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Game Modes Thread

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Idea 1

On howling abyss, no turrets, no inhib, no re-spawns, everyone starts at lvl. 18 with a set amount of gold ~8k.

Simple team elimination, first team to kill entire enemy team wins. Maybe do something like best two out of three, or three of five would win the 'game'.

Between 'rounds' you reset your items with the same amount of gold so you can modify your build between 'rounds'.

Possible ideas, make both team comps match. That way both teams have the same champions. That way your variables are only what you buy with you starting gold, and player skill. (avoids one team getting OP champs. Could be done one random champ selected by the computer, then each team takes turns picking two champs to complete lineup.

Idea 2

Other idea would be exactly like current ARAM, except for both team comps are identical an no rerolls. (To eliminate OP teams, and reducing variables only to player skill, not the champs one team ended up with VS the other)

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All champions have 300% move speed. Even the minions will have 300% increased movespeed. the only fairness though is to have towers attack speed greatly increased to compensate for the hoarde of minions it must now face

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Ok, so my game mode idea is where champions cant attack without a delay. So you you attack, now you have to wait IDK how many seconds, 5 10 idk seconds to do another attack. Unless someone on your team hits the same champion then the time is decreased by 1 second, and if everyone on your team hits them the timers reset. This gives tanks a monstrous advantage because they can just survive, and ADC's a huge disadvantage except in team fights but youd still have to be focusing the same champs. Yet this playstyle encourages more cooperative play because if you want to kill someone the only effective way is to have everyone on your team focus them. I'm thinking each level has a timer decrease so at level 1 you have to wait 15 seconds to do another attack and if someone else hits them it drops the cooldown 2 seconds, etc down to level 18 where its 5 seconds between attacks and 1 second decrease per teammember who hits them. then everyone on your team hits them it resets. Also this works with every attack so if you have an AOE attack and you hit everyone on their team you have to wait to hit anyone again, but if your akali, you'd ult to one then another then another then q somebody etc. This makes characters such as singed useless because once someone takes damage from his poison trail it wont do any damage besides the DOT until the timers up, so therefore DOT works, but you cant continuosly take damage from characters with stacking effects, because they cant hit u in soon enough succession to create said stacks. Attacking also works on items so if you use hextech gunblade on a champ you cant attack them until the timers up, this also would make fidd ult useless because he would jump in theyd all take the intitial 125 plus magic damage and then for the rest of its duration they wouldn't be injured unless everyone hits them so the timer resets.
Timer only works when attacking champs, you can attk minions regularly

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Cute Angel Girl

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All Champions Mode

It starts out as a normal Summoner's Rift game (with blind pick), except upon dying you must choose a new champion and any champions that have already died are locked for your team for the rest of the game. The game ends once either A) normal winning conditions are met, or B) all champions have been used up for one team (in which case that team loses). When spawning as a new champion, your level and experience from your previous character are retained, and you'd be refunded your items so you can rebuild accordingly.

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Dungeon Mode 5v5
Capture all objectives into one goal ((20+ objs with half in each goal))
On the map layout made on excel( http://prntscr.com/4f8bpt )
S = spawners which spawn two waves each spawner
P = patrol
Ep = Enemy Patrol
T = Tower((can be destroyed))
Patrols once on the opposing side follow the ep way points going around the map
and eventually back at base only stopping if a tower is in the way if minions survive
the loop around the enemy base they than return back to patrol route for another
round after having returned to the p way point closest to center in the F and M columns

No inhibitors or super minions will be on the map

Once the patrols reach the H and K rows they will split into two groups
1 wave from each spawner will head mid making 2 waves going across the central
bridge if the central wave gets across they split into two groups one heading North
the other heading south following the ep way points

The other wave will head to the north and south bridge to try and cross than following ep
way points once across

As this is dungeon mode, several new items will be included for this map the main
ones being Traps based on different moves from the different champions each dealing
a percentage of damage based on the enemy heroes lvl, another key item will be the trap
destroyer an free item going into the 7th spot in the inventory where the free ward would
normally go on the regular game map, among the item changes no wards would be in the mode

Green is a zone where very limited number of traps can be place 4-6 traps max
Purple zone has a larger trap capacity ranging from 20+ traps on each side
Blue zone is where the objectives are at and can have no traps
Champions spawn in the A8 and R8 cells

Minions can not take the objectives only players can, this obj will reveal the player and a small
area around them and also will be able to be returned to players obj area

