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[FANZINE] League of Fans

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A Big Decision!: P4

-Wedding: 4pm-

-Current time: 8am-

-Nidalee wakes up rubbing her eyes. As she goes to get out of bed she feels someone next to her. She pushes herself up and sees a naked Garen asleep next to her. She jumps up and begins to panic. She quietly rushes out to the kitchen. She hears a moan from the living room and freezes. The tip-toes towards the living room and sees Irelia and Evelynn asleep on the couch. Nidalee, slowly backs away, her heart beating as though trying to break through her chest, and tries to remember last night.-

Nidalee: *in her thoughts* Ok, stay calm… what did I do. I remember the gifts and eating Soraka’s brownies. Everything after that… ugh it’s blurry. I remember Garen dancing on my coffee table… oh… I was up there with him. *looking sheepishly towards her bedroom door* I hope we didn’t… no I wouldn’t have… *closes her eyes tight* Arrg I can’t remember. What did Soraka put in those brownies!? I have to get Garen out of here!!

-Nidalee deciding to wake Garen up heads back to her bedroom.-

Nidalee: *in her thoughts* How do I do this? Hey Garen, wake up and get out! No… no… Garen… did we? *sigh out loud*

-Nidalee approaches the bed and nudges Garen’s arm. He groans and slowly begins to sit up. Rubbing his eyes he opens them looking confused. He looks around the room and sees Nidalee in her robe standing over him looking sad.-

Garen: Morning *throws his feet off the side of the bed*

Nidalee: *can’t help but yell through her panic* Morning? You’re in my bed!!

Garen: *looking at her as though she’s crazy* You don’t remember?

Nidalee: Does it look like I do?

Garen: *getting annoyed* Relax! Nothing happened.

Nidalee: *sigh of relief and begins to talk calmly* Ok so what did happen?

Garen: *standing up completely naked, not caring* You said I could sleep here

Nidalee: *looks away* Why are you naked?

Garen: *smiles* Because that’s the way I ended up during my dance.

-Nidalee’s face turns red from embarrassment, tosses Garen his clothes from the floor and walks out of the bedroom. She heads back into the kitchen where she continues to pour herself a glass of milk to try and calm down. Garen walks up behind her.-

Garen: Have any coffee?

Nidalee: *not wanting to be rude begins making a pot* Should be ready in about 10 minutes.

Garen: *taking a seat at the table* So today’s the big day ugh?

Nidalee: *unable to look at him even with clothes on* Yes I suppose it is. *rubs between her eyes still trying to remember* What did Soraka have in those brownies?

Garen: *shrugs* No one ever knows. The last time I ate her brownies I woke up naked in a field somewhere with a dead bird and Alistair. I still don’t know what happened. That’s why I didn’t eat any last night, I learned my lesson.

Nidalee: Why didn’t you go home last night? *still a little frustrated he’s there*

Garen: It was either stay here or go with Caitlyn and Kayle. *shudders* Those two women are… well they’re… mean.

-Nidalee and Garen continue talking until finally Evelynn and Irelia wake up. They let out a small shriek of surprise to find they were holding each other. Garen also claims they only fell asleep like that and nothing more happened between them. After his coffee, Garen said his goodbyes and left, leaving the three girls to get ready for Nidalee’s big day.-

-Current Time: 11am-

-Back at the Dungeon, Pantheon hears a voice.-

Yi: C’mon man, wake up! How much did you drink?

Pantheon: *slowly picking his head up from the table and looks around* I’m still here?

Yi: You wouldn’t go home last night! Just kept saying you wanted to stay.

Pantheon: *head pounding he makes an attempt to stand up but feels something by his feet* What the…?

-As he looks down, he sees a naked Miss Fortune curled up with her head on his cape as a pillow. He rubs his eyes, not believing what he’s seeing.-

Yi: C’mon, we have to go get ready. Warwick told me if you weren’t there by 3pm he was going to kill me.

