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[Spell Change] Zilean Ultimate: from Chrono Shift to Chronosphere

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The Bacon Dragon

Senior Member


Why not change Zilean's Ultimate to be something similar to The Faceless Void's Ultimate of Chronosphere from Dota?

Both Enemies and Allies can become trapped in the Sphere while Zilean is the only one capable of moving in it. Enemies caught inside the chronosphere will be stopped for the time limit and only take damage from Zilean's attacks/abilities.

The Chronosphere lasts for 3,4,5 seconds depending on the Ultimate level.

The beauty of this Chronosphere comes from its absorption ability. If you accidentally trap an ally in it and an enemy tries to kill them off with a ranged ability, the spell or projectile will be absorbed when it hits the bubble.

If a spell is absorbed, Zilean will gain temporary AP. If a projectile is absorbed then his Physical Damage will be temporarily increased. The temporary AP/Damage only stays with Zilean if he is within the sphere.

Allies may think they can't help, but by shooting projectiles or casting damaging spells at the enemy in the Chronosphere you are either increasing Zilean's AP or Physical Damage and will gain an assist from any kills he receives from victims in the Chronosphere. As well if you increase his AP/Damage and the enemy is within his range, but not going near enough to be caught, then Zilean in a way can act as a 3-5 second turret that either casts spells or hits outside enemies with his normal attack.

As well by being on the outside, Allies can readjust their position and coordinate to move for better ganking/retreat possibilities.