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[FANZINE] League of Fans

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The Tale Teller:
A day in the life of Rammus [I]Part five[/I

Zilean: ...So are you going to ask a question?

Rammus: ok. *Stands there*

Zilean: Well, that's good enough for me, all charges are dropped, case dismissed. *walking out, along with everyone as he says it, leaving Rammus and Vlad in the room*

Vladimir: ...(Shouting) THIS SYSTEM OF LAW IS FLOORED!...*sits down on the floor and starts bawling*

I almost, literally, rolled on the floor laughing. My elbow was on the desk, then I read this and nearly fell from laughing. xD

Nice work!

Who framed Mr. Kaiser? P2

When I read this, I'm reminded of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". Is this where you got the idea from?

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Spot the memes. There will be a cookie for the first to get the correct total.
sad i only dont know about the spoon and the snake and about ryze

anyway i will put what i know
trymo is from a comic im a topic in the forum
about sivir is a youtube video
heimer is 300
snake is from snakes on a plane :P

hmm never seen that movie

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spoon is from matrix right? the snake...idk

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snake is from snakes on a plane :P

also gankplanks line is from starwars 6

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'No Spoon' is from the matrix
Heim's lines are from 300
Twitch's line is from scarface
'My Precious' is from LotR
super effective is from pokemon
'You shall not pass' again from LotR
Obvious rickroll is obvious

Not sure about last two

Can I get half a cookie?

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After Curse, Before Charm V – My Pain..

“Why won’t they tell me yet. I’m already old enough to know about my Parents. They keep telling me it’s too much for me to handle. I still wanted to know. My Childhood friend tried to cheer me up but I did not understand the pain it would cause me at that time. I had enough and left the house. I was really into exploration and Adventure but when my Childhood friend found out about me leaving she chased me until she can see me. When I saw her going through so much pain just to see me, I cried and ran back to her. She promised me one thing and that she would marry me when I ever return. Then, she kissed me on the lips and said goodbye and left..”

Akali : Ezreal ! Stop spacing-out ! We need to go NOW !

Ezreal : Ugh.. Sorry .. Let’s go !

Ezreal, Shen, Akali and Kennen runs for the nearby village hoping to find safety as fast as possible. Kog Maw was being carried by Ezreal and Shen as they were running they saw a place filled with light.

Kennen : It’s the village, Let's go !

The group went in the village and found that the villagers was actually afraid.

Ezreal : Excuse me, can anyone please help us .. we need a doctor !

Everyone was quiet.

Shen : I am Shen, The Eye of the twilight. We come in peace and hoping to find help from this village.

Man : T-there’s a healer in that house over there.

Akali : Thank you so much. Ezreal go.

Ezreal : Alright.

Ezreal and Shen brought Kog Maw into the house and saw a man meditating.

Shen : Meditation. We must not disturb him.

Ezreal : But..

Healer : It is alright. I’m back in reality now. So what seems to be the problem ?

Ezreal : My friend here was hit by an arrow by the Bandits ..

Healer : The bandits.. I see.. it’s pretty common so I should be able to cure this.

Ezreal : Thank you.

Healer : In the mean time, why don’t you explore the village for a bit. This would take a few hours.

Ezreal : Sure.. That would be awesome.

Shen : We’ll be leaving now.

Healer : Enjoy your stay.

Ezreal and Shen met up with Akali and Kennen and went to talk somewhere safe.

Shen : So what is happening ?

Ezreal : It all begin when Mordekaiser and his members are trying to free Dark Void..

Shen : Who is this Dark Void ?

Ezreal : Dark Void is the creature that has extremely strong powers and can dominate a whole world but he is not a god as he is still a mortal. Kog and I are adventuring to Demacia in search of Help to stop Mordekaiser and the others.

Shen : Then we will help in any way we can.

Ezreal : That would be really useful. Thanks.

Kennen : Sigh.. really Humans and Voids are really something we yordles don’t understand.

Akali : And you never will.

Kennen : I’m going to explore around town for a bit. See you.

Akali : Ahh Shen-sempai, Why don’t you come see some stuff around with me ?

Shen : Well it wouldn’t hurt to have a bit of fun once in a while..

Ezreal : I’ll just go find a sit to relax for awhile, You guys just enjoy.