Pantheon: *whispers* My cape! *pointing down*

Yi: *hasn’t noticed her yet looks down, eyes wide, whispers* What the hell did you two do?

Pantheon: *shrugs*

Yi: Forget your cape and let’s go!

Pantheon: I’m suppose to wear it.

Yi: You don’t have more than one?

Pantheon:*looking thoughtful* No… but I should get some more.

-Yi rolls his eyes and looks around the bar for anything he can use. Not seeing anything and beginning to panic they will be late, he takes off his shirt.-

Pantheon: *giving him an odd look* What are you doing?

-Yi doesn’t answer but bends down and slowly tries the slide the cape out from under her head and slide his shirt in it’s place. Successful, he stands up holding Pantheon’s cape.-

Yi: Let’s go!

-The two guys flee the bar and head back to Yi’s place where they continue to rush to get ready.-

-Current Time: 2pm-

-Inside Warwick’s mansion Nidalee, Irelia and Evelynn are upstairs in a room getting ready. Nidalee’s dress was long, but it did not flare out like most wedding dresses. The dress was open all the way down her back and it tied around her neck. The front was cut low to a V shape and at the bottom of the V was a large silver jewel. Irelia was in an elegant black dress with a red shawl draped over her shoulders. Evelynn was wearing a similar black dress but instead of the shawl had long red gloves. Nervously they fixed any problems they could see with their attire.-

Nidalee: So what do I do out there?

Irelia: Just let Warwick lead you down the isle. When he hands you over to Pantheon, stand in front of him and look at him. The man will begin speaking and just follow his directions. Simple.

Evelynn: *excited* We look amazing! I hope Twisty will like this dress on me.

-Downstairs in a separate room the guys are getting dressed. Pantheon is in an entirely black suit with a red silk shirt underneath his vest and a simple black tie. On his back as Nidalee requested was his signature black cape. Twisted Fate and Yi were also in black suits but instead with a black silk shirt under their vests and red ties.-

Yi: *shakes his head* You don’t remember anything after the dance?

Pantheon: No… If I don’t remember, it didn’t happen, right? *nervous smile*

Twisted Fate: Yea, right. That’s like asking if a tree falls and no one hears it, did it actually fall?

Pantheon: *confused* What?

Yi: Just… *sighs* …Just don’t talk about it.

-Yi walks over to fix Pantheon’s tie because as always he messed it up. Usually Nidalee does it for him. Pantheon looks at him curiously as Yi’s expression has a serious but sad look.-

Pantheon: *smirking* Are you going to cry man?

Twisted Fate: *snickers*

Yi: What? No! *walks over to the window*

-Pantheon walks up beside him as they both stare down to the open area below, now decorated in red roses and black chairs.-

Pantheon: *trying to remain serious* You alright man?

Yi: Fine. *looks at Pantheon*

Twisted Fate: It’s cool you two. I get it.

Pantheon and Yi: *look at Twisted Fate confused*

Twisted Fate: C’mon… you’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind to not see what you two have. *fussing with his vest*

Pantheon and Yi: *give each other disgusted looks and then give one to Twisted Fate*

Twisted Fate: Not that! You’re brothers. Pantheon being the goofy little brother always following you *motioning to Yi* around and asking for help. Yi is the older brother always leading and giving orders… errr advice. You’re family.

-Before anyone in the room could say anything else, a large quake is felt in the ground. Sounds of rattling breakables are heard throughout the mansion.-

Yi: What the hell was that?

Twisted Fate: Earthquake? Here?

Pantheon: *smiles* The tribes here…

-The three guys look out the window to see warriors dropping from the sky. Upstairs, the girls see the same thing.-

Irelia: Oh… my… summoners. Glad we had it outside.

Evelynn: *Shrieks and begins laughing uncontrollably* It’s literally raining men!

-The three women laugh at the sight but Nidalee couldn’t help but feeling a tingle of jealousy. She walks back in front of the mirror thinking. Pantheon’s entire tribe came and her family wouldn’t be there.-

Irelia: Nid, come look!

