, it becomes a lot easier to get them to do things with you. Every one of those lonewolf players realise very quickly that with an extra 70%+ attack speed (ult+starks), lifesteal, regen and an enemy armor debuff that they will have a better chance of raking in those kills they feel are the end all be all of the game.

A good Sivir is more concerned with winning then K/D/A

-Dont pay attention to K/D/A as Sivir. Things just dont work the same for you. You get focused quite a bit as you are giving a rather large amount of power to your team. Hence you WILL die against a competent team. You should be letting your teamates score the kills, you can easilly farm twice as many minions as they can. Share the wealth so overall your team is more powerful. Assists are a good indication of a Sivir well played however. Ricochet pretty much guarantees you get an attack in on every champion, which means, if you are around, every champion who dies, should net you an assist. Sure youll miss some (cant tell you how many times my ult has let a teamate catch an enemy and kill them before I can get in range to throw a blade) but assists should be your highest stat. A high amount of assists as Sivir means you were present with your team when they were doing the killing, exactly what you are supposed to do.

This is very true for playing Sivir to win. When I play as Sivir I usually try to build Stark's and Aegis as soon as I can (after chalice and boots) then as a team just run around and push or hopefully come out on top in team battles. The two auras coupled with the ult makes her quite useful in team battles. Admittedly I tend to get focused down fast if I'm not careful of where I am.

That being said, well timed boomerang blades and targetting the right creep can net you a lot of assists and a few kills, but I find that if you are playing as Sivir, it's better to be in a mind set of 'help the team win', rather than 'get as many kills as possible'.

Now if only they gave out assists for building kills.