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[FANZINE] League of Fans

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Boy of Mystery

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Evelynn will plan the wedding . Can I join to? I wanna be best summoner

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Nidalee: *confused* What?

Pantheon: Marry me.

Nidalee: I… I don’t know what that means. *tilting her head slightly, waiting for a response*

They were made for each other

I'm thinking of making the beer/baby question scene first...grr...would be so much easier to draw on paper...I must perservere with this tablet thing...

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The Tale Teller:
I love you too.

But here...marry Enmiand...he likes it!

Sorry, I'm holding the question until I'm sure Frisky will say yes.

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Who framed Mr. Kaiser? P2

- TF decides to pay Sona a visit, so he goes over to "FEEDERS AND AFKERS" to see her act and maybe have a chat after. The place is a dump on the outside, but as soon as he goes in he notices is actually just a facade. The club is really nice and classy, like a hideout for hipsters and tycoons. He takes a sit in an empty table -

Waiter: Can I get you something honey?

TF: Yes, alcohol. Clean.

Waiter: Sure thing (she leaves).

- TF lights a cigarrette and begins to grow impatient. He feels uncomfotable in that place, sorrounded by music lurkers all around. Their presence poisoned him -

Man: (From behind) Excuse me sir, is this seat taken?

- TF turns around and sees a large, bearded man dressed in a tux standing next to him -

TF: No, no, please, have a seat.

- The man sits. TF looks at him intrigued -

Man: (Feeling his staring) Is there a problem?

TF: No, no... it's just.... You look familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?

Man: I don't think so... Maybe from the papers.

TF: (Eureka!) Yes, that's it! You're Mr. Gragas, the millionaire! I knew I've seen your face before. You own like three quarters of this town already.

Gragas: (Laughs) Oh, please, no, that's not true. I only own a couple of six stars hotels, motels, clubs, and gas stations.

TF: Gas stations...?

Gragas: Yeah... bad business call. Anyway, now I only work with fine stablishments, such as this.

TF: You planning on buying this place?

Gragas: Could be. But that's not the reason I'm here tonight...

TF: (Intrigued) Hm?

Gragas: First timer, uh? Well, wait a bit and you'll see what I'm talking about. (Suddenly the place gets dark) (Excited) Oh, oh! It's starting already! (Grooms himself).

- TF looks at the stage as the courtains roll and a sexy woman appears dressed in a tight short glittery red dress. Her white legs look like alabaster and her face shines with a light of its own, hiding one of her two lovely blue eyes in a piece of her long blonde hair. TF swallows -

TF: Is this...? Wow, she doesn't look like the heavy metal type at all...

Sona: (Grabs the mic and starts singing) You had plenty of money in 1922. You let other women make a fool of you. Why don't you do right, like some other men do?

- She starts pacing around the stage, messing with her hair while the crowd stares at her, mesmerized. Even TF can't help but to drop his jaw a bit -

Sona: Get out of here, get me some money too. You're sittin' down and wonderin' what its all about. If you ain't got no money, they will put you out, why don't you do right, like some other men do?

- She walks down the stage and starts teasing the men in the audience, messing with their hair, hats and ties. Eventually she kisses one or two in the cheek and moves on. She's getting closer to TF's table -

Sona: Now, if you had prepared 20 years ago. You wouldn't be wanderin' now from door to door. Why don't you do right, like some other men do?

- She stops at TF's table but gets next to Gragas. TF can tell he's excited, as he closes his eyes and smiles like a puppy. Gentely she gets his top hat off and touches his bald head with se x appeal -

Sona: Get out of here...Get me some money too....

- She notices TF, walks over to him, puts her lips at one inch from his lips.... -

Sona: Get out of here... Get me some money too....

- She comes a bit closer. TF gets a bit back. She grabs him by the neck and drops her hands down his chest. He's shivering.-

Sona: (Whispering in his ear) Why don't you do it right...?

- All of a sudden, she kicks TF's chair, dropping him to the ground -

Sona: (Raising her hands in the air) Like some other men doooooooooooooooooooooo!

- The crowd goes nuts, cheering and clapping like crazy as Sona gets back in stage, blowing kisses everywhere. Eventually the courtains drop and the lights come up again -

Gragas: (To TF) What did I tell you? She's an angel! That voice.. that body! Oh... it melts me.

