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[Guide] Twisted Fate - DPS build (Attack Damage)

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As a precursor.. I just started playing LoL, though I am a very long time DOTA player, Twisted fate seemed like a really appealing character to me, because I do consider myself a bit of a gambler and card player, so he was the first character I bought and never regret it.. This is my first guide, from personal experience I am level 16 now and I never end a game with a negative score, whether I win or lose.. and almost always start off the game with a killing spree.. Whether this build will be even remotely effective at a higher level of play.. is unknown to me.. but if your just playing casual this guide is the ultimate noob wrecker. I accept all criticism.

Here is my brief guide as Twisted Fate, Using a DPS (Mainly attack damage) build

To start off.. I had trouble making an effective twisted fate.. I looked at many guides for DPS builds.. however I see many of them heavily favor attack speed over attack damage.. I personally do not like this as attack damage gives you more "Burst" damage in terms of physical damage which is essential for what Twisted fate is best at.. backdropping / tower diving

Increased attack speed may sound nice, specially to stack with Stacked deck, but the reality is.. the opponent will never just stand there.. so your attack damage will seem inflated.. this is why I almost always prefer attack damage, it is also better for harass, often times you only have time to get one attack off.. not stand there and throw at them, especially as you climb the ladder

I use this build for

Early game - Farming

Middle game - Using gateway nonstop to tower dive, warp in behind lanes to gank 1/2 hp champions and score easy kills (target low hp's primarily, dps or caster)

End game - Ripping through tanks or other DPS

Recommended spells - Exhaust, Ignite/flash

Runes - I personally just use +Critical Chance runes, they will easily sway a level 1 battle in your favor as well as provide consistent criticals later when stacked with items

Abilities -
1. PaC
2 Stacked Deck
3 Wild Cards
5Wild cards
6 Destiny

From this point on just alternate between pick a card and stacked deck.. get destiny whenever possible. Then dump points into pick a card at the end. The reason for this being that a level 2 wild cards will greatly help on your tower diving efforts or hero ganking at level 6, providing more burst damage.. but to get it level 3 seems wasteful because by that level enemies hp will be rising and the damage done by it will be insignificant


1. Dorions Dagger - Good starter item,

2. Berserker greaves/Mercury treads/ ninja tabi - Depending on ladder level/enemy faceoff

3.Last whisper - Solid damage early in the game, if you are laning middle you should have this fairly fast and by the time you use your ultimate to backdrop in behind weakened lanes it should rip through any level 5-7 heros once you stun them with a gold card

4. Infinity Edge - This weapon defines twisted fate, with it you gain a great boost to crit as well as huge damage and a 20 %, with this casters will easily fall before you and you will start to be able to damage tanks quite well.. just make sure you stay away from or be cautious of heros that can block stuns or any other specific champions that are bad for twisted fate

5. Sword of the Divine - Weapon is good, Syncs very well with your skill stacked deck and gives the increased attack speed needed to take advantage of your now mounting attack damage

6. yosumuu's ghostblade - The final piece of the puzzle, adds 30 dmg, crit chance.. this compliments infinity edge perfectly, you now have substantial chance for a critical and huge damage coupled with attack speed from SoTD, your stacked deck and SoTD attack bonus coming into play every 4 attacks.. your damage output during the two seconds you have an enemy locked down with a stun will be incredible, anyone that is not a tank will not stand a chance, also you run a bit faster.. who knows might help you escape

With all your items you now have a devastating combo.. When you gateway to an enemy.. Immediately stun then with gold card and proceed to activate both sword of the divine and yosumuu's ghostblade.. this will give you armor penetration, your attacks cannot miss and increased attack and move speed.. meaning whoever is on the other end of your attack is going to feel 100 % of your attack damage and attack buffs, they should suffer 2000-3000 pure damage by the end of the stun.. then just draw another gold card or use exhaust.. Yosumuu's ghostblade's speed boost means they shouldn't be able to outrun you

You will laugh as you rip through any hero that has no Hp boosting items in under a second

Finally your Luxury item.. sell your beginner item and buy one of these

7. Bloodthirster - Adds yet more damage, with a respectable +60 boost.. and a 15 % lifesteal as well as some other random passive getting stacks for kills.. good choice if there is DPS on the other team and not much in terms of CC.. should allow you to pop your hp back up to full after a fight on creeps pretty easily


7. Banshees veil - Great survivability item. Stops one ability from hitting you every so and so seconds, I would chose this over bloodthirster if there is a few stuns in the opposing team, probably more recommended in higher leagues

Conclusion - This guide relies heavily on items.. meaning you have to take mid, and you have to score lots of kills early in the game. This is probably the easiest hero to do that on if you watch the map very closely there is always an opportunity to kill or tower dive a weak enemy.. just don't greed.. use your cards smart.. if you use a red card on a minion you can hit a hero on tower without drawing the attention of it.. and most times if they are really weak just throwing some cards at them will do the trick.. or you can try an ignite

Thanks for reading, if you leave criticism or comments, I will be sure to reply and update

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Sweet guide, def gonna try this in solo queue

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old school tf used to be attack speed ad caster focusing on Critical chance % from ie and phantoms he had/has some of the highest dps of any adc in the game.
---- back when ad used to play mid/top lanes

other versions used the now rebuilt and re-released sotd {it had Armour pen and constant attack speed and a dodge prevention mechanic that's obsolete}

these builds where all good, the thing that sets tf apart from being similar to other generally considered better caliber adc

is his lack of escape and extremely low hp and resistances across the board even at lvl 18.

he has a 1 trick poney escape {stun gate} works in 1 v 1 really well when u have 2/3 seconds on ur stun

his abilities scale better off of pure ap, {sure PAC scales of add.}

aside from that
when i use TF and happen to bust out DPS TF an adc i focus on

rushing {brutalizer and lfiesteal}

BLACK cleaver & Blood Thirster for damage
infiitnty edge
hurricane {this spams and stacks his stacked deck passive}

finish with last whisper and boots of choice {beserker}

and necroing really old threads

fun fun