Summoner spells tailored for game mode
Obj Shutdown = turn off the ward effect of objectives once a champion is holding onto them
Summon Wall (places a wall on the tile the champ stands on

Traps are tiered based on type and overall str of them
Traps have true sight
Trap types include floor/Wall/Ceiling
((map is not to scale each cell would have several tiles and traps would not take up
entire tiles on my example map))
1 trap can be placed on a tile, and some trap types can take multiple tiles

Example traps would be:
Teemo mushroom floor trap which that spawns teemo mushrooms on the the tile its placed
Draven Ult wall trap sends out his spinning blade attack which goes till it hits the opposite wall than returns back
Rengar Net Ceiling Trap which drops a net on a champion who steps on the tile
Orihana Blade ball floor trap placed on a tile it will dmg champions in range on the surrounding tiles and blocks off the tile
other blocking traps cannot be placed on the tiles imminently surrounding the ball trap

Should also add, when objective is on player it blocks recall

Suggestions posted would add greatly to this idea and if something is contributed to it that seems
like it would be a interesting thing to add it may be included and credit given for the inclusion

1 last thing to add, the lvl would need to be created, with a castle like style, the red parts or crossovers would be maybe drawbridges

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Cpt McFly



Mutation Mode: You pick a champion, then pick another champion to combine the passives. Example you can pick katarina to play as, but then pick morgana to combine to katarina so she gets morganas passive of spell vamp and her own passive of cooldown on kills or assists.

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So I had an idea that was quite interesting but could take some time to work out if implemented.

Here is how it works: Everyone spawns as basically and unnamed entity (just a ball of light) with the summoner name above. You gradually gain experience and gold like on the Crystal Scar. The basis of the game mode is that if you walk through an entity (besides Baron, Blue, Red, or Dragon) you take it over gaining its hp stats and whatnot. With this mode just so that everyone isn't a jungle minion or normal minion champions spawn randomly and anywhere on the map. Only 3 will spawn at a time and they can spawn anywhere. When someone dies they lose 25% of current gold and the entity they took over.

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"Faction Rift"/"Factional Rift"
Game mode and Map

Here is an general overview so you can quickly decide if you want to read through my very long post.

The idea is simple. Every lane and jungle is modified to resemble a set of environments (thus the faction rift). Each lane, except for bottom lane, will have 3 strips that resemble a specific faction with similarities to the 2 strips around it. This would put specific types of champions in each lane and their abilities are increased or decreased in power based on what they are around, kind of like buffs and debuffs. The jungle would also be split into two types.

The first lane, top, would be the elemental lane. The middle strip would be earth like normal, the top strip would be a river, with ice on its edges for the ice champs, and the bottom strip fire or lava. This would make top lane the elemental lane.

The second lane, mid, could be the dark lane, or something to that affect. The top strip could be warped by the void and turned light to dark purple like velkoz's ultimate beam or void colors with little holes that look like they enter the void. The bottom strip would be warped by poison, making the ground look dead in a green-like fashion and the air would be filled with green gaseous mists like singed leaves behind, but much more transparent. The middle strip would be warped by dark magic and colored between blue and purple resembling the abilities of champs like ryze, morgana, and syndra.

The last lane, bot, would be for the more human-like champions and "modified" into a firing range/exercise camp-like site with bushes turned into little bunker-like things covered in leaves or other military related camouflage and random obstacles would be placed throughout that look like they belong in a military exercise camp. Examples of this would be those medal human targets with bulls eyes drawn on them and full on human dummy decoys as if for practicing sword techniques.

The jungle would be the last part and would be divided into segments. One segment would be a little more jungle maybe with more obstacles and bushes and the champs aimed here would be champs like nidalee or zyra who have jungle-like connections. The other half of the jungle could be more forest or open field-like aimed towards champions like udyr or ahri who have a type of wild-like side to them. Maybe divide the halves of the jungle by teams, like red team and blue team. This would make the jungler have to pick based on which team they are on but would still be interesting.

Though I said the jungle is the last part the river in the middle would have to be changed as not to give extra power to water and ice related champions. I think since mid lane is the center of Summoner's Rift maybe the river could be a combo of all parts of each lane merging towards the center of mid lane. Of course they would not extend into mid lane or chance causing issues for the dark champions fighting there during early levels.

