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Crash After Game End Megathread!

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The Riptide

Junior Member


I don't have access to the PBE, but I have been experiencing this issue almost every game ever since the Season 4 patch. I had never seen this before that patch.

To clarify: once a game ends (5v5, ARAM - it doesn't seem to matter) and I click "Continue," I am met with a black screen that lasts about 10-15 seconds. After that, the postgame window popups up, along with a "League of Legends quit unexpectedly" message and an error report. Before the Season 4 patch, the postgame window was instantaneous and I never got an error.

My computer is:
2011 27inch iMac
OS X Version 10.8.5
Processor 3.1 Ghz Intel Core i5
Memory 8GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2048MB
Display Resolution 2540 by 1440

I've attached the error report to this post.


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Junior Member


This is my crash report, sending them to apple every day.


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ninja hop

Junior Member


Can someone who experiences this bug frequently let me know if they see it on the PBE?
Additionally, when you crash you should get an Error report where you can select More Details...
Can you copy the report and paste it here?

I don't get a Error mesegge ever on windows 7.just force closes after every match. 4 in a row I just downloaded the game today.

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Junior Member


Riot plz!

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Junior Member


after i win/lose the game freezes then quits and i have to log in again to play

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Junior Member


After installing the OSX client months ago, I've always had an issue where for some reason if I'm holding the tab key after the game ends (nexus is destroyed and its about to exit full screen mode) , the game will crash. This happens 100% of the time I do it. Don't know if it's in any way related to what you're experiencing, just thought I'd throw it out there.

10.9 mavericks hackintosh, radeon 7850

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Junior Member


Same issue... Mine doesn't even gimme the option to click the "continue" button..just crashes the moment the game finishes..has been happening recently..didn't use to happen with the older patches..I'm running it on windows 7..It's also been my experience..everytime Riot brings out a new patch, the next few days involve immense lag in-game..that has been consistent pretty much with every patch so far.. And one would expect the game to be tweaked with a newer patch..not glitched..I know for a fact it aint my internet..everything else works FINE! It's the Lol client alone that's glitching

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Ryuki Resain

Junior Member


Same issue here after game. Windows 8.1 Pro. It just crashes and I have to reboot the launcher to play again.
Sometimes it will just crash with the launcher alone up.
Though I have updated and replaced the Adobe Air file amongst other things, it still occurs.
I did have half a mind to check the Event Logs and found this.
Don't know if it helps anyone figure this BS out but I figured this may be semi-relevent.

league event viewer error.txt

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So I downloaded LoL just last night... I love the game, it's fun, but I've noticed that it crashes after every battle, once the "Victory" screen comes up, I click "Continue" and the window crashes, I get an error report and try to reopen (sometimes it crashes during matches, but I'm always able to get back in by just reopening it), but it just takes me back to the main screen. It's so irritating to play when I can't even see any of the stats at the end of the game without having to open them up in a tab.

I noticed that this has been happening since 2013, and almost a year later nothing has changed. Is Riot doing anything? Have they said they're trying something?