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[FANZINE] League of Fans

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Rise to Power - Intro

Not related to your story, but while reading the title something sparkled inside my head...
Ryze needs some love!

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That's true lol.

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If you give some ideas, maybe i will write a story :P.... i dont know, i would like to do it but im without ideas :P

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*LAUGHING HARD* I just finished the next part of my story... you guys are going to love the ending. I'll have it up a few minutes.

Ideas for a story?

Sona and Mordekaiser's on and off again relationship
Kayle finds happiness?
Garen and ... ???

Fiddle goes mad!
Blitzcrank breaks
(what happened to the heimer and corky tales?)

katarina vs Cass
Kayle vs Morganna

Not good at this unless it's dry humor... so I have no idea.

Ok back to editing the story for posting. I really hope you guys like it!! I'm confident you will *crosses fingers*

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A Big Decision!: P3

-Two days before the wedding, Nidalee and Pantheon are cuddling for the night on the couch as they talk about the plans Nidalee has made so far.-

Pantheon: Red and Black?

Nidalee: I love the color red, it reminds me of the most beautiful flower in the Jungle. So when Irelia asked me, I thought about those flowers and you… and you’re black cape. *smiles, running her fingers down his back*

Pantheon: I get to keep the cape on?

Nidalee: *giggles* Of course, sexy.

-Before Pantheon could reply the two hear a knock at the door. Pantheon gets up to answer it.-

Pantheon: *surprised* Warwick?

Nidalee: *standing up from the couch* Is everything ok?

Warwick: *walking inside* It is my dear, do not fret. I came actually to borrow Pantheon.

Nidalee: *having full trust in Warwick, she smiles* Oh, ok.

Pantheon: *worried* Uhm…

Warwick: *motioning to Pantheon* Come.

-The two men step outside while Nidalee sits back down on the couch and shrugs. Warwick motions for Pantheon to get inside the black car parked out front.-

Pantheon: *climbing in the back* The Bachelor partys tomorrow…

Warwick: *getting in after him* This isn’t about your party.

Pantheon: *sitting silently, looking at Warwick, realizing the car isn’t going anywhere*

Warwick: *glaring at him* Why have you asked her to marry you?

Pantheon: *taken back by the question* I…well I love her and…

Warwick: *interrupts* Nidalee is a very strong woman, but when the matter comes to you she is more fragile than the most frail mirror.

Pantheon: *stares at the wolf unsure what to say*

Warwick: I understand you have this bachelor party tomorrow night at the Dungeon?

Pantheon: *excited* Yea, wanna come?

Warwick: *barks* NO! *stares at Pantheon as though looks could kill, and growls* If you do anything at all to shatter her spirit and break her heart, I will tear your face off with my claws and eat YOUR heart for a snack. As we both know, one on one I WILL kill you, do I make myself clear, Pantheon?

Pantheon: *a little intimidated, nods his head in understanding*

Warwick: *smiles wickedly seeing his fear* Good. She is a rare and special woman, untainted by civilization. You are a lucky man, do not throw it away out of foolishness. There is nothing stronger in this life than a woman’s love and loyalty. Do well to remember that.

Pantheon: *again, silently nods his head*

Warwick: I am pleased you understand. You are free to leave. *motions for him to get out*

-Pantheon climbs out of the back seat and barely shutting the door, the car speeds off.-

Pantheon: Woa… *shakes his head* He has issues.

-The night before the wedding finally came.-

Nidalee: I don’t understand why you can’t stay, sexy. *pouting*

Pantheon: It’s just one night Pussycat. I’m not suppose to see you before the wedding.

Nidalee: *still pouting* Why though?

Pantheon: *shrugs* bad luck.

Nidalee: *squinting at him* Bad… luck…?

Pantheon: *smiles and gives her a quick kiss* I’ll see you tomorrow Pussycat! *excited he jumps through the hole in their roof*

-Nidalee takes a seat on the couch and hangs her head, hating the idea of spending the night apart. A knock at the door cancels her thoughts. She heads over to open it and when she does she gets quite the surprise!-

Nidalee: *shocked* What the…

Irelia: *shouts* SURPRISE!!!

-Looking out her front door, Nidalee sees a ton of girls giggling and smiling at her while holding gifts. She opens the door wider to allow them all to come in and at the end of the line is Garen, in only his underwear with his hands cuffed together, looking depressed.-

Nidalee: *eyes lighting up, looking him up and down* Garen?

Garen: *clenching his teeth, angrily* Don’t…ask… me… *points over to Caitlyn and Sivir*

Evelynn: *walks up and gives her a hug* This is your surprise bachelorette party! We thought if Pantheon gets one, you should, too.

-Evelynn smiles and takes her hand, dragging her into the living room where the girls were all sitting. Sona, Miss Fortune, Sivir, Soraka, Evelynn, Irelia, Janna, Caitlynn, Ashe, Akali, Katarina, LeBlanc, and even Kayle were there.-

Nidalee: *smiling happily* Wow… I don’t know what to say. *blushing*

Ashe: Your look was priceless!

-The room giggles, and Garen solemnly walks into the living and stands by the wall like a statue.-

Nidalee: *curiously giggles* What have you done to him?

Katarina: Oh he has a surprise gift for you!

Caitlyn: *giggles* Come to find out, his spin makes for quite… a dance. *winks at Nidalee*

-The room giggles again and Garen hangs his head-

Akali: First the presents!!

Soraka: *smiling* Then the snacks! *holding up a bag of brownies*

Sona: *plays a delightful tune at seeing the chocolate*

Sivir: *laughs* I don’t know Soraka… what’s in your brownies this time?

