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How to build Soraka?

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I'm a fan of support type characters so I wanted to give Soraka a chance. I was just hoping someone would help me out with starting items, mid/end game items, and masteries and such. I'm really interested in getting pretty good with her. Thanks in advance.

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Excuse the terribad spelling and names, Ive had some runs and mixed success with the following build -

Dorians Ring Heal and mana pot
Boots (Merc's with amount of CC in play)
Rylse or frozen heart

With locket gone your options are limited, early ROA is another approach.

Building a disabler, aura, little tank with AOE creep pushing ability

Masteries - 0/21/8 or something similar - I climb the defensive tree to ignore early creep aggro damage whilst harassing at range and I find it gives me more surviability.

Focus on Starcall - then infuse, then heal @ lvl 4, I usually dont get ulti till 7.
you need the ability to kill creeps - heal focused soraka's end up falling behind there team mates in xp cause they cant kill anything.

Masteries - Ghost and Teleport - escape and mobility
Runes - life quints
Rest - CDR and Mana regen
Early Laning - Harass and push, starcall and infuse and peck with your auto attack (has suprising long range) you have staying power but B and get boots as you can the extra mobility is vital.

Watch for Ganks - your squishy ealry game and players will focus you as you have no real cc or escape other than ghost.

Shes a strong early laner - tends to fade and wane mid/late game

Mid/late hang back and look to defend your carries silencing as a counter initiator, throwing heals as you can - stay with group.

When the group fight initiates look for focused target and add auto-attack target - spam Starcall, look for optimal silence targets (enemy CC or carry), throw heals as you can - ulti as soons as you see its needed.

Soraka is difficult to play and generally considered underpowered - you will get called out for playing soraka. Id recommend looking at Sona, Jenna or Tarik

Solo Mid Soraka can be suprisingly powerful early game - she makes for a tough fight 1v1 in mid, but lacks mid game ganker potential as to function as a good choice for mid.

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I used to be a big Soraka player, and I found a fair amount of success rushing Tear, then Merc's, Glacial Shroud, and Archangel's, which gave me a ton of AP and above-average survivability, with reduced cooldowns and near-infinite mana to boot. However, it's been quite a while and last time I played her she was considered overpowered, so things have probably changed.