Akali : Thanks. Let’s go.

Ezreal stands there and see the Ninjas leave to have fun while Ezreal just finds a sit and daydream about his dreams..

(Thinking) I was struck with a coma once.. ?

Voice : Your memories are coming back.. Ezreal.. Something bad happened..

Ezreal : (Shouting) Whose there ?! Stop talking in my head dammit ! Just come out and show yourselves .. I’m tired of listen to your **** me and my memories !

Ezreal saw that everyone was staring at him as if he was a crazy person. Ezreal was troubled enough and decides that he take a walk outside of the village.

Ezreal: … What is wrong with me ?! Come on.. I need to snap out of it ! I never knew what happened to my past.. I lost precious memories.. it’s coming back bit by bit. Just what is happening.. Why now ?

Voice : There is a reason for everything that is happening, Ezreal. You may not understand it now because you are not ready.

Ezreal : Who are you ?

Voice : I must be hidden throughout your journey but now you must focus and think about what you are going to do.

Ezreal : But.. My powers have not returned and I’m still just a weak human.

Voice ; And maybe that is what it really takes just to save the world, Ezreal. It’s not impossible.

Ezreal : I’m not confident of myself yet.. but I want Lux to come back..

Voice : Then that will be your true desire.. To save the one you really love.

Ezreal : My True Desire.. To save the ones I love.. ?

Suddenly a loud explosion is heard from the village. Ezreal ran back to see the place is on fire. He saw many men attacking innocent lives as well as Shen, Akali and Kennen fighting them.

Voice : Burn this village to the ground.. Hahaha..

Ezreal : Know your place… You ****ing annoy me..

Ezreal saw what the Captain did with the village as he killed many innocent lives.

Captain : Talking big, eh ? Without your powers, you can do nothing.

Ezreal : Oh but it gets better.. I’ll show you a true display of skills !

Captain : A duel.. eh ? I accept.

Ezreal : As my weapon I take.. this long stick .

Captain : I’ll choose this sword.

Ezreal : Heh, No Problem..

Ezreal readies his stance and charges for the captain with a hard strike foward but the captain swiftly dodges and grabs Ezreal’s stick and pulls the stick along with Ezreal and kicks Ezreal in the stomach with great force.

Captain : Weak.. Weak , WEAK !

Ezreal : Shut up !

Ezreal gets back up and swings his stick with a 360 Degree turn but the Captain Crouches and made another 360 Degree turn but with a kick and made Ezreal fall. Akali notices Ezreal and the Captain were fighting.

Akali : Shen-Sempai ! Ezreal is in trouble.

Akali runs to help Ezreal but something grabbed her hand.

Shen : No. This is Ezreal’s fight. We leave it to him.

Akali : But ..

Kennen : Do what he says. We need to settle things here.

Shen : Kennen is right, There are more bandits coming, let’s go. Akali and Kennen, go see how Kog Maw is doing.

Kennen : What about you ?

Shen : I’ll take care of these bandits.

Akali : Make sure you come back alive .. Or I’ll never forgive myself.

Shen : It’s alright.. I’ll come back, I promise.

Ezreal slowly got back up with his stick on his hands and made another swing but the Captain just avoids that blow and took the chance and uses his knees and kicks Ezreal in the face. Ezreal, in pain, kneels down.

Captain : Do you know you are so weak ?!

Ezreal : You don’t know anything !

Captain : You never found the reason to fight !

Ezreal : Who needs a ****ing reason !!

Ezreal releases his stick and attempts to punch the captain but the captain grabs his fist and uses his force to crush it. Ezreal yelled in pain.

Captain : You call this your true display of skills ?! You are nothing but mere trash !

Ezreal eyes starts to bleed and could not take anymore blows. The captain releases his fist and Ezreal just sways around with a dizzy feeling.

Ezreal : You don’t know.. me.. dammit..

Captain : Even with your powers.. I can still defeat you.

Ezreal : Don’t.. talk.. trash..

Captain : I’ll end this once and for all.

The captain took out his sword and readies to plunge his blade into Ezreal. He points and strikes Ezreal with his Sword and forces it into his heart. The captain then removes the bloody sword from Ezreal’s body and walks away.

To Be Continued..

