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[FANZINE] League of Fans

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Can we submit poetry? ;o

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Shaco the Psycho: Ace up his Sleeve

There it is!! The long awaited and much missed Shaco tale. Thank you WildNeko!!

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No! Sona is perfect and innocent what the fu-

Sorry. Inner fanboi got out.

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nearly to 100 :P

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Continuing "IN A DREAM" but... no... it's no longer a dream anymore.

A Big Decision!: P1

-Pantheon has his hands on the kitchen counter, bracing himself as he continues coughing up the beer he had inhaled. Still white with shock, he turns around slowly to look at Nidalee who is sitting at the kitchen table, waiting for an answer.-

Pantheon: Pussycat… I… *wanting to say no but seeing her look so hopeful, he didn’t want to break her heart*

Nidalee: *interrupts, excited* I had a dream while I was in my coma, and sexy it was beautiful! We had a family together, a real family. You should have seen our kids!

Pantheon: *still looking petrified, stutters* B… but… Now?

Nidalee: *Smiling* Why not? What are we waiting for?

Pantheon: *not knowing how to answer* I’m not… I don’t want… It’s not even… I mean the League…

Nidalee: *smile fades, realizing he‘s trying to say no* Are we not suppose to have our own lives because of the League?

Pantheon: No! I mean… It’s just… that’s like… a really big deal!

Nidalee: *getting a little mad* You were ready to take on the role when it was Akali’s baby.

Pantheon: *surprised* How’d you…

Nidalee: *interrupting* Warwick told me. *fighting back tears as her anger grows* What’s this about Pantheon?

Pantheon: *blurts out the first thing that comes to mind* I’m not ready!

Nidalee: *trying to remain calm* When are two people ever ready for such a thing, Pantheon?

Pantheon: *nervous* I… I don’t know… *exasperated from the conversation, sits down at the kitchen table across from Nid and sighs heavily, trying to think* I don’t know if I’d… you know… be any good at it.

Nidalee: *monotone and hurt* I don’t wish to pressure you into this. *looking down in her lap* If this isn’t where you see us going…

Pantheon: *a bit calmer* I do, Pussycat… *reaching across the table, taking her hands* …Just… marry me first.

Nidalee: *confused* What?

Pantheon: Marry me.

Nidalee: I… I don’t know what that means. *tilting her head slightly, waiting for a response*

Pantheon: *closing his eyes trying to think of how to explain it* Ok it’s… Two people… *sighs and looks lost for words* I’m asking you to stay with me and love me forever.

Nidalee: *smiling, gets up from her chair, walks over and sits in his lap* Yes of course I will.

Pantheon: *relieved* I’ll even buy you a ring.

Nidalee: *confused* A ring of what?

Pantheon: *smiles* Never mind Pussycat. *kisses her, then picks her up and carries her to the bedroom*

-The next night Pantheon, Yi, Brolaf and Twisted Fate went over to the Dungeon. Nidalee, having not seen Irelia and Evelynn since her return from the hospital, decides to invite them over while the guys are out.-

Nidalee: *opening the door, seeing the two girls* Come in, come in.

Irelia: *hugging Nid as she enters* How are you feeling?

Nidalee: *smiles* I’m fine.

Evelynn: *also giving her a hug as she enters* Memory in tact and all?

Nidalee: Oh yes.. *closes the door*

-Irelia and Evelynn take a seat on the couch while Nidalee sits in a chair across from them.-

Irelia: We haven’t seen much of you.

Nidalee: After coming home, well… Pantheon was pretty adamant about staying in for awhile.

Evelynn: Well you look good. *smiling* Eyes are back to yellow.

Nidalee: *giggles* Yes… I think I’ve handled the recovery period better than Pantheon. Accept… *hesitating*

Irelia: *a little worried* Accept…what?

Nidalee: I had this dream while I was in my coma…*deep breath* Well it was so real and…

Evelynn: *interested* What was it about?

Nidalee: Pantheon and I had kids and I was about to have another. *smiles at Irelia* You were pregnant, too with Yi’s kid.

Irelia: *turning red* I… Well… That won’t happen for a long time. *chuckles at the idea*

Nidalee: *lowering her head* I told Pantheon I wanted to have a baby…

Irelia and Evelynn: *gasp*

Evelynn: *amazed* What did he say!?

Nidalee: *looking disappointed* He asked me to marry him first….

-Irelia and Evelynn begin shrieking with excitement. Their reaction was so sudden it startled Nidalee who remained sitting in her chair with a curious smile on her face.-

Evelynn: *fascinated* Did you say yes?!

Nidalee: Of course but I thought that’s what we were doing already.

Irelia: *gasps* You don’t know what this means, do you?

Evelynn: *confused, looking at Irelia* She doesn’t… How does she not know!?

Nidalee: What?