- TF is speechless. He gets up and decides to drink his glass of "whatever" to cool off before meeting with Sona again. He drinks it, and then one more, and then one more. People start to leave, but he's still there, a little tipsy by now. -

Guy: Hey, man, hey!

TF: (Trying to pay attention) Uuuh? What's up?

Guy: The joint is closing, you better leave.

TF: It's... it's already so late? (Realizes he hasn't done anything yet) ****! (Gets up and tries to sober up) Where is Mrs. Sona's room? Need to talk to her.

Guy: Is in the back, but hey, you can't go in there man.

TF: The hell I can! (He makes a run for it, but gets grabbed in mid air by a solid metal hand) Hey! What the fu ck? Put me down!

Blitzcrank: (Holding him) Where do you want him?

Guy: Guy looks like trouble to me. Toss him outside and make sure he doesn't get in again.

Blitzcrank: Sure thing boss.

TF: Hey piece of junk, I know my rights! Put me down now, or else!

- Blitzcrank throws TF in the back exit of the club near the garbage cans -

Blitzcrank: And don't come back! (Slams the door).

- TF gets up and tries to get the garbage off his coat -

TF: Great, fuc kin great. You're one stupid drunk ass hole, you know that Fate? There goes my money!

- He starts walking around the back alley feeling like a loser when suddenly he hears some voices -

TF: (Concentrated) That's... That's her!

- He jumps on top of an empty crate to get to a small window that has its other way on Sona's locker room. He can't see what's happening there, but he can hear a conversation unfolding. He decides to record it -

Sona: Oh, Mr. Gragas, you're such a gentleman!

Gragas: Sona, my dear, everything for you! I can't get enough of you!

Sona: Oh, Mr. Gragas *giggles* Please, not here, what if someone comes in?

Gragas: I don't care, my angel! I don't care! I can't control myself when I'm around you!

Sona: *More giggles* (Sounds like someone's moving) Mr. Gragas! Ohohoho!

Gragas: Come here angel, come here, let's do it! You know you want to!

Sona: Mr. Gragas, please, I couldn't possibly do that to Mordekaiser...

Gragas: Forget that metal fool! Your future is with me! Come, over here, but first, let me close this window...

- As the window is shut, TF is unable to hear anything else. Still, he feels satisfied -

TF: (Looking at his recording machine) Looks like someone's eating tomorrow!

This story will certainly continue soon!
Also, if you're wondering about the song Sona was singing, here's a clip to help you remember.


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Over 1000 posts!

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Divest King

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No! Sona is perfect and innocent what the fu-

Sorry. Inner fanboi got out.


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A Big Decision: P2

-After Pantheon dropped the marriage bomb, the mood in the bar was awkward. Brolaf left first with Ezreal. Twisted Fate decided he better head home and think up some reasons to avoid the marriage talk with Evelynn. Leaving only Yi and Pantheon left, with Singed wiping down the spilled drinks on the bar.-

Yi: *still in disbelief* I can’t believe you’re doing this.

Pantheon: *looks at Yi* Will you be my best man? *smiles hopefully*

Yi: Of course I will! I am the best man already… *smiles*

Pantheon: *relieved* Thanks bro.

Yi: Well *taking the last drink from his glass* I better head home, too. *looking at Pantheon* You good?

Pantheon: *smiles looking at his glass that’s now full* I’m good man.

-Yi walks out of the bar and gives a quick wave goodbye to Singed. Pantheon deciding to walk home tonight instead of flying, finishes his beer and drops down from the bar stool.-

Pantheon: *confronting Singed* Night man *and walks out*

Singed: *in awe at seeing Pantheon use the door, looks up through the hole in his roof* What fu-cking universe did I just cross into, and how long can I stay?

Pantheon: *while walking home, thinks to himself* I’m really doing this. I’m really going to marry her. Why am I so nervous? I feel like I’m doing the right thing. Wah, I’m going to have a wedding. I’m going to be a husband. Eventually a dad… me… a dad… What if I suck at being a dad? I don’t know the first thing about raising a kid. Hey, this is where we met. *looking at a familiar shrub* Haha, I’m marrying my stalker.

-Minutes later he approaches his house and he stops for a second, staring at his door.-

Pantheon: *in his thoughts* It’s comforting to know she’ll always be here. I’m going to need a bigger house.