-Nidalee looks outside and sees Warwick coming out of the woods with a pack of cougars.-

Nidalee: *begins to cry* How did he… My family!!

-Current Time: 3:55pm-

-The Stanpar tribe were standing behind Pantheon, Yi, and Twisted Fate on the right side of the alter. The cougars were on the other side behind Irelia and Evelynn. In the chairs that made an isle in front of the alter, sat all the members of the League.-

Warwick: *Holding out his arm in front of Nidalee* You ready my dear kitty?

Nidalee: *smiles* Yes

-The two walk out of the mansion and towards the crowd. Everyone stands up to look at them and Nidalee begins to feel embarrassed with so many looking at her. Warwick walks with her until they reach the alter where they stops in front of Pantheon. He lifts up her hand, kisses it softly and then holds it out for Pantheon to take. As Pantheon takes her hand in his, Warwick gives him a subtle look of dislike. Pantheon, smiles at Nidalee as she steps in front of him.-

-The service was quick. They said their vows while exchanging their wedding bands which were black titanium rings with 2 silver loops embedded into them.-

Man: You may kiss the bride

-As Nidalee and Pantheon share a kiss, the crowd whistles, the Stanpars yell “HOORAH!” and the cougars roar.-


*The wedding bands described, are the same my hubby and I have*

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Kappa Phi Lambda

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Do I see an arc centralized on Warwick's past with his own kitty coming?
Please? Puhleese?
*shifty eyes*

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Make this event canon to the lore!


Evelynn: *Shrieks and begins laughing uncontrollably* It’s literally raining men!


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Make this event canon to the lore!


My thoughts exactly... on both accounts.

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Random Events at the Wedding Banquet:

Kassadin: The Balance of Power MUST BE PRESERVED!

Malzahar: *stares blankly at his plate* I don't understand! Where is it?

Kassadin: Where is what?

Malzahar: The spoon!

Kassadin: *eyes Malzahar curiously* Don't you know? There is no spoon!

Malzahar: ...


Heimerdinger: Using my mind powers, I shall bend this spoon! *brandishes Malzahar's missing spoon*

Corki: Do not try to bend the spoon - that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth: there is no spoon.

Heimerdinger: You madman! This is blasphemy! If there is no spoon, then what in the name of Spartans is this?

Unknown Pantheonite Relative: Blasphemy? THIS IS STANPAR!

Heimerdinger gets kicked into a deep deep hole.


The Karthi Choir is singing the wedding hymns.

Karthi Choir: Our ability poweeeeeeeeeeer is over 9000, lalala~

Twitch appears.

Karthi Choir: Requiem will kill you in a- huh?

Twitch: Say hello to my little friend! *starts Spray and Pray*

Karthi Choir: *splat*


Katarina: Sister, get your snakes away!

Cassiopeia: But I like snakes!

Katarina: *enraged* I have had it with these mother fuc kin' snakes in this mother fuc kin' wedding!

Katarina throws her blade, killing one and every snake.

Cassiopeia: You could have just said please.


Kennen: HeheheheheheIshallputsomelaxativeinTeemosdrinkhehehehehe

As Kennen snuck behind Teemo, he heard Gangplank call out:

Gangplank: ITS A TRAP!

Kennen: *steps on mushroom* oh****.

Teemo: *chuckle*

Tristana: *steps in front of Teemo*

Teemo: Blarg!

Tristana: This... is... my... BOOMSTICK! *fires Buster Shot*

Teemo: Blarg am ded.

Flying back, he collided with Tryndamere, who had just had a spell casted on him by Zilean.

Zilean: I knew you would do that.

In an extreme burst of sparkles and drugged haze, Tryndamere and Teemo fused into...

Zilean: TRYMO!!



Ryze: *noticing no guards at Kassadin's Magic Emporuim* At long last, the Ring of Zhonya is mine!! My... my precioussssss...

