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[FANZINE] League of Fans

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yay, back at the top of the first page

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A Big Decision!: P3

.. Daaamn. awesome piece !

ROFL at Garen xD

( See, if i had made this story it wouldn't turn out this epic )

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Singed: Before we begin the drinking games, I have my own present. Brolaf, would you please lock the front door to the bar. *Brolaf does* I paid a very, very heavy price for this, so I expect ALL bar tabs to be paid. *scowls at the room, then opens the back door behind the bar and turns on a different song.*

(You have to listen while you read the rest.)

Knock ‘Em Dead - Johnny Roccer Remix


(You got the song playing? Good…)

-Out walks Miss Fortune holding her “guns” and following her are 4 other woman in only thongs holding a gun in each hand. They begin shooting their guns in the air as they strut out. The 5 women in sync to the music, step up on the bar and begin to dance. Miss Fortune removing her clothes throughout the dance and tossing them to Pantheon. Pantheon’s mouth drops and a part of him wants to look away out of guilt, but he doesn’t have the will power.-

Yi: *leaning to Pantheon side so he can hear above the music* How the hell did Singed manage this!?

Pantheon: *not caring, shrugs, never looking away from the bar*

Twisted Fate: *also leans in* Maybe I will get married…

-The last thing he remembers is seeing Miss Fortune completely naked on the bar while hearing the loud yells and whistles from the rest of the room.-

Hope you enjoyed![/QUOTE]

GJ Frisky! I hope this story has a happy ending because weird things usually happen when Pantheon blacks out...lol

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This is a great idea. I'll support this any way possible.


Just found this person. He has a nice swimsuit section. =)

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C.S.I? I have heard of it, but never watched it. Sorries! I used to watch Law and Order back when I was a kid... thus my idea for this one.

As he enters he sees Miss Fortune crying at a table with Cho’Gath sitting across from her, looking solemn.

Frisky...I love you for that part so much.

Well apparently I was away for 3 days...and the thread grew by 30 pages...fml.

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Hangin out P4

Teemo and Kennen return before Shen ”wakes up” and meditate a few minutes more. The sun had set and it was getting a little chilly. Shen opens his eyes, look up in the sky and the stands up.

Shen : Okey, this should be dark enough. *snapping the rest of them out their meditation*

Teemos looking at Kennen who just looks back and shrugs.

Akali : *as clueless at the other two* Dark enough for what?

Shen walk to the bench he put the box earlier and picks it up, then walking towards the forest. The rest follow Shen who stops where forest begins, they watch him curiously while he opens the box and hands each of them a letter and takes one himself.

Shen : Dark enough for some orientation. Each of these letters contains a map to four locations in the forest wich the training master has prepared, at each location there’s a box like this one *holding up the box* which contains ribbons in a certain color. The goal is to grab one ribbon from each box and return here. You do not have to pick them in any certain order as long as you get them all.

Akali : Sounds simple.

Shen : Yes. But to motivate you all, lets make it competitive. Last one to return buys the rest a meal at the town later. An…

Kennen : *all fired up and confident he’ll win* Alright! See you turtles later *rushing into the forest*

Shen : *Holding one hand out as if he’s about grab him* Kennen wait! Im not *Kennen has already disappeared into the dark forest* done… *sigh* *turning towards the other two* One more thing you should know. The forest is filled with traps. So watch your steps. Go!

Akali : *looking at Teemo* Try not let us wait too long will ya? Hehe *runs of and quickly gets out of sight*

Shen : Good luck. *Also disappearing quickly*

Teemo now alone opens the letter, picks the map out of it and examines it. After a few seconds he folds it, puts in one of his pockets and calmly starts to walk into the forest.

Teemo : Never underestimate the scouts’ code.

Teemo makes his way to the second location first as it was furthest away and he could pass the other on his way back. On his way he carefully passed some traps, even disabling some just to reassemble them when he
had passed them. Just because he spotted them doesn’t mean the others will.

When finally reaching the first box, placed on top of rock.

Teemo : aah, there it is. *stars walking to it but then stops* hmm?

He notices that the leaves around the rock looked a little off. A breaks branch from a bush and start brushing away the leaves in front of him to see what he might be walking into. Soon he finds a rather large net connected to two ropes on each side. He follows one of the ropes that leads him to the other side of the stone. The two ropes were tied to two trees that had been bent down. This trap was more or less a huge slingshot.

Teemo : Whow.. These people are crazy…

He opens to box from the other side where the net does not cover and take one of the ribbons. Hearing a noise from afar he turns his head and sees some birds in the distance fleeing from something.

Teemo : *thinking to himself* heh. Kennen must’ve triggered a trap. *pulls out the map again to locate the next box*

Meanwhile. At location one

Akali : Ah dammit! *now hanging upside-down from a tree by a rope to her ankle* Should’ve suspected this.

She looks down on the ground to see her kamas laying there.

Akali : *sigh.* okay… maybe I can pull myself up to the branch and untie it.

Shen : *who just arrived* Oh, Hi Akali How’s it hanging?

Akali : *relived* Oh, ha , ha. Now you you’ve found yourself a sense of humor?

Shen : *walking past her smiling, he goes to the box and picks out a ribbon*

Akali : *A little worried* You’re seriously not going to let me hang here are you?!

Shen :*picking up one of her kamas* Now that we share the same bed more frequently than not. I don’t think I dare. *holding it up for her to grab* But, still. For now we’re rivals. You’ll have to cut yourself down.

Akali :*sarcastically* Oh what gentleman! *grabs the kama and looks up for second at the rope and then back to see nothing but trees*

Meanwhile at location four.

