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Caught on Boss fight in act 3 of "Noxian Diplomacy".

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Unlock Riven. Choose teleportation fragments from Dragon/Baron side quests. Teleport Riven to any campaign. GG Riven OP.

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Tsunami Roll

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Hey guys! I think I found something fun. If you play through Ezreal storyline and unlock the hidden true ending (I won't spoil it, but note that "Romance is in the Air" and "Everything is Alright" are FALSE endings!) then look through Inventory, on the "Other" tab you'll find no other, then digital copy of "Defense of the Ancients", the same book, that inspired this game!

I just love little touches like that BTW, did someone buy a sequel book? I wanted to buy it, but thought against it, when they announced, that Anti-Mage is no longer blind. Like WTH? Blindness is key characteristics of Magina!