Irelia: *laughs* Ok… getting married means there will be ceremony in yours and Pantheon’s honor. A man of the law will stand before you two, say a few things about love and the responsibilities you have to one another and he will ask you to kiss. When you’re done the kiss, then he’ll pronounce you husband and wife.

Evelynn: It’s called a Wedding.

Nidalee: Then what?

Irelia: Then everyone heads to a small party to celebrate your union.

Nidalee: Whose everyone?

Evelynn: You have to invite people to your wedding!

Irelia: Friends and family mostly.

Nidalee: I… I don’t really understand… what’s the purpose of all this?

Evelynn: To publicly announce your love to each other and swear before the Summoner’s Code to love, cherish, blah, blah… It’s tradition!

Nidalee: *remembering the last time she heard that word* Soo… it’s like the gift giving thing for snowdown?

Irelia: It’s something that’s always been done so people keep doing it.

Evelynn: *looking hopeful* Did he get you a ring at least?

Nidalee: *a little frustrated* A ring of what?

Irelia: An engagement ring. *holding up her hand, wiggling her fingers* You know, a ring you put on your finger.

Nidalee: Why would he give me a ring?

Evelynn: It’s also called a promise ring. It’s a way to show you’re engaged.

Nidalee: Oh,no he didn't… I think the “I want a baby” statement through him off guard. *giggles*

Irelia: *smiles* Well I am happy for you!

Evelynn: Oh!? Are we going to be your bridesmaids?

Irelia: I call dibs on maid of honor, because I know Pantheon is going to ask Yi to be his best man and I will kill any woman who dances with him!

Nidalee: Maids? *thinking of her maid uniform*

Evelynn: We can totally help plan this wedding, right?

Irelia: *laughs* I think Nid is going to need us Eve.

-Irelia and Evelynn continue to explain the wedding ritual to Nidalee while the guys are about to get the news at the Dungeon. Yi, Brolaf, Twisted Fate and Pantheon are sitting on their usual bar stools drinking their beer.-

Yi: *noticing Pantheon has been quiet* Something wrong man?

Pantheon: It’s Nidalee…

Brolaf: She alright bro?

Twisted Fate: Singed didn’t mess her up, did he?

Singed: *over hearing* HEY!

Pantheon: No, she’s fine. Well… I mean she’s healthy.

-Pantheon slams the rest of his beer and sets the empty glass back on the bar. He signals for Singed to bring him another while his friends are waiting quietly for an explanation.-

Pantheon: She told me she wants a baby…

Brolaf: Ooooo

Twisted Fate: *whistles* Da-mn, heavy…

Yi: Even after the Urgot and Akali thing?

Pantheon: She said she had this dream while in the coma about us having a real family…*looks down at his empty glass*

Yi: *scared* What… what did you say?

Pantheon: I asked her to marry me…

-Singed still listening, drops a bottle of liquor on the floor and it shatters making everyone in the bar go quiet and stare. Brolaf, Twisted Fate, Singed and Yi stare at Pantheon in pure shock not knowing what to say. Everyone else in the bar notices the tension and also begins to stare at Pantheon.-

Pantheon: *obliviously still staring at his empty glass* She said yes…

Brolaf: *happy* You’re getting married, bro!? BACHELOR PARTY!!

Twisted Fate: Da-mn it! Evelynn is going to push the whole marriage thing now, I just know it! I hate you Panth… really man.

Singed: You? A husband?

Yi: You… are you really going to go through with this?

Pantheon: I love her… *looking up from his drink* Why not?

Yi: It’s just… You’re Pantheon! Getting all the girls, burning down bars, crashing through roofs…

Pantheon: *smiles* I’m still that guy.

Gragas: *walks up* You’re life…*hic…is over… *pats Pantheon’s shoulder and wobbles away*

Jax: *shakes his head at Pantheon and then stares at the floor* I will see you on the other side man… *walks out of the bar with Gragas*

Pantheon: *confused* What the hell does that mean?

Yi: *ignoring the question while staring at the wall across the bar… he couldn’t help but feel like a part of him was losing his best friend*

Brolaf: *taps Twisted Fate’s arm while looking at Miss Fortune talking to Cho‘Gath* Think we can get Miss Fortune to strip dance at the bachelor party?

Twisted Fate: *shakes his head no*

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Kappa Phi Lambda

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Comon page 100!

Ps. I love you all.
Except Neonir >:| Who still hasnt finished A Day In the Life of Rammus and is breaking my heart ;~;

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Continuing "IN A DREAM" but... no... it's no longer a dream anymore.

A Big Decision!: P1

Nid is so oblivious its epic. =] Cant wait for the rest.

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P.S.S I know im late but.... narcissistic much Neonir?

...Not exactly...Gawsh, it's like you guys can't take a joke

Hey, 100 page first post.

I am so win.

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I don't think your a narcissist Neonir.

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**** i wanted to be the first post of the 100th page