Now for the game mode part. In this game mode, Factional Rift (best name I can think of), each segment of each lane and jungle provides different buffs and debuffs to each champions based on if the champion is connected to it or not. Let's say Nami and Annie are top lane. Nami would have all her abilities gain a mild buff (as if she has extra ap) from being near the river and Annie the same for being near the fire, but because they are buffed and connected to their element their powers would work differently as well. Nami's abilities would come from the river and travel to a point rather then from her, as well as her abilities last longer and travel farther because she has an "unlimited" supply of water from the river. Same with Annie but from the lava/fire. Now being a water champion, Nami moves faster in the river, but if she is in the fire she takes mild damage, about level 2 sunfire cap damage and even has her water abilities weakened. This would make positioning VERY important. The river would not deal damage to non water related champs, but would slow them since they have to wade through water. Fire champs would also be weakened from being in the opposite element. The earth part of the lane would only buff earth related champions...if there are any.

Now that you have the idea I will simply state the buff and debuff for each strip of each lane. The top strip of mid lane (void), Buff: mild ap/ad buff to all void related champions when in or very close to their strip. Nerf: being in such a vile place strikes fear and paranoia into any non void champs. The actual nerf is this causes them to attack slowly/cautiously. AA is decreased slightly and abilities take a little longer to activate. Abilites like Miss Fortune's ultimate would have a longer time delay between each line of bullets, but deal the same overall damage. The middle strip is the dark magic. The buff would be the same as the rest, increase in abilities through ap/ad. Nerf: being in a realm warped by dark magic causes non dark magic related champions reduced vision and a 5% chance if missing basic attacks and 1% chance of missing abilities (Being that 1 in 100 ult to fail to deal damage? God that would suck). The bottom strip of poison would be much like the fire/lava strip top lane, mild buff that deals a small amount of damage over time as the "nerf".

Now bottom lane. This lane is more of an adc/human lane and gives of an ad/ap bonus like the rest but with "hidden" secrets. Bushes would provide instant invisibility to any champion meant for this faction (Ex: garen, draven, fiora, katarina, etc). The obstacles block vision just like the jungle does, but champions of that lane can see "over" the obstacle due to their keen senses. (The idea is how Kha'Zix looks to the team he is on when invisible from his ult, but a little more transparent then that to keep some balance). Being so much like normal terrain there would only be 2 debuffs. When hiding in bushes you would display to all in the same fashion that the "humans" see over obstacles. This would be because champions like velkoz aren't trained to blend in and thus have difficulty hiding in the special bunker-like bushes. They also have the complete fog of war around the obstacles like in the jungle.

The jungle is the last buff/debuff but is also a 2-parter. The jungle side would have vines and other things that give a slight slow debuff to none jungle champions and even "trip" (stun) them VERY rarely for .6 seconds or something else that is short. The buff would be like all the others with ap/ad increases. A nice extra piece though would be zyra's plants grow up from the vines already around her and nidalee picks up spears from around the jungle if in it (this would not slow their attacks).
The more open or forest-like part of the jungle would be almost identical in set up to the jungle jungle, but with tree roots or rocks in stead of vines. The only true difference would be visual to match whichever environment they decide.

The last extra piece would be the turrets. With 3 turrets per lane each turret would be warped to reflect one of the 3 strips for that lane (will explain bot lane shortly). So top lane's turrets would be warped by fire, earth, and water and spit out whichever element it is warped by. Mid lane turrets would have the same concept. Now for bottom lane. Because bottom lane is more just human-like champions it's turrets would reflect the weapons. One turret would be warped into a massive gun and fire bullets. Another warped into a cannon and fire cannonballs (1-5% chance to knock back non "human" champions), and the last turret would be warped into a humanoid like turret with a sword long enough to slash at champions.
With the idea of knockback I've decided to lightly change one part. The final turret of the 3 main turrets would be earth (elemental side), Dark Magic (dark side), and the Cannon ("Humane" side). Each of these turrets would have a 1-5% chance of knocking back what it hit.

For added flair minions could be divided out to 2 per strip (one of each type) warped by their strip. Bottom lane would of course just be swords, guns, and the cannon minion.


This would take an unbelievable amount of time to put together for every champion would have to be modified to use their lane strip to summon their powers and each strip would have to be set up to buff or debuff 2 large sets of champions in a very specific way. There is just SOOOO much to this I doubt it could be accomplished even with a full year's work put into it. Despite all this I thought the idea would just be a cool one to dream for.

What does everyone think? I would Love to hear from Riot members about my idea.
Let the comments flow!!
What does everyone think?

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Silencer Mage

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In this game mode you would be able to play older version of a old champ or maybe an original concept for the champ against newest versions of the champs for example new sion vs old sion