Brolaf: Bro!! One does not simply walk into Kassadin's Magic Emporium!

Ryze: Oh noes!

Brolaf: Brolaf uses Undertow! Its super effective!

Ryze: ARGH!!! MY BALLS!!!


Gragas: Lets get this party started!

Anivia *defending the ice sculpture in Gragas's path* YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!

She places an ice wall, forcing Gragas to faceplant.

The festivities continue...

The New Karthi Choir: Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around or desert you. Never gonna make you cry, Never gonna saaaay goodbye, Never gonna tell a lie or hurt you.


New Karthi Choir: *splat*


Sona: You do have a first name don't you Sivir? I saw it on your certificate of accounting.

Soraka: *stoned* Yeaaahhhh!! Whoo!!

Sivir: We-ell... umm...

Nidalee: Tell us! You can trust us not to tell anyone else.

Sivir: Its.... its Britney...

Soraka: *stoned and shouting* LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!

EDIT: spot the memes. there will be a cookie for the first to get the correct total.

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YES YES... I want stories. Events during the wedding... I left the Bachelor party WIDE OPEN for you guys! Gimmie stories!

Edit: I have also been awake for too long running on only coffee... I will go rest now. Zzzzz

Double Edit: By the way IRSharp... Completed: http://friskykittystories.tripod.com/hangin-out.html +1 as always

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After Curse, Before Charm IV – It came back..

“Ever since I never saw my parents again, I wondered so much about what happened. I wondered about it for two years. My guardians was worried and they finally decided that they would talk to me about it. I wanted to know so much..”

Ezreal woke up from the ground in front of his door room.

Ezreal : What .. happened *Feeling weak*

Ezreal did not see anyone else around and stood up while holding his head.

Ezreal : I can’t remember what happened last night..

Ezreal took a shower and went down to get breakfast while thinking about what happened last night.

Ezreal : Hey Koggie, Morning.

Kog : Yeah. Hey, I’ve already eaten.

Ezreal : Where ?

Kog : I went hunting early in the morning.

Ezreal : I See. Hey Kog, Something happened to me last night. Did you saw anyone ?

Kog : I was asleep and what happened ?

Ezreal : Someone came knocking on the door and after that I don’t remember a thing after I woke up from the floor.

Kog : I wonder who could be at the door.. ?

Ezreal : Well whatever, what done is done. Time to get some food and after that we’re moving out again.

Kog : Alright.

Ezreal went into town and ate his breakfast and walked to Kog Maw.

Kog : Ready ?

Ezreal : Let’s go.

Ezreal and Kog Maw sets off and begun their journey to Demacia. After a few minutes of walking Ezreal saw a familiar looking figure.

Ezreal : Hey Kog.. do you see that person ?

Kog : Where ?

Ezreal : *Points* There .

Kog : I see no one .. Dude .. don’t scare me.

Ezreal : No, I’m serious.. She is standing at the edge of the cliff .. wait..

Suddenly the figure Ezreal saw jumps off the cliff and left Ezreal in a traumatic state.

Ezreal : No !

Ezreal ran to the edge of the cliff and went to take a look if the woman really jumped but in the end he looked below and saw no one.

Kog : Dude.. Are you sure you’re feeling alright ?

Ezreal : What is.. happening to me.. please make it stop..

Kog : Ezreal.. Hey Ezreal .. Do you want to go back ?

Ezreal : Sorry.. No we must move on and stop .. Mordekaiser..

Kog : But ..

Ezreal : We MUST stop them.. for the sake of the World and The void. If no one wants to stop them then I will do it ! *Still feeling a bit scared*

Kog : Ezreal..

Ezreal : Let’s continue walking.. I’m feeling a bit better.

Ezreal and Kog Maw walk through a path in a forest. It seems awfully quiet around.

Voice : Attack !!

Suddenly a group of thieves was spotted charging for Ezreal and Kog Maw.

Kog : Ezreal , get ready .

Ezreal : Heh, It’s time for a true display of skills !