-He walks in and sees Nidalee in the kitchen putting away the clean dishes from the rack.-

Nidalee: *smiles* Hey sexy, how’d your night go? *walking up to him*

Pantheon: *smiles* Yi said he’d be the best man.

Nidalee: *smiles teasingly* That reminds me you jerk, you never said anything about this wedding ritual.

Pantheon: *grinning* Sorry…

Nidalee: *giving him a kiss* You sure about this? It sounds like a lot of trouble to me.

Pantheon: *nods giving her a hug* I’m sure…

-Nidalee, agreed to meet with Irelia and Evelynn the following day to begin planning this bizarre ceremony. Sitting at Irelia’s place where they were certain to be “man-free” the three girls began going over everything.-

Irelia: So have you picked a day for the wedding yet?

Nidalee: *shrugs* Next month?

Evelynn: *surprised* That’s… possible… maybe?

Irelia: *sitting in her chair with a pen and paper* Where do you want it?

Nidalee: I… I don’t know… The Jungle?

Evelynn: *frightened* Oh no…

Irelia: Try to think of a place everyone can get to easily.

Nidalee: *thinks for a moment* Warwick’s?

Evelynn: *eyes light up* That would be perfect, if he’d do it.

Nidalee: *smiles* I’m sure he will.

Irelia: Ok so Warwick’s Mansion… *writing stuff down*

Evelynn: What’s the theme going to be?

Nidalee: Theme?

Irelia: Pirates, Fairy Tales, or you can just pick colors…

Nidalee: *smiles* Red and Black

Evelynn: *disgusted look* That’s not very… I mean, those will work, I guess…

Irelia: Flowers?

Nidalee: Red Roses?

Evelynn: *smiles* Awe…

Irelia: I brought some books over with dresses in them you can look through. *points to a pile of books on her coffee table*

Nidalee: *picking one up and going through it* These are all white?

Evelynn: Wedding dresses are always white…

Nidalee: Why?

Irelia: It symbolizes Purity, virginity.

Nidalee: I’m not a virgin…

Evelynn: *giggles* Pantheon was your first though, right? Close enough…

Nidalee: *confused* He wasn’t my first…

-Irelia and Evelynn look at her, mouths gaped open.-

Irelia: I thought….

Evelynn: So did I…

Nidalee: Thought what?

Irelia: Well who else… I mean… I thought you said Pantheon was your first love?

Nidalee: He is… but he’s not the first man I’ve been with.

Evelynn: *intrigued* Who?

Nidalee: *looking a little embarrassed* Well living in the Jungle, there were… visitors from time to time. Passersby and they were usually males seeking riches.

Irelia: Ooo… *smiles, interested* You never fell in love with any of them?

Evelynn: How exotic!

Nidalee: *hesitant* …Well… my parents were seeking treasure when they died in the Jungle, thus leaving me alone to die. I carried a grudge against…*through clenched teeth* treasure hunters… so no… I didn’t fall in love with any of them. They never lived long after I was done with them either.

Evelynn: *freaked out* Oh my…

Irelia: *looking sick* That’s… creepy, Nid.

Nidalee: *nonchalantly* So no white dress… *putting the book down* …I have a red one Warwick gave me I can use.

Irelia: *trying to forget Nid’s story* No… no it’s ok. We can go shopping and find you one. *smiles*

Evelynn: Oh good! *smiles* I’ve been meaning to buy some new clothes.

Irelia: Now we need a guest list.

Evelynn: You’re inviting the members of the league, right?

Nidalee: *shrugs* I suppose.

Irelia: *writing as she talks* Then there’s Pantheon’s family and yours… *realizing what she’s saying, looks up at Nidalee sympathetically*

Evelynn: *confused* What?

Nidalee: I don’t think anyone would want a pack of cougars there, nor do I think they would even come. They’ve never left the Jungle.

Evelynn: *eyes wide* Oh… right…

Irelia: Can all of Pantheon’s tribe jump the way he can?

Nidalee: *shrugs* I’ve never met his tribe.

Evelynn: Really?

Irelia: We’ll have it outside, just incase.

Nidalee: Ok, what else is there?

Irelia: I won’t know until we talk with Warwick and see what he can provide at his place.

