Disconnecting Epidemic

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Rant thread inbound.

In total, in the last ten games I've played, I've had SIX people quit the game, leaving my team at a 4v5 disadvantage. Most of these were in a row, leading to a string of ranked losses. How is this allowed? How can it be judged fair for players to suffer LP loss and demotion because someone on their team decided they didn't want to play anymore?

And how can I end up with more than half of my games played in the last twenty four hours be 4v5s? Did Riot secretly implement their "toxic island" strategy for dealing with greifers? Because it certainly f*cking feels like it. Constantly dealing with quitters is bad enough, but in the few games I haven't had someone blatantly leave the game, I'm almost assuredly had some extremely toxic teammate raging at everyone else and/or feeding.

There's something seriously wrong with the matchmaking system if these kinds of things can occur. I have no idea what sort of ****ty luck lead me to have so many leavers in a row but I'm fed up with wasting time on unwinnable games, losing league points and getting demoted because someone decided they'd just abandon the team. It's ridiculous and it's unfair to everyone. Why are losses not forgiven in instances of blatant quitters? Surely there's ways to detect it. Moreover, why are people who pull these shenanigans in ranked not punished? A ban, a warning, LP loss, ANYTHING to make someone think twice about just abandoning their team.

Bottom line is, I've lost faith in Riot's ability to produce any kind of bearable matchmaking experience. I've posted here before about how I'd been having trouble climbing the ranked ladder, despite always accommodating my team, having a positive attitude and doing personally well in most games. The overwhelming response I received from the fourms was "you basically have to just bash your head against the wall that is ranked before you see any upward movement". Well I've been bashing, but as soon as I make progress I get slammed with a string of leavers and it's seriously killed my motivation to play. This isn't an enjoyable experience, Riot. This is beyond frustrating. And I know I'm not the only one who's dealing with this ****.

Something's gotta give.


Anyone else been seeing a lot of this lately?