Kog Maw rolls a ball of Void Ooze on the ground in a line and the bandits got stuck on the ooze. Ezreal takes a few seconds to prepare himself and aims his attacks at them but..

Ezreal : What the..

Kog : Ez ! what are you doing , Shoot them already !

Ezreal : I can’t shoot !

Kog : What ?!

Ezreal : Dammit, Shoot, Fire , Anything ?!

Kog : Oh, for goodness sakes !

Kog Maw spits out acid attacks and burnt a few thieves but many more keeps on coming.

Kog : I really need some help here…

Ezreal : My glove won’t work !

Kog : We are outnumbered, We need to run !

Ezreal and Kog Maw ran for their lives but suddenly Ezreal was pinned down by bandits that charged at him by the sides. Kog Maw was aiming for the bandits but suddenly Kog Maw was shot down by an arrow and fell down, Unconscious. Ezreal who was still awake heard the one of the them saying something..

Voice 1: Did we captured them all ?

Voice 2: Yes sir, The monster and the boy.

Voice 1: Very good, we lost some men .. but it was worth it.

Voice 2: Sir, What are your orders ?

Voice 1: Bring them back to camp and lock them up in the cages.

Voice 2: Sir yes sir !

After a while, Ezreal and an Unconscious Kog Maw was placed into a cage. Ezreal saw Kog Maw was in pain and slowly removed the arrow from his body. He then covers up the pink blood coming out from his body with his hands, trying to save him.

Ezreal : What the hell do you want from us ?!

The captain of the group then spoke.

Captain : I believe you are getting in our way.

Ezreal : Way of what ?!

Captain : Into stealing the village’s Precious Rock.

Ezreal : Then steal it, why do we care ?!

Captain : Hmm.. I think you do not understand. That rock is really rare and it is a piece of key into something we want to do.

Ezreal : You mean..

Captain : No, it is not a part of the Great Key but it is something linked to the Dark Void.

Ezreal : Dark Void.. How did you know about him ?!

Captain : A friend of mine knew about it.. but that is not important.

Ezreal : Dammit, let us out ! We need to go stop-

Captain : You are not stopping anyone.

Ezreal : Do you know the powers of The Dark Void ?!

Captain : Oh we know.. we know..

Ezreal : If I had my powers.. I’d-

Captain : You’d do what ? What can you do ? Alone without your stupid monster friend which is dying can do nothing to stop a whole clan.

Ezreal : What can I do.. ? I can do anything.

Captain : Why don’t you prove it to me.

Ezreal stands up and aims his glove at the lock. The captain was looking and smiling at Ezreal without having to worry about a thing. Ezreal tries to fire out some of his magic but it didn’t work.

Ezreal : I don’t understand.. how can I lose my powers ?!

Captain : Ahh.. About that, I’ll introduce you a friend.

The Captain then brings out a very familiar figure which lead Ezreal to a state of Shock.

Ezreal : Fiddle.. What the…

Fiddle : Hello, Ezreal . A pleasure to meet you.

Ezreal : What are you doing ?!

Fiddle : You see.. One of my crow was sent out to check on you and we found out that you know about Dark Void.

Ezreal : We.. ? You mean Mordekaiser and the rest ?!

Fiddle : Mordekaiser ? Oh .. That’s an interesting piece of information. So More people are releasing Dark Void ? Very Interesting.

Ezreal : You mean.. you’re not with them ?

Fiddle : Oh no.. Of course not.

Ezreal : Oh god.. this is trouble.

Fiddle : Obviously.. You only want to play Hero, Am I right ?

Ezreal : No ! That is not true !

Fiddle : No, Ezreal. There is another part of the story that you will not understand even if you try putting logic into it.

Ezreal : I don’t get it.

Fiddle : See what I mean.. You are just not ready. Either you stay out of our way or die trying..

Ezreal : I’ll die trying.. Even if I will die halfway through.. I know my efforts will not be forgotten !