Soraka: *grinning wickedly* Zilean helped make them

Miss Fortune: *eyeing Garen* I know what I want for a snack…


LeBlanc: *stands up with a small gift bag* Mine first! *hands it to Nidalee*

Nidalee: *trying to absorb what’s happening accepts the bag* Uhmm, thank you. What are the gifts for, exactly?

Janna: You are so cute Nid. Don’t ask and just open. *points to the bag, excitedly*

Nidalee: *smiles* Ok I guess.

-Nidalee opens the bag and pulls out a gift card and on it says, “SPIKES AND MORE SE-X SHOP”. She laughs as the recognizes the logo.-

LeBlanc: Sivir mentioned that was you’re favorite store.

Nidalee: *eyes wide with happiness* Indeed it is! Thank you!

-The girls giggle-

Kayle: *standing up* This is my gift to you and also an apology gift as well. *hands her a large bag with colored paper sticking out of the top*

Nidalee: Thank you, Kayle, and you already know I forgive you. *smiles sweetly*

-She pulls out the paper and reaches inside, pulling out a bag of lobster and shrimp. Nidalee not sure what to say but smiles.-

Nidalee: Uhmm...?

Kayle: I promise *sticking her hand up* there’s nothing with it. *smiling and pointing to Caitlyn* She was with me and we didn’t even buy it from Urgot’s store.

Caitlyn: *laughs* I assure you its safe to eat. Thinking though she did ruin your stash of shrimp, she should buy you a new one!

Nidalee: *giggles* That you did Kayle. Thank you.

-The room echoes in giggles and the girls continue handing presents to Nidalee. She was pleased with every gift.-

Miss Fortune: Well girls. I’ve stayed as long as I can for tonight.

-The room “awe”-

Caitlyn: You sure you can’t stay for.. *points to Garen*

Miss Fortune: *smiles* Trust me, I want to… but I have to go.

-She walks over and hugs Nidalee goodbye then walks out.-

Irelia: What’s that about?

Sona: *plays an annoying tune*

LeBlanc: Mordekaiser and Singed… *looks at Nid* Never mind.

Sivir: *attempting to stay off that topic, smiles deviously* Oooh Garen, C’mere….

-The rest of the night, the girls spent playing “Spin the Spin-Top”. During this time, Pantheon was enjoying his party as well. At the party was Nassus, Rammus, Cho’Gath, Mordekaiser, Yi, Twisted Fate, Brolaf, Shaco, Ezreal, Gangplank, Gragas, Jax, Shen, Tryndamere, Xin Zhao, while Udyr and Singed were bartending.-

Brolaf: *grinning, standing in the back of the bar* I can’t believe you got this bro.

Mordekaiser: *grumbles looking towards the front of the bar at Pantheon* He better enjoy it, it wasn’t easy to get.

-Pantheon is drinking a beer at his table with Yi and Twisted Fate sitting next to him. The three guys are staring up at an enslaved Sona, wearing a bikini who is dancing for them on the table.-

Shaco: *pops out of invisibility right next to Mordekaiser* I have a trick to play! *splits in half and his double runs off excitedly*

-Mordekaiser and Brolaf stare curiously at Shaco. Nassus walks up to them with Rammus following behind him.-

Nassus: What are you up to? *giving a look at Shaco*

Shaco: *grins* All will be revealed

Rammus: ok

-Moments later Shaco’s double returns with LeBlanc’s double who joins the enslaved Sona on the table for a duel dance. The bar breaks out in whistles. Shaco’s double stands and watches the two women instead of returning.-

Brolaf: Nice bro!

-Even Mordekaiser manages a smile at seeing Sona and LeBlanc. After awhile the two woman bend down, give Pantheon a kiss, and hop off the table. Singed kills the music and yells to get the bar’s attention. Everyone quiets down to listen.-

Singed: Before we begin the drinking games, I have my own present. Brolaf, would you please lock the front door to the bar. *Brolaf does* I paid a very, very heavy price for this, so I expect ALL bar tabs to be paid. *scowls at the room, then opens the back door behind the bar and turns on a different song.*

(You have to listen while you read the rest.)

Knock ‘Em Dead - Johnny Roccer Remix


(You got the song playing? Good&#8230

-Out walks Miss Fortune holding her “guns” and following her are 4 other woman in only thongs holding a gun in each hand. They begin shooting their weapons in the air as they strut around. Then the 5 women in sync to the music, step up on the bar and begin to dance. Miss Fortune removing her clothes throughout the dance and tossing them to Pantheon. Pantheon’s mouth drops and a part of him wants to look away out of guilt, but he doesn’t have the will power.-

Yi: *leaning to Pantheon side so he can hear above the music* How the hell did Singed manage this!?

Pantheon: *not caring, shrugs, never looking away from the bar*

Twisted Fate: *also leans in* Maybe I will get married…

-The last thing he remembers is seeing Miss Fortune completely naked on the bar while hearing the loud yells and whistles from the rest of the room.-

Hope you enjoyed!

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A Big Decision!: P3

-The last thing he remembers is seeing Miss Fortune completely naked on the bar while hearing the loud yells and whistles from the rest of the room.-

It's not weird to get an "feeling" from this right?

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It's not weird to get an "feeling" from this right?

It'd be weird if you did and didn't +1 my story!!!

Hell even my heart was skipping a few beats with the image of MF coming out with that song playing in my ears... Imagination ftw.

edit: Lucky Pantheon, ugh?

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A Big Decision!: P3
Hope you enjoyed!


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