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[GUIDE] Gangplank, Conductor of the Pwn Train

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Greetings, this is my second guide. I've been playing with Plank a lot lately, and I find him a very fun and versatile champ to play. I think I've stumbled upon a pretty effective build that essentially puts you into the role of a team leader, somewhat. More details below.

Abilities Summary

Q: Parrrley - Does some damage at range and gives you extra gold for kills. This skill is pretty essential early on, you'll want to put at least two ranks in before 6 for this build. Whether or not you choose to max it out should be a choice hinging on how your game is faring. More details below.

W: Remove Scurvy - Heal and cleanse, pretty nice. I always get one rank of this at three or four. For this build, it's not as necessary to get much of it early on, though if you are being harassed consistently and having a hard time keeping your health up, consider prioritizing this ability.

E: Raise Morale - This ability is really the core of the build here. It's not essential to max it out early, though I typically start with one rank for creep denial. Not only does it deny XP, but it also keeps your minions close to your tower so you may farm safely. Use judgement with it though, as you could put too much stress on the tower if abused. Take a moment to gauge the push strength in your lane before you use it.

R: Cannon Barrage - Very fun ability, and it plays a big part in how Gangplank operates on the field. It's best used in tandem with an AOE disable, such as Amumu or Galio's ult, or even Veigar's stun. Can also be used to wipe out sizable creep waves attacking undefended turrets. Use of Gangplank's ult correctly is the core of playing him well, and it's not always easy to pick where to drop it at the right moments. Take the time to practice with it, though.

Anyway, so for skill progression I usually do the following:

Thereafter, you must once again analyze your game and decide what to max first. Generally, if you're getting smacked around get more W. If it's a neck-and-neck game, I advise balancing W and Q's progression a little more. If you're absolutely owning, prioritize Q and alternate with E.

The build

So the runes for this build give GP everything he needs. Red Crit Chance, Yellow MP5/lvl, Blue CDR and purple crit chance. All of this is pretty self explanatory, IMO. I go 9/0/21 with masteries taking crit chance, improved smite, CDR and spell penetration (for ult) in offense, for the ultimate.

Summoner spells may sound strange, but it works pretty well with this build. Teleport and Smite are what I take. After reading a different guide I gave it a try, and in combination with his E, you have very tight lane control early game. Since you have a built in cleanse and heal, and the items you'll be getting, you won't need to waste a summoner slot on an escape mechanism, anyway. Teleport is a fantastic summoner spell that's underused -- it really saves you in the early game and makes your movement throughout the game much more efficient.

As for items, I usually go in this order:

Regrowth Pendant + mana pot.
Philosopher's stone and ruby crystal (hopefully you can get both at once)
boots 1, components for Aegis.
Finish aegis, build Brutalizer.
Finish Shurelia's Reverie
Upgrade to boots of Swiftness.

So this is the core build: Boots3, Shurelia's, Aegis, and Brutalizer. Why, you might ask, would one choose these items? Because they build on Gangplank's strengths and balance his weaknesses. With this build not only do you gain survivability, but you grant your entire team the ability to chase down the fleeing wounded. You will also have some damage that will make you a threat to nearly anyone, but you're still no carry.

With these items, your role is to always be with your team, as you can push them to victory or enable a retreat if things don't go well. You're not invincible, but you can take some hits and dish them out, too.

Once you have Brutalizer and you've participated in some team fights, gauge where your team is. If you're getting focused a lot, my recommendation would be to tank up a bit, taking a SF Cape or Banshee's veil, depending on your adversaries' primary source of damage. After that, scoop an Atma's Impaler and finish brutalizer into ghostblade. If the game STILL isn't over, get either Guardian Angel or Infinity Edge.

If your game is going well and you're not being focused hard, I would go for trinity force or phantom dancer. With these, you'll be able to chase down anyone silly enough to think they can escape, and you won't even need ghost!

If team fights are pretty balanced and your team needs some kind of edge, consider taking Rylai's. This may sound like a strange choice, but its benefits are numerous. It will increase your durability not only with 500 extra health, but since your W receives a 1:1 ratio with your AP, that's an extra 80 health every time you use it. To top it all off, your Ultimate will slow even more and do a little more damage. If you're not a fan of that idea, you can achieve a similar effect with Frozen Mallet, as it will benefit your Q instead.

Early game, hang out in lane and farm as much as you can. Harass with Q if you have a lane partner with good CC, or someone who is also successfully harassing. Abuse the E, when the game starts, follow the creeps all the way to your lane's exterior tower. With the smite build, you can solo effectively and even 2v1 with judgemental use of E and smite.

Always stay with your team from mid game to late game. Communicate with your teammates. Don't tell them what to do, but make sure you emphasize that it is a team game and you guys should stick together. Keep a close eye on the minimap. Map awareness is key for a good GP as you need to be using your ultimate effectively anyway.

This is just a rough draft, I'll add more if people dig it.

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your build is original but you have some contradictory stuff. I assume your build is to set up gang as an aura bot for your team.

so first, why do you have crit chance runes if none of your build uses crit chance items. Seems like a total waste. Your getting 8% crit isn't going to mean anything 92% of the time.

second, you say this build is so you move with your team... but teleport spell is more of a defending turrets by yourself kind of spell. I think ghost would help you better in case you get stunned or pulled away from ur team.

Third, do you plan to tank straight out or just poke enough to provide your aura to your teammates? If you plan to tank, just having magic resist isn't going to work. You'll need to get armor items when the enemy is highly AD.

Fourth, you need Stark's Fervor in your item build.

Really this is a good attempt at a strictly support build, but the build seems more of a do all and don't excel at anything kind of build. Which should not work in higher level matches.

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The combined runes provide 14% crit chance, and with masteries it's 17%. That's pretty decent, you don't really need much else until you go Atma's later. You don't need to have like 40% crit in order to hurt someone.

Teleport is there to be abused early game, and to give you more map control. Late game, you might succeed in a push and be left with very little to no health, and with teleport you can B, buy/heal, and get right back into the fight. You can teleport to mushrooms, heimer turrets and wards for ganks. You can escape from ganks, provided you have a second or two of leeway to get it off. Teleport is not an ability for the narrow-minded, it exists for more reasons than just to save or push towers.

This build is not a tank build, it's a support build. Gangplank at the core is a skirmisher; he can dance on the side-lines of the fight, engage when there's an opportunity and everyone has blown their load already, and usually get out alive.

Aegis is not an MR item only. It also has armor. (and quite a bit) Furthermore, I'm not sure if you actually read the guide or if you just looked at the items I chose, but it's stated multiple times that you get what you need to survive in fights, such as SF Cape if you're taking heavy physical damage. Perhaps you should reread it.

Starks is a meh item for Gangplank. While its benefits are nice, it's not really that great for GP since most of the time you're going to be poking with your Q and being opportunistic with your melee engagements. Often times, it just doesn't make sense to get it, like if there's only one carry on your team. The items selected benefit your team every game, regardless of what the team composition is. That's not to say you should never get Starks, but it's definitely not a core item for how expensive it is.

The idea is a balanced playstyle; there is no one can say it will or won't work until they've played it consistently in high level games. (I'm not a high level player, so I've yet to try it, myself)

Appreciate the feedback though.