Fiddle : Yeah .. all you know is talk, talk and more talk but in the end .. The job is still not done.

Ezreal : Shut up.. Shut up !

Fiddle : Captain, if you may.

Captain : Of course.

Fiddle : Oh and Ezreal.. I was the one that drained your powers. Hahahaha !

The Captain threw a sleeping bomb and knocks Ezreal out eventually.

Voice : Ezreal, in order for you to reach beyond your limits. You first must realize your true desire.

Ezreal : But I don’t know my desire.. I just want to save the World and The Home of the Void.

Voice : That is a great thought but that is not enough for it to be your true desire of why you want to save the world and the Void.

Ezreal : It’s too late for that.. I was captured and I totally lost my powers.

Voice : That is not true. You are captured by your own weakness and your powers will return all in due time. About your memories..

Ezreal : My Memories.. ?

Ezreal suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and sat down. Everyone in the camp was gone. Kog Maw was still asleep but his injuries is still not cured.

Ezreal : I’m sorry Kog Maw.. I brought you into this mess and furthermore .. I brought Lux into this mess. I never wanted to do this.. but I’m starting to regret it..

Voice : You will regret nothing.

Ezreal was surprised to hear a voice coming out of nowhere.

Ezreal : Whose there ?

Voice : Hmph.. an old friend that knows how to free you..

Ezreal : It should be..

Shen : That’s right. We know and heard about what is going to happen.

Ezreal : We ?

Shen : Akali and Kennen are dealing with the guards nearby.

Ezreal : Thank goodness.. Why help us ?

Shen : The world’s end is coming.. We must restore balance and peace to the world.

Ezreal : You should know what is about to happen now, right ?

Shen : Unfortunately , We don’t know the full story but Kog maw here should be alright after getting some treatment at a nearby village.

Ezreal : Let’s hurry before the whole clan comes back.

To be Continued..

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A Big Decision!: P3

-Two days before the wedding, Nidalee and Pantheon are cuddling for the night on the couch as they talk about the plans Nidalee has made so far.-

Pantheon: Red and Black?

Nidalee: I love the color red, it reminds me of the most beautiful flower in the Jungle. So when Irelia asked me, I thought about those flowers and you… and you’re black cape. *smiles, running her fingers down his back*

Pantheon: I get to keep the cape on?

Nidalee: *giggles* Of course, sexy.

-Before Pantheon could reply the two hear a knock at the door. Pantheon gets up to answer it.-

Pantheon: *surprised* Warwick?

Nidalee: *standing up from the couch* Is everything ok?

Warwick: *walking inside* It is my dear, do not fret. I came actually to borrow Pantheon.

Nidalee: *having full trust in Warwick, she smiles* Oh, ok.

Pantheon: *worried* Uhm…

Warwick: *motioning to Pantheon* Come.

-The two men step outside while Nidalee sits back down on the couch and shrugs. Warwick motions for Pantheon to get inside the black car parked out front.-

Pantheon: *climbing in the back* The Bachelor partys tomorrow…

Warwick: *getting in after him* This isn’t about your party.

Pantheon: *sitting silently, looking at Warwick, realizing the car isn’t going anywhere*

Warwick: *glaring at him* Why have you asked her to marry you?

Pantheon: *taken back by the question* I…well I love her and…

Warwick: *interrupts* Nidalee is a very strong woman, but when the matter comes to you she is more fragile than the most frail mirror.

Pantheon: *stares at the wolf unsure what to say*

Warwick: I understand you have this bachelor party tomorrow night at the Dungeon?

Pantheon: *excited* Yea, wanna come?

Warwick: *barks* NO! *stares at Pantheon as though looks could kill, and growls* If you do anything at all to shatter her spirit and break her heart, I will tear your face off with my claws and eat YOUR heart for a snack. As we both know, one on one I WILL kill you, do I make myself clear, Pantheon?