-Some time later, Nidalee left with Irelia giving her the task of talking to Warwick. Figuring she can do it later, she shifts into cougar and races back home. Walking inside she spots Pantheon coming out of the bedroom.-

Pantheon: Hey Pussycat, catch! *tossing her a small black box*

-Nidalee startled but catches the small box. She looks curiously at it and then at Pantheon, who is waiting with a smile. As she opens the box a small silver ring sparkles back at her. On top of the band is a paw shaped setting filled with white diamonds. Nidalee immediately connects to the paw shaped setting.-

Nidalee: Pantheon! This is beautiful.

Pantheon: *smiles* You like it, then?

Nidalee: Yes, thank you! *walking up to him, giving him a hug* But what’s it for?

Pantheon: It’s your engagement ring.

Nidalee: *remembering what Irelia said* Oh, right… *suddenly gets a worried look* Oh, was I suppose to get you something?

Pantheon: *chuckles* No Pussycat. *gives her quick kiss* I’m heading out with Yi and the guys tonight, they want to plan the bachelor party.

-Before Nidalee could say anything, Pantheon jumps up and takes off.-

Nidalee: Bachelor party?

-She shrugs, knowing there’s no way she’s going to figure that one out on her own. She made herself a fish sandwich from the fridge and took a moment to herself while she ate-

Nidalee: *in her thoughts* This wedding thing seems ridiculous. Who thought up this sh-it anyways? How did all this none-sense get started? It seems to mean a lot to Pantheon though. I wonder if his tribe will even come. No way would my family come, they wouldn’t understand the point of it anymore than I do. Haha a white dress.

-After eating she heads for a quick nap before running over to Warwick’s Mansion. Once there she is immediately greeted by a kiss on her hand from Warwick.-

Warwick: My dear kitty, it is a pleasure to see you here. To what do I owe for your visit? *holding out his arm, when Nid accepts they begin walking*

Nidalee: Pantheon asked me to marry him and I said yes.

Warwick: *stopping in his tracks* He did, did he? *after getting a nod from Nid* Well I must say that surprises this old wolf. *continues walking* I did not think he would be that responsible. I am glad to hear it though.

Nidalee: *smiles* Well I was wondering if we could get married here? Outside maybe?

Warwick: Of course you may, in fact I have the perfect spot in mind. Come my dear kitty and I will show you, and you can tell me what you think.

-The two walk outside, they pass through a garden and come to a wide open area with a stream running down the side.-

Warwick: What do you think my dear?

Nidalee: *smiling brightly* This would be beautiful Warwick.

Warwick: Then it is done, you shall have your ceremony here.

Nidalee: *her smile fades and looks sad* I don’t know anyone.

Warwick: What’s that my dear?

Nidalee: Irelia and Evelynn have been doing most of the planning since I don’t seem to know anything about weddings… and she says I need to make a guest list… only… I don’t know anyone.

Warwick: What about your family in the Jungle?

Nidalee: Oh Warwick, they would never agree to leave the Jungle.

Warwick: Then who will hand you off I wonder? *grinning widely*

Nidalee: Hand me off?

Warwick: Traditionally my dear kitty the father of the bride *gesturing to Nid* would walk you down the isle and hand you over to your groom, in this case, Pantheon. I would like to volunteer myself for this role, if you will accept.

Nidalee: *feeling uplifted* Yes! *hugging him closely*

Warwick: Then I am making it my place from here on out as your father and as such, I will pay for everything. Anything you want my dear kitty you shall have. I must ask for something in return, though.

Nidalee: *curious if there was anything she could offer* What’s that?

Warwick: That at least once a month, you hunt a deer with this old wolf. *smiling*

Nidalee: *resting her head on his shoulder as they look at the stream* Of course I will. *whispering gratefully* Thank you.

-Nidalee left Irelia’s name and number with Warwick before leaving to return home. Over the next two weeks, the planning for her wedding was tiresome for Nidalee. Warwick, Irelia, and Evelynn kept her so busy during the day that she was always exhausted by the time she got home. To make matters worse for her, Pantheon took little, to no part in the wedding. He simply kept repeating that it was her day and she could have it any way she wanted. Nidalee found this terribly frustrating since she was only doing this for Pantheon, but she bit her tongue and went along with it. On the other hand, this was the first time she felt she had a real family.-


Just an end note here: I'm sort of mimicking her wedding to mine, as it will be easier to write. So anyone bashing the red and black wedding colors, and red wedding dress... I glare at you... Furthermore, I demand a red wedding dress Nidalee and black and red tux Pantheon! skins in the future!!!

