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Old Master Yi Alpha Strike sound effect

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I may be the only one who misses it. The new one just isn't the same. It's similar, but it doesn't have that scary feeling to it. You know, when a Master Yi initiates an Alpha Strike with full AP items and everyone runs for their lives when he brings his sword back and they hear that eerie WEERRRROOOOSSSHH(this isn't about AP Yi though). I just think the old sound was much better.

And for what it's worth, today I did a lot of digging and was able to find a sound bite of the old Alpha Strike. The frequency was wrong so I had to do a bit of tweaking and I managed to find the right one. I then made it my notification tone on my Galaxy S4 (of course credit goes to Riot for creating the original sound). So now I can get (old) Master Yi pentakills every time I get spammed with texts

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Ahv Quinn



Can you post a link?