Pantheon: *a little intimidated, nods his head in understanding*

Warwick: *smiles wickedly seeing his fear* Good. She is a rare and special woman, untainted by civilization. You are a lucky man, do not throw it away out of foolishness. There is nothing stronger in this life than a woman’s love and loyalty. Do well to remember that.

Pantheon: *again, silently nods his head*

Warwick: I am pleased you understand. You are free to leave. *motions for him to get out*

-Pantheon climbs out of the back seat and barely shutting the door, the car speeds off.-

Pantheon: Woa… *shakes his head* He has issues.

-The night before the wedding finally came.-

Nidalee: I don’t understand why you can’t stay, sexy. *pouting*

Pantheon: It’s just one night Pussycat. I’m not suppose to see you before the wedding.

Nidalee: *still pouting* Why though?

Pantheon: *shrugs* bad luck.

Nidalee: *squinting at him* Bad… luck…?

Pantheon: *smiles and gives her a quick kiss* I’ll see you tomorrow Pussycat! *excited he jumps through the hole in their roof*

-Nidalee takes a seat on the couch and hangs her head, hating the idea of spending the night apart. A knock at the door cancels her thoughts. She heads over to open it and when she does she gets quite the surprise!-

Nidalee: *shocked* What the…

Irelia: *shouts* SURPRISE!!!

-Looking out her front door, Nidalee sees a ton of girls giggling and smiling at her while holding gifts. She opens the door wider to allow them all to come in and at the end of the line is Garen, in only his underwear with his hands cuffed together, looking depressed.-

Nidalee: *eyes lighting up, looking him up and down* Garen?

Garen: *clenching his teeth, angrily* Don’t…ask… me… *points over to Caitlyn and Sivir*

Evelynn: *walks up and gives her a hug* This is your surprise bachelorette party! We thought if Pantheon gets one, you should, too.

-Evelynn smiles and takes her hand, dragging her into the living room where the girls were all sitting. Sona, Miss Fortune, Sivir, Soraka, Evelynn, Irelia, Janna, Caitlynn, Ashe, Akali, Katarina, LeBlanc, and even Kayle were there.-

Nidalee: *smiling happily* Wow… I don’t know what to say. *blushing*

Ashe: Your look was priceless!

-The room giggles, and Garen solemnly walks into the living and stands by the wall like a statue.-

Nidalee: *curiously giggles* What have you done to him?

Katarina: Oh he has a surprise gift for you!

Caitlyn: *giggles* Come to find out, his spin makes for quite… a dance. *winks at Nidalee*

-The room giggles again and Garen hangs his head-

Akali: First the presents!!

Soraka: *smiling* Then the snacks! *holding up a bag of brownies*

Sona: *plays a delightful tune at seeing the chocolate*

Sivir: *laughs* I don’t know Soraka… what’s in your brownies this time?

Soraka: *grinning wickedly* Zilean helped make them

Miss Fortune: *eyeing Garen* I know what I want for a snack…


LeBlanc: *stands up with a small gift bag* Mine first! *hands it to Nidalee*

Nidalee: *trying to absorb what’s happening accepts the bag* Uhmm, thank you. What are the gifts for, exactly?

Janna: You are so cute Nid. Don’t ask and just open. *points to the bag, excitedly*

Nidalee: *smiles* Ok I guess.

-Nidalee opens the bag and pulls out a gift card and on it says, “SPIKES AND MORE SE-X SHOP”. She laughs as the recognizes the logo.-

LeBlanc: Sivir mentioned that was you’re favorite store.

Nidalee: *eyes wide with happiness* Indeed it is! Thank you!

-The girls giggle-

Kayle: *standing up* This is my gift to you and also an apology gift as well. *hands her a large bag with colored paper sticking out of the top*

Nidalee: Thank you, Kayle, and you already know I forgive you. *smiles sweetly*

-She pulls out the paper and reaches inside, pulling out a bag of lobster and shrimp. Nidalee not sure what to say but smiles.-

Nidalee: Uhmm...?