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Trymo is from another forum thread


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Destiny Cow

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FriskyKitty why does ur website have so many adds

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Destiny Cow:
FriskyKitty why does ur website have so many adds

Sadly because it's free. Nothing comes entirely free, right? I can't afford to pay for hosting a real website right now, but I'm hoping in the next month or two I can.

Until then I'm having to endure the confucted Tripod. (btw never use tripod) They give me more headaches then just adds. For some mysterious reason, the stories I put on there will get cut off. So once or twice a week, I have to go back through and fix them so that they're in their entirety.

Anyway, just wanted to add a filler here. Was going to sleep today but the little one just won't have it.


-The following day after their wedding, Nidalee and Pantheon are lounging around their house.-

Nidalee: What did you do the night before our wedding?

Pantheon: Huh? Oh… ugh, nothing. You?

Nidalee: The girls came over with presents, and snacks. It was fun.

-Pantheon smiles at her and then hears a knock at the door. Getting up to answer it Nidalee gives a confused look. He opens the door and sees Garen.-

Garen: Hey… ugh. You’re home *stepping into the house*

Pantheon: What…why are you here?

Nidalee: *annoyed* Why are you here Garen?

Garen: *clears his throat* I ugh… well… I left my handcuffs here.

Pantheon: What?

Nidalee: Where?

Garen: *feeling very awkward* Umm.. Well they’re… *pointing towards the bedroom*

Pantheon: *looks at Nid*

Nidalee: *hangs her head to avoid eye contact*

Garen: *looking from Pantheon to Nidalee* Right… I’m just going to go get them… real quick… *slowly walks pass Pantheon and across the house to the bedroom*

Pantheon: What’s he talking about?

Nidalee: *still looking at the floor* Caitlyn and Sivir invited Garen and… well… he… I… Nothing happened… just… I don’t know… The girls planned it.

Garen: *walking back through* Got ‘em. *holding a set of handcuffs up* They were under the bed. *getting an evil glare from Pantheon* Gotta go, bye.

-Pantheon shuts the door behind him and flops on the couch. Nidalee cautiously sits next to him.-

Pantheon: *trying to remember Miss Fortune and not be mad* Why were they in the bedroom?

Nidalee: *seeing she’s been caught, fesses up* Caitlyn and Sivir brought him over to dance. He came over in handcuffs.

Pantheon: *cant help but look amused at the abuse*

Nidalee: Soraka made these brownies, which by the way, never eat. I blacked out and when I woke up, Garen was in bed with me.

Pantheon: *pissed, snaps his head to look at her* What?

Nidalee: *startled* He swears nothing happened! Says he didn’t eat the treats and remembers everything. Sexy, please don’t mad.

Pantheon: *tries to calm down* I…believe you.

Nidalee: *leans in to cuddle* I love you…

Pantheon: *forces a smile* Love you too…

-A few hours later another knock is heard at the door. Pantheon answers it and Miss Fortune walks in.-

Pantheon: *mouth drops, speechless*

Miss Fortune: I… ugh… *seeing Nidalee looking at her curiously* Just wanted to give you Yi’s shirt to give to him. He wasn’t home…so… Hope you had a good time. *hands Pantheon the shirt, turns and walks out*

Pantheon: *closing the door*

Nidalee: So that’s where she went.

Pantheon: What?

Nidalee: She was here briefly that night and then left. *looking suspiciously at Pantheon* Why was she at a “no girls” party Pantheon?

Pantheon: Well… I… Umm… *staring at the door* She was… *fidgets nervously* Her and… Well they… Singedhiredherand4otherstostripatthebar.

Nidalee: *begins laughing*

Pantheon: *relaxes a bit* That’s funny? I mean… you’re not mad?

Nidalee: *laughing and motions for him to come back to the couch* Sexy, you don’t find the humor in it?

Pantheon: *still confused, returns by her side* No…

Nidalee: I wake up with Garen naked and you watched Miss Fortune strip. *takes his hand* How about we call it even.

Pantheon: *smiles* Sounds good Pussycat.

-They continue to cuddle on the couch peacefully-

-5 minutes later-

Pantheon: Wait… He was NAKED!? IN MY BED!? WITH YOU?!

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didn't tf shake his head to the question "think we can get miss fortune to strip?"