Kennen arrives, opens the box and gets one ribbon. Surprisingly he hasn’t triggered any traps yet.

Kennen : Ha! One down, 3 to go. This is too easy! *picks up the map and starts heading for number one*

Later at the start point.

After an hour and half Shen walks out of the forest scratching himself around the neck. He walks up to box to puts his ribbons in it and then starts scratching himself allover. Seconds later Akali walks out dragging her kamas tiredly on the ground. She has scratches all over her arms and legs. She walks up to Shen and the drops her kamas and ribbons on the ground.

Shen :*looking at her while scratching his head* How many?

Akali : I don’t know. About eight or so? You?

Shen : Two. First one wasn’t to bad. Just fell into pithole. But the second… *sitting down to scratch his legs*

Akali : Some of these traps were ridicoulus! A bucket of water dropping on you? I mean, did they watch cartoons before doing these traps? *squeezing water out of her hair*

Teemo : *getting out of camouflage when he gets water in his face* HEY! What’s up with the waterfall!

Akali : *startled she jumps on Shen* Eek!

Shen : Ouuhhf.

Shen and Akali : Teemo!?

Teemo :”yawn” *stretching* Oh, you’re back!

Akali :*getting off of Shen* How long have been here?

Teemo :*looking at his watch* Umm, about forty minutes. So, erm, I took a nap.

Both staring at Teemo for moment.

Shen : Impressive.

Akali : eh. And how many traps did you hit?

Teemo : Zero. But I would have been done quicker if I didn’t rebuild those I put out to pass.

Akali : YOU WHAT!? Why couldn’t you just leave them?

Teemo : Umm. Caus I wanted to make sure I get a free meal?

Shen : *chuckle* Very impressive. *still scratching himself*

Akali : A valid point. Well, we’ll all get a free meal. Kennen is still missing.

They wait for another 15 minues just talking. Akali recommending Teemo to go the lotus garden during his stay, Shen offering to guild him around the Temple and Teemo him slef suggesting they should see Bandle city sometime. They all stop and look towards the woods when they hear rustlings.

Kennen walks out, un-hooded with sticks, leaves and dirt in his hair, his clothes ripped in different places and missing one shoe. He walks up to them and drops the ribbons on the box. Akali and Teemo are holding their hands on their mouths to hold themselves from laughing.

Kennen : *mumbling* Here’s the **** ribbons. And tell that training master he’s a sadistic maniac!

Shen : You should have had patience and hear me out. You might have avoided some of the traps.

Kennen : *grumbling* I’ll meet you at the town. *starts walking to the temple*

Hanging out P5

They all go to the temple to fresh up and head to the town later on. They go to a restaurant that has the most prestigious award a restaurant can get “The Cho’Gath approval”. They all order very pricy dishes and desserts and Kennens looking all gloomy. The restaurant chief offers them the meal for free, which makes Kennen lit up with joy. But Shen insists to the chief that they will pay.

Kennen : Admit it Shen . You’re the devil apprentice!

Akali : hehe. Now now, Kennie. Don’t be sour looser!

Kennen looks at Akali with a slightly surprised look. She hadn’t called him that since they broke up.

Teemo : *snapping Kennen out of it* ooh here comes the food!

They dine and have generally good time, Kennen paying the heavy check and then leave.

At the towngate.

Shen and Akali were heading back to the temple while Teemo and Kennen decided they’re gonan check in on a hotel.

Teemo : This has been fun. Well mostly, never gonna touch nun-charak ever again.

Kennen : *correcting Teemo* Nun-chakas and yeah, I agree. It’s been MOSTLY fun. *looking depressed on his wallet*

Shen : It has been a pleasure to have you with us Teemo, *scratching himself behind his ear with one finger* Urgh, what kind of trap was that…

Akali : *quite pleased with this day walks to hug Teemo* Yeah, it’s been a blast, you’re ok furball! *walking to Kennen* And it has been a long time since we could enjoy a friendly evening *gives him kiss on the cheek* Thank you both. have a good night.

Teemo : Goddnight! *looks at Kennen* Furball?

Shen : Good night. *while walking away with Akali scratching his head again.* I think I need to another bath…

Kennen : *blushing* Good night..

Teemo :* looks at Kennen with an examining look* Are you blushing?

Kennen : huh, wha? How do you even noti… I mean no. Im not.

Teemo : Whatever you say wuzz.*nervous* Um and I know you already suspect but please don’t tell.

Kennen : You mean the mushroom that Shen obviously stepped on?

Teemo : Yeah… I couldn’t put together one of the traps again so I just replaced it with some mushrooms.

Kennen : Sure, If you tell me HOW IN RUNTERRA YOUR GHOST IS PLAYIN BASS!!!?

Teemo: Jeash, can you get over that already?

In the following two days Teemo gets and a guide by Shen, got taken to the lotus garden by Akali and played a lot of videogames with Kennen After that Kennen and he returned to the city.


(Note: where is this city though? Is it Demacia or some neutral place ? I just keep calling it the city… o.O )

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The Tale Teller

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(Note: where is this city though? Is it Demacia or some neutral place ? I just keep calling it the city… o.O )

Firstly: Loved it!

Secondly: I like to think of it as the city of the league. I think it's a city nearby the League where all the champions live.

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lol he replaced the traps with shrooms

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The Tale Teller:
Secondly: I like to think of it as the city of the league. I think it's a city nearby the League where all the champions live.

The Chosen One has spoken, all hail his word!

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I want to be at the bachelor party for pantheon now