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Random speculation, could Warwick actually be Nidalee's father? Maybe he didn't die after all?

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2 things to note:
1) I purposefully included bad grammar and spelling to emphasize the rats' speaking.
2) I apologize if you have trouble with any of the 20's terms used.
Rise to Power - Intro

-It is a dark, rainy afternoon in the city of Zaun as industrial pollution smothers away any hope of sunlight. However this is nothing new to the Zaunite citizens going about their regular day as they pass by the numerous shops and venders that exist everywhere in the vast city. Meanwhile in a less busy part of town, an old Model T sits across from a small but frequently used bank as two large rats (not a strange sight to passersby as there were numerous large somewhat “sentient” rats in Zaun) rapidly converse amongst each other inside.

Rat #1: *whistling* Hey, look at the gams on tha’ dame over there!

Rat #2: Focus it’s almost time!

Rat #1: Aww yer sucha wet blanket man! You know this is baloney and will never work!

Rat #2: *slightly agitated* Shut up ya bimbo and have same faith in da boss’s plan.

Rat #1: *mumbling* I don’t know why we listen to him Flinn….just because he was dropped in a few to many chemicals as kid that made him “smarter” don’t mean that makes him the Big Cheese around here….

Flinn: Shut it Al, you don’t want a beef with him. He’ll have ya bumped off and found full o’ holes. They don’t call him “Bullet Tooth” Twitch for nuthin’.

Al: Aww I ain’t afraid o’ him… he’s nuthin’ but a…..

*They both look up to see a rat across the street flash light across with a small mirror*

Flinn: Look! It‘s the sign Boss told us abou‘! This is gonna be cake. Now ya ready man or are you too yellow-bellied to do it?

Al: *mumbling* No ya stupid ol‘….*he trails off*

-Both rats climb out of the car still arguing and start heading towards the bank with their Tommy guns hidden inside their trench coats. As they reach the doors they notice that bank is nearly empty except for a scraggly-looking old man and young man of about twenty-five waiting in line. This pleased both rats as it was as empty as the boss had said. To the people inside, time slowed down as the rats flung open the door and seamlessly pulled out their guns.

Flinn: *firing a few shots into the ceiling* Ya‘ll! *pointing at the two men* Get on the ground and don’t try any funny business!

Flinn: *talking to Al* Watch da door and make sure no’un tries to be a hero.

-As Al walks over pointing his gun at the terrified men on the floor, Flinn quickly strolls over to the counter aiming his gun at the center of the bank teller’s chest. He watches as sweat beads begin forming on the man’s head and gives a slight, mischievous grin.

Flinn: Gimme all the clams this place got before I make you look like Swiss cheese bub….and make it snappy!

Bank Teller: Ye…ye….yes sir. *He hurries to the back and begins fumbling to get the vault open*

Al: Hurry up! My trigga’ fingers getting’ mighty itchy over here…

-After what seemed like hours, but was actually a matter of little over a minute, the man, now heavily sweaty, came out with a sack filled with more money than either rat had ever seen in their entire lives. Flinn grabbed the money and quickly clobbered the teller upside the head so he would not try anything as they both rushed toward the door. As planned the third rat they had seen earlier had crossed the street and had the old car ready to go when the two rats jumped into the car. They rushed off to get back to Twitch, whose office was just above his so call “book store“ ( a front for his illicit activities).

This is my first time, so fell free to say whatever you want about it and tell me if you want more of it. Also, if I do continue writing these the next ones will be longer (hopefully) and will actually have Twitch in it because this was just the intro.

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Sorry, I'm holding the question until I'm sure Frisky will say yes.

You will be waiting till hubby "unclaims" me I'm afraid. hahaha

Just catching up on the comments, this story is hard work. So many facts to remember I find myself re-reading my own work just keep it all straight in my head.

Thank you for the compliments everyone! I hope you like the rest! I think hubby is getting a little jealous sharing me with all of you. (all my time writing this one, hehe) j/k he's not really.

I'm getting a little behind on my own site, so I will try to catch up there tonight as well.


Edit: OH


I'm thinking of making the beer/baby question scene first..