Kayle: I promise *sticking her hand up* there’s nothing with it. *smiling and pointing to Caitlyn* She was with me and we didn’t even buy it from Urgot’s store.

Caitlyn: *laughs* I assure you its safe to eat. Thinking though she did ruin your stash of shrimp, she should buy you a new one!

Nidalee: *giggles* That you did Kayle. Thank you.

-The room echoes in giggles and the girls continue handing presents to Nidalee. She was pleased with every gift.-

Miss Fortune: Well girls. I’ve stayed as long as I can for tonight.

-The room “awe”-

Caitlyn: You sure you can’t stay for.. *points to Garen*

Miss Fortune: *smiles* Trust me, I want to… but I have to go.

-She walks over and hugs Nidalee goodbye then walks out.-

Irelia: What’s that about?

Sona: *plays an annoying tune*

LeBlanc: Mordekaiser and Singed… *looks at Nid* Never mind.

Sivir: *attempting to stay off that topic, smiles deviously* Oooh Garen, C’mere….

-The rest of the night, the girls spent playing “Spin the Spin-Top”. During this time, Pantheon was enjoying his party as well. At the party was Nassus, Rammus, Cho’Gath, Mordekaiser, Yi, Twisted Fate, Brolaf, Shaco, Ezreal, Gangplank, Gragas, Jax, Shen, Tryndamere, Xin Zhao, while Udyr and Singed were bartending.-

Brolaf: *grinning, standing in the back of the bar* I can’t believe you got this bro.

Mordekaiser: *grumbles looking towards the front of the bar at Pantheon* He better enjoy it, it wasn’t easy to get.

-Pantheon is drinking a beer at his table with Yi and Twisted Fate sitting next to him. The three guys are staring up at an enslaved Sona, wearing a bikini who is dancing for them on the table.-

Shaco: *pops out of invisibility right next to Mordekaiser* I have a trick to play! *splits in half and his double runs off excitedly*

-Mordekaiser and Brolaf stare curiously at Shaco. Nassus walks up to them with Rammus following behind him.-

Nassus: What are you up to? *giving a look at Shaco*

Shaco: *grins* All will be revealed

Rammus: ok

-Moments later Shaco’s double returns with LeBlanc’s double who joins the enslaved Sona on the table for a duel dance. The bar breaks out in whistles. Shaco’s double stands and watches the two women instead of returning.-

Brolaf: Nice bro!

-Even Mordekaiser manages a smile at seeing Sona and LeBlanc. After awhile the two woman bend down, give Pantheon a kiss, and hop off the table. Singed kills the music and yells to get the bar’s attention. Everyone quiets down to listen.-

Singed: Before we begin the drinking games, I have my own present. Brolaf, would you please lock the front door to the bar. *Brolaf does* I paid a very, very heavy price for this, so I expect ALL bar tabs to be paid. *scowls at the room, then opens the back door behind the bar and turns on a different song.*

(You have to listen while you read the rest.)

Knock ‘Em Dead - Johnny Roccer Remix


(You got the song playing? Good…)

-Out walks Miss Fortune holding her “guns” and following her are 4 other woman in only thongs holding a gun in each hand. They begin shooting their guns in the air as they strut out. The 5 women in sync to the music, step up on the bar and begin to dance. Miss Fortune removing her clothes throughout the dance and tossing them to Pantheon. Pantheon’s mouth drops and a part of him wants to look away out of guilt, but he doesn’t have the will power.-

Yi: *leaning to Pantheon side so he can hear above the music* How the hell did Singed manage this!?

Pantheon: *not caring, shrugs, never looking away from the bar*

Twisted Fate: *also leans in* Maybe I will get married…

-The last thing he remembers is seeing Miss Fortune completely naked on the bar while hearing the loud yells and whistles from the rest of the room.-

Hope you enjoyed!

Why wasn't I invited to the party

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Captain Bull?

Why wasn't I invited to the party
because u ugly XD, or not, well idk

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Captain Bull?

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