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Alistair, the most useless champ ever?

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Actually alistar is my favorite tank champ to play and i think i the only tank i have played on ranked (and got good results).

I think alistar is really usefull champ for several reasons. first the spells; Q can be pretty much a maplhite ulti sometimes, w is pretty self splanatory (headbutting people is priceless), e while in lategame is useless early game makes you pretty though to outlane. ulti well its trynd ulti but better as said before you cant die, you are THE TANK with this ulti even if you dont have a single tank item.

Personally i play alistar as a screw damage build. i don't aim at outputting damage but i aim to be the supreme support.

Thus, sometimes i dont even lv q and w because they will suck more mana (depending on what im building). what i aim to build are items with usefull actives like Omens and the gem which gives MS to the whole team. this way even if you dont out put damage you can send a enemy champ to your team, slow the whole other team and speed buff your whole team. Also, aura items rulez but i choose them depending on the needs.

the problem with alistar is that he is a real pain to farm unless you are ap alistar which is pretty much Q and a full wave of creeps is yours. additionally, as i said before with my main build you dont output damage so you are USELESS alone this means DIE AS A MAN and let your teammates scape while you die if the teamfight gets screwed anyways you wont be able to stop them from doing anything alone.

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no! , he helped me to survive many times.